Battleships - the sea giants that may gun the targets located more than twenty miles away. They are still among the fastests, largests and most powerful war ships ever to sail the worlds oceans.

Deep inside the armored hull, men program critical data into the sophisticated central nervous system; its the origins date to the last century - they command the guns fire with the fearful accuracy - great fighting machines that have no equals. Victorous and victims...

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For almost two hundred years the ship of the line was the dominant fighting machine on the seas. That is why they always attract the attention of everyone interested in the naval history. This video presents an examination of the legendary flagship with the name directly associated with the famous Lord Nelson - HMS Victory.

Note that we have a very interesting publication dedicated to HMS Victory, it belongs to the Anatomy of the Ship series. HMS Victory was launched in 1765 and decommissioned in 1872, after so many years of the brilliant and victorious service, best known for the major role played in the famous and epic Battle of Trafalgar.

She used to be armed with more than hundred guns arranged in the way allowing firing in any direction, and presented really fantastic devastating force for the opponents. We would recommend this video to all enthusiasts of the naval history and battleships of the past times.

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Aircraft Carriers History

   Roaming majesticly over the oceans of the world, the modern aircraft carrier is the largest warship ever to sail the seas. Displacing over ninety thousand tons, more than one thousand feet long and over two hundred feet wide, with four armored steel decks towering above the water, a nuclear powered Nimitz class carrier can transport six thousand men on a voyage of one million nautical miles at top speed exceeding forty knots. Capable of accommodating nearly ninety aircrafts on the deck, the modern aircraft carrier is one of the most complex and powerful surface ships in nautical history...

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Secrets Of The Dead - What Sank The Mary Rose

   This video film is dedicated to the one of the most important battleships of British Navy at the times of Henry VIII, The Mary Rose. She sunk off the English coast in the Solent in the sixteenth Century. She was then brought to the surface, restored and put in her own museum. Historians wonder what caused the sinking of this ship, one of the most formidable battleships of the past. The film will be very interested to all people fond of the warships and naval history...

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Titanic - Birth of a Legend

   This video is based on actual events leading to the maiden voyage of the Titanic. It draws on detailed research into the untold story of the men who built her. Whilst most of the characters are real, some elements have been specifically created for the purposes of dramatisation. The film is very interesting and will provide lots of information for ones who are interested in shipbuilding and history of the greatest ships of the past.

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The Viking Ships

   One more interesting history documentary. This one shows the history of the Viking Ships. Will be liked by everyone interested in the naval history, ships and warfare of the past, which made Vikings one of the most influental people. The film is intended to trace the whole history of conquest marking the age of the Norsemen and their famous ships. Watch this film, we do recommend it.

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The Rise of the Soviet Navy

   Another very interesting documentary. This half an hour long video traces the rise of sea power of the Soviet Union. The whole period from the Czar's Imperial Navy to 1960 was covered in this film. People who like the naval histry will of course wish to watch this film. The authors highlighted all important moments of the naval history and also addressed the confrontation of two great navies - USSR and USA during the Cold War.

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The Pirate Ships

   Just another cool film about pirate ships. This one belongs to "The Great Ships" series and will be definitely of much interest to people who like the romance of sea. You will see the most famous pirates of the past, their ships and weapon, know how they used to fight etc.

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