This CAT publication will be of great use for marine engineers dealing with operation, maintenance and repair of Caterpillar 3408C and 3412C marine auxiliary and generator set engines. It shows in detail the every single part of these engines. The process of disassembly is shown step-by-step and may be used for instructions.

The parts are listed in alphabetical order: aftercooler, air filter, air cleaner assembly, bridge dowels, camshaft, camshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings, crankcase breather, crankshaft, crankshaft front seal and wear sleeve, crankshaft main bearings, crankshaft pulley and damper, crankshaft rear seal and wear sleeve, cylinder head assemblies, cylinder liners, direct injection adapters, engine lifting brackets, engine support, exhaust manifold - rear, exhaust manifold - water cooled, expansion tank and water lines, fan, fan belts, fan drive, fan guard, flywheel, flywheel housing, front housing, front housing cover, fuel filter, fuel injection lines, nozzles and adapters, fuel injection pump housing and governor, fuel injection valves, fuel priming pump and filter base, fuel ratio control, fuel transfer pump, generator, glow plugs, governor, oil bypass valves, oil cooler, oil filters, oil filter base, oil level gauge, oil pan, oil pump, piston cooling tubes, pistons, precombustion chambers, radiator, rocket shaft, raw water pump, service meter, spacer plates, timing gear, turbocharger, valve covers, valve guides, valve lifters and push rods, valve seat inserts, valves, vibration damper and pulley, water pump, water temperature regulators.

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Here is the set of technical documentation related to the WD615 series generating set diesel engine. It comprises of the Operation and Maintenance Manual, two emergency diesel generator spare parts catalogues, technical data for the unit, and a complete set of drawings. It is a must have pack of documents for crew members dealing with the operation and maintenance of this machinery piece.

WD615 series high-speed diesel engine is made in China by introducing foreign technology. It is characterized by compact structure, reliable operation, excellent power, economical and technical performance, rapid starting, simple operation, and easy maintenance. Especially the advanced emission not only comply with the provisions of EURO I emission regulations but also meets EURO II emission standard. It is an ideal power for heavy-duty vehicles, construction machinery, power generating equipment and fishing vessel and high speed boat. This manual introduces the main technical data, performance parameters, structure features, operation and maintenance of WD615 series diesel engine for power generating.

If users operate the engine according to the stipulations of this manual, the Iifespan of the diesel engine should be extended greatly. During repair, disassembly and assembly of the engine, read the Maintenance Manual for WD615 Series Diesel Engine carefully and purchase parts according to the Illustrated Parts Catalogue for WD615 Series Diesel Engine.

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This is a short guide to the technical features & benefits of the Sulzer RT-Flex60C engines. These low speed marine diesels are aimed to provide the best economic propulsion of container feeders serving the fleets of the major container lines. Meanwhile, such engines are suitable for any other types of ships, such as the car carriers and reefers, with similar requirements.

Here is a brief contents of this book: introduction, development background, concept and benefits, applications of the system, real in-service fuel economy, piston-running behaviour, clearer in the environment, running gear, engine structure, turbocharging and scavenge air system, combustion chamber, installation/maintenance aspects, main technical data of the engine.

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Traditionally, engines produced by MAN have the highest operational performance and reliability with a minimum of required maintenance overhead. However, to ensure operation free of disruptions, numerous periodical inspection and routine maintenance tasks shall be regularly performed. This booklet will give a comprehensive overview of the prescribed maintenance works.

The maintenance works shall be conducted as per with the checklists following a particular number of running hours by a workshop authorized by MAN. In order to make it easier for the personnel you to handle the newly installed engine, the following printed materials are supplied with the engines - Operating instructions, Service products for MAN engines, Spare parts catalogue, On-board service book...

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The present technical manual was officially released by Westerbeke Corporation in order to assist people dealing with everyday operation and technical maintenance of Westerbeke 40 marine diesel engines and WPDS marine diesel generators.

The Westerbeke 40 was previously designated Westerbeke Four-107 and this designation incorporated a basic engine model known variously as 4-99, 4-107, and 4-108. Throughout the technical manual the reader will notice references to those engines model numbers. The numbers are used to distinguish among the three major engineering changes which have been already made to this marine diesel engine.

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The officially released publication by Wartsila, a world leading company in providing industry with complete and effective power solutions for all marine applications; the document includes the major chapters addressing the automation and compressors, engines and gensets, BWM, i.e. Ballast Water Management Systems, exhaust gas cleaning equipment and gas Systems, gears and oil separating equipment, inert gas systems, power electric arrangements, ship propulsors, valves and pumping systems, seals and bearings, stern tubes, waste/oil/fresh water management arrangements, services, covering literally all technical aspects - and such approach has made the booklet very helpful for all industry players.

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Technical Manual for Westerbeke 10TWO and 12B-TWO marine diesel engines. The publication includes manuals for WMD marine diesel generators (3 KW-60 Hz and 2.4 KW-50 Hz). Officially released by Westerbeke in 1993. The document covers installation, operation and maintenance issues, engine overhaul, other overhaul (marine engine electrical system, external cooling system, transmissions), generator sets, and is supplemented by the service bulletins. Apart from the technical data stated above, this document will be providing brief information necessary for users to better understand the principles of diesel engines.

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MAN B&W DIESEL - K80MC-C6 Project Guide - Camshaft Controlled Two Stroke Engines.

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