There have been thousands maritime robberies and violent pirate attacks reported to the IMB, i.e. International Maritime Bureau of the ICC. The huge threat and danger of maritime piracy to the people engaged in maritime shipping industry, as well as to the efficiency and security of the transportation process, have led the IMO to adopt the famous motto "Piracy - orchestrating the response" - this theme was used for another World Maritime Day.

The Conference was hosted by the WMU in this regard and the results of the conference as well as most interesting documents presented in the course of it have been reflected in the pages of this volume. The book covers all important aspects of the contemporary maritime piracy, including kidnapping, armed robbery, murder and torture at sea, anti-piracy legislation, economics and law of the maritime piracy, counter-piracy operations, Somali piracy, risk assessment and modeling, core strategies of security and many other critical matters. A good one for the people willing to be in the loop of the recent happenings in the field.

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The content of this volume consists of the results of thorough and details review of the data obtained from the technical reports and relevant scientific publications. satellite observations and many other sources, supplemented by the remarkable practical experience of the authors.

Special attention has been paid by them to the established and recognized national practices and activities in the field of the oil pollution prevention and monitoring, and they demonstrate the different practical applications of the special software developed for the prediction of the oil spill drifts; another issue addressed in the volume is the identification of the polluters and assessment of the environmental risk.

The book also contains results on sat monitoring of the gas pipeline construction carried out in the Gulf of Finland. The book deals with the needs of the professionals involved in the activities in the different areas of marine and environmental sciences as well as remote sensing. It will be good when used as a handbook on the oil pollution for the agencies, policy-makers, and all other persons involved, up to the students in the above mentioned sciences who may use it a s reference book.

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All members of the international maritime shipping industry clearly understand the critical importance that the international maritime labor law has, looking at the economic and socio-political aspects, as well. This has also been officially recognized by the International Maritime Law Institute which has organized training courses on this subject with the persons participating in the courses representing ILO, IMO, ITWF and other internationally recognized organizations.

The main content of the present monograph was prepared to cover the fundamentals of the law. The most fundamental challenge of the labor law is to achieve the proper balance between the practical interest of the two major stakeholders. The motto chosen by the authors for incorporation into the title of this volume clearly describes the content of the document. Recommended to the professional maritime lawyers as well as to the students and all persons interested in the maritime law and labor related issues.

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Everyone knows that the maritime piracy is the oldest and classic the international crime; in the frames of the international law the pirates are commonly and deservedly treated as the "enemies of mankind". Though it was prevalent in the period between and including XVII and XVIII centuries, regretfully maritime piracy has not completely gone away.

Nowadays, the maritime piracy mainly affects the waters off West and East Africa and Southeast Asia, but it can and does strike worldwide at any time. It is considered a very serious threat to the international maritime shipping, imposing highest financial costs together with the costs of welfare and even human life. Over the past ten years three thousand or more actual and attempted pirate attacks were reported, and the annual costs were estimated somewhere between six and seven billion dollars.

This amount is actually down from as much as sixteen billion just a few years ago—due in large part, we believe, to the increasing use of on-board armed guards. Still, the problem remains a significant one that has bedeviled international efforts at enforcing anti-piracy laws. The purpose of this monograph is to use economic methods both to describe the nature of maritime piracy and to understand the difficulties involved in organizing optimal enforcement efforts...

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We definitely have to emphasize the significance of the today's international liner shipping since a majority of the international trade is being effected by sea and the share of the liner shipping in the total freight revenue exceeds fifty percent. However, it appears that people are not actually well aware of the fundamentals of the liner shipping industry, especially its economics.

This book was prepared and released with the ultimate intention to cover the gap in the information and let people get familiarized with the most important aspects of the international liner shipping industry. Its content is arranged in three major sections - the first section addresses the liner shipping industry itself, providing general information on the subject. while the second section is dealing with the optimization of the liner service.

In turn, the third and last section of the publication is devote to the conference systems and their economic evaluation. These three parts altogether are expected to make a complete book of economics of the international liner shipping. Different approaches have been used when compiling the book but they have eventually resulted in a very useful and readable publication.

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This title features the coverage of the most important areas of maritime industry relating to the possible dangers. Within this document, peril of the sea is considered existing if there is any threat to the vessel, personnel and cargo on board, or when a risk of substantial environmental pollution is there.

The Master of the vessel shall immediately undertake all necessary actions in order to provide the safety of the people on board and to prevent of at least minimize the damage to the vessel, cargo and environment. The content of the guide is emphasizing the significance of the earliest notification of such situation to everyone concerned.

It incorporates the latest SOLAS amendments addressing the emergency towing arrangements - subject requirements apply to the oil tankers, and also IMO Res. MSC.35(63) providing required guidance. The OCIMF and ICS believe that this document will prove its usefulness and will be of great assistance to ships masters and other persons involved in determining the actions to take at the time of peril, with the particular attention being paid to saving human life and prevention of damage and pollution. A must have publication on board.

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The author of this remarkably comprehensive and informative publication has managed to compile a brand new and wide-ranging collection of the expert opinions on the shipping trade and the environment. During the past twenty years both scholars and policy makers have been seriously struggling trying to understand how exactly the global international trade affects the natural environment.

In his book, Kevin Gallagher is providing readers with the instruments to do that. the content of the book is divided in three main parts. The first part is dealing with the trade and environmental quality, while the second part is devoted to the trade and environmental politics, and the last third part deals with the trade and environmental policy itself.

The topics covered within this book include the pollution haven hypothesis, investor rights, trade institutions, water resources management, foreign direct investment, global shipping industry, sustainable industrial development, and many others. The publication is expected to serve as an excellent practical guide for the newcomers to the industry and policy-makers who require a quick and handy reference to the relevant researches.

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The information contained in the present officially released publication has been mainly intended to be used for clarification of the scope and purpose of the "Transit Corridor" as well as to outline all practical aspects for the merchant ships commonly participating in such Group Transits.

The IR Transit Corridor was subjected to the amendment in 2009 in order to duly reflect the significantly revised analysis of GOA maritime pirate activities together with the industry feedback. The revised transit corridor was also been repositioned and is now further from the established areas of fishing - this eventually resulted in serious decrease in the number of false alerts.

The booklet provides the results of the analysis of both attempted and successful attacks undertaken by the maritime pirates, clearly indicating that subject attacks are quite infrequent in the dark time and do not have any success in the subject region.

The publication will be useful for the bridge teams and owners of the vessels engaged in the operations within subject area. Taking the information provided in the booklet in due account will help provide the safety of navigation for the vessel and crew members.

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