Shipboard Security
   Security on and off ship should always be a concern. In today's world, we should be suspicios of anyone or anything. But what to do when the serious security problem arises and how to deal with these issues with the least possible risk to everyone? Improve your awareness on the security matters onboard your ship.
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Security at Sea
   An ever increasing incidents of piracy, drug smuggling and stowaways has hit the international press in recent times. Governments as well as international organizations concerned with the safety of merchant shipping are urgently turning their attention to finding a right and effective security measures at sea....
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Piracy and Armed Robbery
   In some parts of the world piracy is no longer a subject only for the history books. Recent increases in a number of vessels being attacked means that ships' crews now need to learn about preventive measures as  being prepared can help reduce the risk of an attack.
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Coping With Stowaways
   Shipping has always been a tough business and it is getting tougher still for the people who depend on it for the living. Seafarers now face the often difficult job of defending their ships against people that desperate whatever the cost to get on board, finding themselves coping with stowaways. This training film will be even more useful if accompanied with this training booklet dedicated to the same problem.

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