This publication has been worked out mostly by the invited speakers and lecturers of the Copenhagen workshop. The content of this volume is mainly focusing on the topics covered in the course of that workshop, summarizing the presentations, discussions that took place at that time, conclusions and also providing valuable technical recommendations.

In fact, this volume is one of the first successful attempts to provide interested readers with a general look on the integrated modeling approach. The publication is expected to be useful to the people with the serious interest in the modeling of the air pollution and meteorology; however, it will also present some practical interest to the persons involved in the meteorology science in any way, for example the students, practicing professionals, scientists and researchers.

The whole content of this document consists of the introduction depicting the methodology of integration, overview of the models and feedback mechanisms, and four big parts. The first part addresses the on-line modeling and feedbacks, while the second part deals with the off-line modeling and interfaces. The third part of the volume is dedicated to the validation and also several real-life case studies. Finally, the fourth and last art of the work is covering the strategy for the ACT-NWP integrated modeling.

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We are offering you to have a glance at this thoroughly revised edition of maybe the most popular construction databook available today and providing the most up-to-date details on the construction materials plus all relevant equipment. This practical all-inclusive compendium is containing hundreds of the data tables and technical specifications together with the charts and very informative illustrations that cover literally all of the materials/equipment that are usually utilized at any work.

The readers will find the easy-to-use and very practical information addressing the selection and application of the materials/equipment, dimensions of the construction components and valuable instructions of their installation, This new release also features the complete coverage of new details on the energy-saving options and also on sustainable materials. The publication is expected to be a perfect reference tool for all construction projects - it will help all readers to run any construction work in an efficient and economical manner.

Among the topics covered within this volume there are the utilities and all equipment of the construction site, soils, the building envelope, soils, carpentry and framing, fire- and soundproofing. relevant mechanical systems plus the associated equipment, electrical installations and arrangements, plumbing, coverings and other valuable information.

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The relationships existing between the structures to their surroundings are considered basic and fundamental to the design cohesion and to the applicable engineering requirements. Anthony Wilson, who is the author of the present volume, has tried to study the architecture from the historical background and has also paid attention to the modern viewpoints.

The opening chapter of this volume is mainly examining the general historical context together with all relevant cultural aspects of the water element. The main body of the document consists of several chapters addressing the urban waterfront, and the interface between the urban life and coast/river and water environment in cases of conscious resort, plus water techniques for the achievement of the required visual and physical effects.

Numerous examples are supplementing the text part of this book and show the water spaces where the water element is deservedly considered fundamental to the general design. We all know that water provides a foundation for the human existence; however, it is really important to fully understand that a water is also a source of aesthetic pleasure, symbolism, and also therapeutic value, giving the expression to the moods of the nature and providing required substance to the seasonal changes, fashioning the landscapes...

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From the very early times of hieroglyphic writing and up to the modern graphics, people have always understood the need to represent their thoughts and discoveries as well as the inventions in order to keep the other people informed. As the human civilization is becoming increasingly complex, its graphic representation which is paralleling both science and engineering is also becoming more complex.

Graphics is definitely a lifeline for the engineers since is connects their thoughts, inventions and researches with the actualities coming as a result. In order to keep in line with all advances in engineering and sciences, graphics has always been and is still being refined in different ways. In the past, it emphasized the drawings as a communication language. The present textbook is going to promote the traditional conception. The text of the publication has been arranged in three major portions.

The first portion deals with the engineering drawing together with the projection basics and communication, while the second portion addresses the descriptive geometry and solution of the various space problems. In turn, the third and last portion of the book covers the graphical solutions as well as the solutions of math problems presenting the particular interest to the practicing engineers.

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This book was written to help all interested readers discover the whole exciting and ungovernable world of such weather phenomena as typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones. The history and science of cyclones around the planet have both considerably evolved since the first edition of this popular and world recognized publication was released about twenty years ago.

Among the changes made to the content of this volume we would note the improved techniques for the forecasting, increased duration and intensity of the associated records and new naming systems. The book also features many serious updates and data on the recent cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes together with the loss and devastation caused by them. We all know how destructive and deadly they were. This is a completely revised and updated edition of the book containing many photos and illustrations, plus historical events, and other information.

A generally excellent title giving readers a truly impressive amount of information related to the hurricanes as well as all related terminology using an encyclopedic layout allowing for the fast search. It is expected to be of great interest not only to a technical-related people but also to a general audience. The names of the individual storms have also been provided.

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This is the second release of the title providing all interested readers with the valuable practical guidelines on the proper and, of course, efficient utilization of available resources when designing the intelligent transportation systems. The author of this volume has made an excellent and successful attempt to explain everyone how exactly the functional design alternatives could meet the project objectives and all applicable requirements with the optimal cost effectiveness achieved and has also clarified the existing relation of the principles of planning of transportation and diversion of the traffic to the selection of the functional ITS devices as well as the equipment locations.

The author has also provided working and proven methodologies for translation of the objectives to the functional devices, plus the determination of the densities of service deployment, selection of the location of CCTV equipment, and arrangement of the message signs and other important aspects. The readers of the volume will get the due understanding of the reduction of the recurrent congestion, improvement of the incident clearance time, etc. The author has also examined all latest developments in the associated vehicle technologies and also the exploration of their potential for the safety improvement, touching their energy efficiency and mobility. This resource will be greatly beneficial to all ITS managers and designers...

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Here is a book prompting questions - and providing some answers - relating to the behaviors' of the wind in different situations. Note that it is not intended to cover absolutely all circumstances because of its limited volume, but the author of this publication still hopes that it will be very helpful to the readers who require a bit deeper insight into the subject that it is usually provided by the official weather forecasts.

It is not actually a sort of textbook on the wind; however, some of the explanations have been provided in the book, but that is a minimum required to make the content of the publication understandable to all readers who may not be professionals. Such approach is expected to appeal to all people daunted by the long wind explanations. The book is a good choice for the average reader since it does not require them to possess any deep knowledge of the meteorology and associated terminology.

This new release of the popular volume has been seriously updated with numerous informative images and data tables in comparison to the previous edition. There are several completely new chapters such as the one dedicated to the micro wind shifts or the winds that are considered specific to the Mediterranean region. Check this publication for the storm forecasting, as well.

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Despite the title of this volume, it is not the one that would enable the readers to accomplish what the meteorological services scattered all around the world are struggling to do; the book has been rather designed to instantly forecast when exactly the storm is due.

   What the author of this publication, professional sailor and meteorologist Alan Watts, tried to do was point out the key factors that people should consider when the pro- forecasters have made their storm predictions - and sometimes even if the professionals have not. This volume brings the sky and science together and is full of very useful tips on how to properly determine what is coming.

The book is very easy to use and is packed with numerous color images that perfectly illustrate various types of weather fronts and allow reader to understand what they would bring. The author has also included so many practical explanations and data table to make the theoretical text more understandable for the average user. The instructive images show the cloud formations and all other supplementary material has been added with the ultimate purpose to enable readers involved in outdoor activities assess their chances of being caught in a storm. Note that actually no other author of the forecasting-related texts uses the hands-on approach applied by Alan Watts. You may wish to have a look at this book on wind forecasting.

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