Ahoy! A Sailor's Cursors! Animated Cursor Scheme

   Here is the animated cursor scheme to be used on the computer by anyone who is fond of sea life. The set of cursors presented to your attention includes following ones - a sailboat, boats keep out, brass dividers, inflatable life jacket, fluxgate compass, mobile VHF, parallel rule, sea binoculars, sextant, the lighthouse, VHF, winch, wind indicator, wing on wing, and the yachtsman's anchor. Personalize your laptop or PC and enjoy having a nice cursor instead of a standard electronic arrow.

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ITF Seafarers for Android

   This release of the ITF Seafarers will work on Android-based devices. This app will allow seafarers to get the access to all necessary data on the vessels in question. The search can be made by the ship name or her MMSI number. There are online and offline modes in this program. As usual, no crack required. The software was checked for viruses and other malware.

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Knots 3D v2.9.3

   The 2.9.3 version of the Knots 3D application for Android. This app is intended to show users the easy ways of making knots using 3D animation. No need for cracks, just download and install it to any of your android-based devices. You will get to know how to tie more than a hundred of different knots with your fingers in some seconds time. Grab a piece of rope and start training.

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   The OceanBrain is the program which was developed to assist you in making documents which you have an obligation to hand in when your ships call on and sail from international ports, or go through canals. As the name implies, this software will be useful for crew members dealing with the ships documentation on daily basis. Extremely small and simple-to-use program. No viruses, trojans or any other malware inside. No registration/activation required.

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Ships Info (Pocket Fleet) v.3.4

   This piece of software was specifically released for the devices with Android operating system installed. No need for activation. It will work on any 2.2+ version of Android. This program can find and download various data on the vessels from the network. Such information may include principal dimensions, ship owner and charterer, shipbuilder and engine maker, ship photographs and latest position. All you need to enter is the IMO number of the vessel or her name and all information from all open-sources will be automatically collected and presented to your attention immediately.

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Convert 4.1 - Engineering Unit Converter

   The Convert 4.1. is the simple engineering converter. It does neet any installation on your computer. This converter free and very easy to use. It can convert the most popular units of length, temperature, time, speed, force, mass, density, and many others. You may even create your own units and conversion rates. The program will work on all MS Windows systems.

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Marine Traffic Ship Positions for Android
   This software will allow user to find out the real-time position of the vessels based on the AIS (automatic identification system). You may track more than 35000 vessels every day on the Google interactive map. The application provides the global coverage of ships 350+ ports and sea areas. What you can see includes the ship details, photographs, tracking, ports of arrival and departure. You may also maintain your own list of ships.
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