MAN Engines for Marine Generating Sets - Service Book

   Traditionally, engines produced by MAN have the highest operational performance and reliability with a minimum of required maintenance overhead. However, to ensure operation free of disruptions, numerous periodical inspection and routine maintenance tasks shall be regularly performed. This booklet will give a comprehensive overview of the prescribed maintenance works. The maintenance works shall be conducted as per with the checklists following a particular number of running hours by a workshop authorized by MAN. In order to make it easier for the personnel you to handle the newly installed engine, the following printed materials are supplied with the engines - Operating instructions, Service products for MAN engines, Spare parts catalogue, On-board service book...

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Wartsila RT-18.4 Service Bulletin - Running-in of Cylinder Liners and Piston Rings

   This service bulletin was specifically released to provide owners and operators of the engines in question with necessary information on the updated procedure of running-in to be followed for the new piston rings straight after the piston overhaul/replacement of liners on the diesel engines being in active service. The practical guidelines contained herein are mainly based on the professional experience of the Wartsila specialists with specifications for the cylinder liners/piston rings. The run-in is required after the new cylinder has been fitted and even when only piston rings have been subjected to replacement, the main purpose of doing this is to achieve best and fast rings sealing...

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Wartsila RT-82 Service Bulletin - Distillate Fuel Use

   One more official service bulletin by Wartsila, this one dedicated to he use of the distillate fuel. The company allows for the engine produces to be operated on all fuel oils supplied under the ISO 8217 spec. The existing and foreseen legislation addressing marine fuels is actually limited to prescribing the max content of sulphur or to reducing the sulphur content in the exhaust gases with alternative methods of equal effectiveness. The present document deals with the minimum viscosity of marine fuel, use of distillate fuels, selection of the cylinder oil, change-over procedure, arrangement of the fuel oil system, ISO 8217 fuel standard. Official release by Wartsila Switzerland applying to both RTA and RT-Flex engines.

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Operating Instructions for MAN Marine Diesel Engines - D2876 LE 301

   This document contains the official MAN instructions are aimed to familiarize owners/operators with this new diesel engine produced by MAN and describe how it operates. It starts with the general instructions, declaration and nameplates, followed by the applicable safety regulations and information relating to the commissioning and operation of the engine, including starting-up, monitoring, routine maintenance, temporary decommissioning, and technical care, lubricating, fueling, cooling and other important technical aspects - all information required is readily available here for the personnel operating/maintaining these engines.

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MAN Marine Diesel Engine D2876 LE 301 Spare Parts Catalogue

   Here is the official company catalogue of the spare parts compiled and released by MAN. The main body of this catalogue is arranged in several "function groups" and, to provide easier understanding, the sales groups were spread across numerous function groups. When you are ordering any spare part, it is critically important not to forget to quote the engine's model and serial number and also the order number and designation of the spare part, name and quantity required, exact address and preferred mode of delivery. This publication will provide the info on the engine numbers and list of text blocks, sales groups summary, and catalogue itself plus index.

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MAN Marine Diesel Engines - Engineering - Data - Setting Values - D2876 LE 401-402-404-405

   Another official MAN release. Content - Technical data; Checking and setting values; Filling capacities; Service data - crankcase, flywheel, cylinder liner, crankshaft. cylinder head, pistons, connecting rods, camshaft, oil pump, valve gear, turbocharger, cooling and fuel systems, alternator, starter motor, v-belts/powerband; Torque guide values - New cylinder head seal and modified cylinder bush from March 2003, Retightening of the cylinder head bolts on engines up to 28.02.2003, Tightening and retightening the cylinder - head bolts following a repair, Retightening of new and rebuilt engines from 01.03.2003.

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MAN Marine Diesel Engines Repair Manual D2866-LE 401-402-403-405, D2876-LE 301-403

   The present Repair Manual was released by MAN to facilitate competent repair of the MAN marine diesel engines listed herein. Contents - Safety instructions; General information on the overhaul of the engines; Troubleshooting table; Engine views; Cross section of the engine; Longitudinal section; Schematic diagram of engine lubrication, cooling and fuel systems; Fuel system; Cooling system; Lubrication; Flywheel; Intake/exhaust system; Valve timing; Crank gear, pistons; Attachments - Removing and installing starter, V-belts, Coolant level probe, Transmitters; Special tools. A very useful technical paper for the marine engineers.

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Sulzer RTA-58, 68, 76, 64 Type Diesel Engines Service Bulletin - Loss of Material on Piston Crowns due to Hignh Temperature Corrosion and Erosion

   The loss of material on piston crowns which has more generally been known as piston crown "burn-off will be discussed in this Service Bulletin. Introduction; Loss of material on piston crowns; Countermeasures to minimize the loss of material; Piston cooling water system; Conclusion; Service bulletins published for large bore RTA-type engines. The chemical elements Sulphur, Sodium and Vanadium commonly contained in the HFO, i.e. heavy fuel oil, burned in the two-stroke diesel engines are to be paid particular attention and deserve special consideration with regard to corrosive deposits which subsequently cause the material loss...

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