The present technical manual was officially released by Westerbeke Corporation in order to assist people dealing with everyday operation and technical maintenance of Westerbeke 40 marine diesel engines and WPDS marine diesel generators.

The Westerbeke 40 was previously designated Westerbeke Four-107 and this designation incorporated a basic engine model known variously as 4-99, 4-107, and 4-108. Throughout the technical manual the reader will notice references to those engines model numbers. The numbers are used to distinguish among the three major engineering changes which have been already made to this marine diesel engine.

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The officially released publication by Wartsila, a world leading company in providing industry with complete and effective power solutions for all marine applications; the document includes the major chapters addressing the automation and compressors, engines and gensets, BWM, i.e. Ballast Water Management Systems, exhaust gas cleaning equipment and gas Systems, gears and oil separating equipment, inert gas systems, power electric arrangements, ship propulsors, valves and pumping systems, seals and bearings, stern tubes, waste/oil/fresh water management arrangements, services, covering literally all technical aspects - and such approach has made the booklet very helpful for all industry players.

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Technical Manual for Westerbeke 10TWO and 12B-TWO marine diesel engines. The publication includes manuals for WMD marine diesel generators (3 KW-60 Hz and 2.4 KW-50 Hz). Officially released by Westerbeke in 1993. The document covers installation, operation and maintenance issues, engine overhaul, other overhaul (marine engine electrical system, external cooling system, transmissions), generator sets, and is supplemented by the service bulletins. Apart from the technical data stated above, this document will be providing brief information necessary for users to better understand the principles of diesel engines.

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MAN B&W DIESEL - K80MC-C6 Project Guide - Camshaft Controlled Two Stroke Engines.

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MAN B&W DIESEL - L60MC-C7 Project Guide - Camshaft Controlled Two Stroke Engines.

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This project guide for the Wartsila 46F marine diesel engine is intended to provide necessary data and system proposals for the early design phase of subject engine installations. Its first issue was released by the manufacturer in 2007.

This document covers general data of the engine and outputs, technical data, operating ranges, engine description, piping design, installation and treatment, fuel oil and lube oil systems, compressed air and cooling water systems, combustion air and exhaust gas systems, turbocharger cleaning, exhaust emissions, automation, foundation, noise and vibration, power transmission, engine room layout, transport weights and dimensions, project guide attachments, unit conversion tables, collection of drawing symbols used in the engine drawings.

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This book contains all data and instructions required for the safe and effective operation/maintenance of the engines plus the instructions for handling- personal protection and first aid when fuel-, lubricating oils and cooling water additives are handled during normal operation/maintenance work.

Basic general technical knowledge has not been entered. Consequently, we assume that the engine operation/maintenance personnel is already informed of the care of diesel engines. A really must have document for crew members dealing with the routine operation/maintenance of the diesel engines and for professional conducting installation and repair.

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MAN diesel engines are developed to the state of the art and built using the latest production technology. This results in significant properties such as Economical operation owing to low fuel and lubricating oil consumption, low weight, limited maintenance overhead and spare part requirements and a long service life, future-oriented environmental compatibility, quick load pickup, compact design.

However, trouble-free operation and high performance can be achieved only if the specified maintenance intervals are observed and the fuels, lubricants and coolants approved by MAN are used. Please observe guidelines for the protection of the environment when handling fuels, lubricants and coolants.

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