In a huge number of modern shipping companies the safety of people on board has significantly improved in the past years. The associated safety awareness programs the use of the safety equipment and continuous training have eventually made vessels much safer places for working and living. However, it is still truth that there are too many accidents, incidents and injuries occurring.

The seafarers are suggested to take particular care not only for their own safety but also for the safety of the shipmates. Shipboard safety is a matter of critical importance and is a priority consideration; it means that all tasks shall only be attempted once all potential implications are fully considered and all appropriate actions have been taken.

The book starts with the intro providing general information about personal injuring and PPE followed by the shipboard safety management, planning of work and relevant procedures, workshop practices and housekeeping, maintenance for the shipboard electrical equipment and systems, handling chemical items, shipboard lifting appliances, fire precautions and associated emergency procedures to be closely followed, hot work including welding and burning, cargo work and many other important aspects.

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And here is the closing part of the world popular and respected training series devoted to the entry into enclosed spaces. This part is dealing with the correct use of breathing apparatus and is supplemented with this training video. The content of the publication has been arranged in seven sections.

While the first section gives some overview of the breathing apparatus commonly used on board vessels and offshore installations, the second section provides necessary instruction on their examination and assembly, and this has to be conducted on the regular basis to ensure that the equipment is fit for service and ready for immediate use.

The other sections of the volume are dealing with the bench testing and proper donning the breathing apparatus set, followed by the familiarization and practice information, and instructions to conducting training and drills. The closing section lists the resources. Assessment questions and answers included. Note that all other parts of the training series are also available and cover the Awareness, Preparation and Procedures, Equipment, and Enclosed Space Entry itself and finally Emergency Procedures and Rescue. We recommend you to download the whole set and go through it very carefully.

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This booklet presents the fifth part of the Entry Into Enclosed Spaces series developed by Videotel in collaboration with Mines Rescue Marine. This particular volume is highlighting the emergency and rescue procedures that shall be considered prior to commencement of any task where the entry into confines space is involved. The volume opens with overview of the rescue techniques and instructions for preparation to the rescue operations.

Then the main content of the document is dealing with the equipment used during rescue operations, responding to the emergencies, attending to the casualties, rescue exercises and other issues. Again, there are several control questions with correct answers included for tracking training progress and appendix with additional information. Use the booklet with the accompanying training video.

The previous four parts cover Awareness, Preparation and Procedures, and Equipment, and Enclosed Space Entry. In short, all parts of this training series is highly recommended to all people working on board any vessel or offshore installation, with no exceptions, as well as to the people intending to start working at sea and willing to do their work safely.

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The training booklet of the fourth part of the popular Entry Into Enclosed Spaces training series considered best practice in the shipping industry. It is very important that the procedures established by the company for entry into enclosed spaces are followed at all times and by all people on board ship. Everyone shall understand the hazards associated with entering enclosed spaces and working there.

Therefore the training shall be provided to all people on board on a monthly basis in order to minimize the possibility of any incidents. The booklet starts with the general overview of the enclosed spaces, which is followed by the instructions on the so-called "on the spot" risk assessment to be performed prior to entering into such space. The next three sections are providing all necessary information and practical tips on the safe entry into confines spaces, dealing with the emergencies and leaving the spaces.

Traditionally, the volume includes a number of questions for tracking your training process, supplemented with the correct answers for re-checking. Some additional information is there in the appendix. Note that the booklet goes together with this training video. The previous parts cover Awareness, Preparation and Procedures, and Equipment.

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This is the part three of the training series on the entry into enclosed spaces, commenced with the parts devoted to the Awareness and Preparation and Procedures. Same as with the previous parts, this one is supplemented with the training video. The booklet tells the trainees about the equipment. The content of the booklet opens with the information about the equipment overview followed by the personal protective equipment and its proper use.

The next section is dealing with the atmosphere testing equipment and EEBD, standing for the emergency escape breathing devices commonly used on board ships and offshore installations. The rest of the book addresses the lighting and communication equipment, equipment used for rescuing people, and inspection and periodic maintenance techniques.

There are several assessment questions included in the book to track your progress and all of them are provided with correct answers. We know that entering confined spaces may be hazardous and this is the reason why it shall always be approached very rigorously, i.e. with proper preparation following correct established procedures, and using all required equipment including PPE mentioned above.

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This is a second part of the training course commenced with the training booklet and video addressing Awareness. The training course is presented by world famous Videotel training provider. This second part is dealing with the Preparation and Procedures - the booklet is covering such important aspects as overview of the applicable procedures, assessment of the risks involved, action plan to be prepared and followed, PTW, standing for the permits to work, summary of the procedures that are required, etc. Some additional information is in the appendixes.

Note that there are numerous assessment questions provided with the answers. In addition, there is a training video supplementing the booklet. All other parts of the training series are also available at Libramar. The present course has been well met by the industry and is considered one of the best available today, it is highly recommended to all people working on board and caring about their safety since the content is expected to enable them to recognize enclosed spaces and all hazards associated with entering them, understand the importance of following procedures, rescue techniques to be used in case of emergency etc.

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The present booklet is one of the items forming one of the best training programs on personal safety on board ships. Accompanied with the several training videos, it will provide trainees with virtually all information they shall know in order to ensure their own safety when working on a ship. The videos address the personal safety in the accommodation and in the galley, in the engine room and on deck, and also cover specific safety issues on bulk carriers and container vessels, tankers, chemical tankers and general cargo ships.

The shipboard accidents that commonly result in personal injuries cause pain to the humans and seriously disrupt the team for the period during which the injured team member will be recovering. They also lead to the additional costs incurred to the ship owners and operators, causing delays in operations.

Most of the incidents and accidents occurring at sea are directly or indirectly caused by human errors, such as the unsafe act or unsafe working conditions, or their combination. The idea of the developers of this training course is to raise the awareness of the crew members and all other people on board plus shore support personnel on the safety matters promoting the human safety on board every ship and in every compartment.

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This training set consists of two workbooks supplementing the associated videos First Aid Series Parts 1&2. It is the intention of the authors of this package to provide trainees with required assistance in getting proper knowledge of the first aid; note, however, that first aid also necessitates some practice and knowing only theory will not be enough. In fact, the content of this training program supplements the training required by STCW Convention.

Two booklets cover the elementary and medical first aid. Working on board ships can be very hazardous occupation; even if good safety procedures are established and implemented and even if all crew members are well trained, the illnesses and accidents may occur at any time. And it is obvious that in such cases the life of a person who suffered an illness or injury will mainly depend on the medical help provided in an emergency.

This is where due knowledge and practice of the first aid can mean the difference between human life and death. In the present workbooks the first aid is described - it contains information about everything the seafarers shall be aware of to be able to provide necessary assistance. The trainees will get a chance to familiarize themselves with managing emergency situations, resuscitation, AED, shock and choking and in fact every single aspect of providing first aid on board...

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