This documentary video film belongs to famous and popular Modern Marvels series. It is dedicated to the destroyers made during the World War Two for the Pacific theater. It includes interviews with some veterans of that war.

Destroyers was the only class of the fighting vessels that had taken on the full ferocity of the Japanese forces and eventually won the battle. After almost complete destruction of the Pacific Navy Fleet at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, Americans came to a decision to design and construct a fleet of Fletcher-class destroyers.

The film will be very interesting the enthusiasts of the naval history and wars plus everyone willing to get some more knowledge of the warships of the past. One of the best available films on the subject that has already become popular.

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The video by National Geographic Channel released in 2013. Nowadays, in the world of bloody civil wars, rogue states and international terrorism, the landscape of conflict is constantly evolving with more and more deadly threats being posted to global safety daily.

This video will show how the United States Navy Fleet did enhance its combat credentials by building the new and sophisticated class of warship - the LCS, Littoral Combat Ship. Subject vessels are made of aluminum thus can be very lightweight and this allows them to operate in very shallow waters.

The film is intended to provide a thorough insight into the fleet's battle capabilities, and follows two such vessels as they are trialed before their integration into the US Navy.

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Tour of the USS Michael Murphy DDG-112

   The film produced by A Liveboat USA Production with video and photographs provided by Byron Huart. This is a quite short yet very interesting virtual tour of one of the most well-known warships of US Navy fleet, the sixty-second ship of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, named for Michael P. Murphy, Medal of Honor recipient. Watch this video and you will have the idea of the construction of the ship and the general arrangement, main systems and armament. This legendary warship was awarded with a Canadian Forces Unit Comemndation in the recognition of the brilliant service provided to the Canadian naval ship Protecteur damaged in the course of the fire.

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The Biggest-Aircraft Carrier - USS Nimitz

   The pride of the American fleet. The most sophisticated warship ever built, equipped with devastating fire power. The USS Nimitz - the world's biggest aircraft carrier. She owes her success to a century of innovation in shipbuilding. There have been seven key stages in the development of the aircraft carrier design, and seven key carriers. At the heart of each vessel lies a major technological advance that allowed them to increase in size... USS North Carolina - 16000 tonnes, HMS Ark Royal - 28000 tonnes, USS Hornet - 34000 tonnes, USS Midway - 61000 tonnes, USS Forrestal - 81000 tonnes, USS Enterprise - 91000 tonnes, and USS Nimitz - 99000 tonnes!

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