Transas iSailor v2.40

   The android-based application developed and released by Transas Marine Ltd. It will required the Jelly Bean operation system or later to run properly. This software is a very easy-to-use navigational system which was specifically created for the amateur seafarers. It may be used on boats yachts and boats. No any malware inside. It works using the built-in GPS receiver or with any other device that can be identified by your android device and work as the source of the data for Location Services. The Location Services feature on you device must be enabled and allow the iSailor to use it. Definitely useful program for sailors.

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OpenCPN V.4.1.1028

   The version of the popular OpenCPN software developed for Android. As it is the case with the regular windows versions, it enables users to create concise chart plotters and navigation software; the rogram may be used underway or as a planning tool. Same regular features are available in this release - single-chart, quilted, north-uo, Chart-up, Course-up display modes, waypoint navigation, support of the most popular formats, OpenGL support, weather routing, AIS input and support for SAT and auto MOB handling, autopilot output support, and so many other useful and necessary functions. As usual, this software is multilingual with more than twenty languages supported.

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TRANSAS Navigator Software Products - NSP30

   The set of the software products released by TRANSAS, including TRANSAS Navigator v.1.03.03, Tsunamis'99 v.3.02.6, Chart Catalogue v.4.05.044, Installation Guide, Help Files, Dongle Checker Program v.1.05.18, and Troubleshooting Aid v.1.2.56. Though the program interface is in English, the electronic help files included in the program are presented in three languages - English, French and Portuguese. Developed for and compatible with Windows. No viruses or any sort of other malware.

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Raster Navigational Charts in the BSB Format

   The huge collection of the raster navigational charts presented in the BSB format. All charts were developed by the Maptech. The list of the charts include ones for Adriatic Sea, Canada, France, Germany, Mediterranean, Norway and so many other areas. These charts are full colour digital images of the paper charts. They are fully compatible with the majority of marine navigation software. The charts are developed and released by the US NOAA - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration and the format used is one of the most popular formats utilized for marine navigation purposes.

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Transas Navi-Fisher 3000

   The software presented to your attention is a very functionally advanced but, at the same time, so user-friendly ECS (electronic chart system) that was specifically adapted by the developers for the actual day-to-day needs of the people involved in the fishing. It will allow significant reduction of the workload of fisherman and provide substantial savings of fuel and time with increased efficiency and safety of fishing. It is dfinitely the optimal solution for fishing fleets as well as research and dredging ships.

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OpenCPN V.4.2.0

   The latest stable 4.2.0 release of the open-sourse OpenCPN software used for marine navigation. The huge number of features of this nav software includes waypoint navigation, route navigation with enabled furnction of the vessel tracking, single-chart, quilted and moving-map display modes, support of the autopilot output, anchor watch and alarm functions, built-in great circle routing, various display themes to select from, numerous plugins, AIS support; this software supports the nautical charts in BSBv3 raster and S57 formats as well as CM93 vector charts; BSB4 and NV-chart formats may also be supported by using appropriate plugins. The developers provided the multi-language support including more than twenty languages.

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HDR Navigational Charts - Maptech Raster Charts in PCX Format

   The set presented to your attention comprises of the navigational charts developed for the following three areas - Atlantic General, Belgium & Holland, and Portugal. These are Maptech raster charts made in PCX-based format. May be of some use for mariners navigating intending to perform voyages to the abve stated areas.

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Electronic Navigational Charts in the S-57 Vector Format

   The big set of electronic charts presented in the S-57 international exchange format. These digital vector nautical charts are produced to the IHO standards. The fully vectorised charts were developed using the best data available for the area covered. This set includes the charts for the following areas: Austria, Croatia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Serbia, South China Sea, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, and United States.

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