The author of this volume has examined the key role that is played by the IMO in control and prevention of marine pollution from ships. Saiful Karim has thoroughly analyzed this complex issue and presented the results of his work in a remarkably simple manner. The arguments presented by the author are very appealing.

The volume starts with some general introductory info about the IMO and marine pollution problem as well as relevant international legal documents. The second chapter is devoted to the institutional structure of the IMO and the law-making process, while the third chapter is dealing with the prevention of marine pollution, response to spills and compensation.

The next chapter addresses the ballast water management and bio-fouling issues. The rest of the volume is dealing with the recycling of vessels, reduction of emissions, and other important aspects of pollution prevention. The book will be useful for the policy-makers, students, environmentalists, lawyers and judges and all other persons.

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The main content of this document book was prepared by the outstanding experts in the different important fields of marine engineering and fluid dynamics, applied maths, chemistry and physics, and compiled by Matthias Ehehardt; the contributions by the world-leading specialists included in this volume are providing readers with the thorough coverage of the remarkably broad range of relevant subjects, from the pure maths to the real life applications in the business directly connected with the oil spills engineering.

The publication offers a really inter-disciplinary approach and the authors are presenting both numerical methods and mathematical models to solve the associated partial differential equations; moreover, note that the book contains the descriptions of the several practical experiments involving the real pollution cases. This work is deservedly expected to present a great practical interest to the specialists and researchers in the subject field as well as to the graduate students in various environmental sciences, physics and maths, demonstrating a very wide range of established techniques that are required for these pollution problems to be adequately solved.

In addition, it should also be useful to the practitioners who are dealing with the prevention of the pollution by oil, offering such people a perfect reference tool to perform their professional duties.

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This is the second release of the title providing all interested readers with the valuable practical guidelines on the proper and, of course, efficient utilization of available resources when designing the intelligent transportation systems. The author of this volume has made an excellent and successful attempt to explain everyone how exactly the functional design alternatives could meet the project objectives and all applicable requirements with the optimal cost effectiveness achieved and has also clarified the existing relation of the principles of planning of transportation and diversion of the traffic to the selection of the functional ITS devices as well as the equipment locations.

The author has also provided working and proven methodologies for translation of the objectives to the functional devices, plus the determination of the densities of service deployment, selection of the location of CCTV equipment, and arrangement of the message signs and other important aspects. The readers of the volume will get the due understanding of the reduction of the recurrent congestion, improvement of the incident clearance time, etc. The author has also examined all latest developments in the associated vehicle technologies and also the exploration of their potential for the safety improvement, touching their energy efficiency and mobility. This resource will be greatly beneficial to all ITS managers and designers...

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This publication has been worked out mostly by the invited speakers and lecturers of the Copenhagen workshop. The content of this volume is mainly focusing on the topics covered in the course of that workshop, summarizing the presentations, discussions that took place at that time, conclusions and also providing valuable technical recommendations.

In fact, this volume is one of the first successful attempts to provide interested readers with a general look on the integrated modeling approach. The publication is expected to be useful to the people with the serious interest in the modeling of the air pollution and meteorology; however, it will also present some practical interest to the persons involved in the meteorology science in any way, for example the students, practicing professionals, scientists and researchers.

The whole content of this document consists of the introduction depicting the methodology of integration, overview of the models and feedback mechanisms, and four big parts. The first part addresses the on-line modeling and feedbacks, while the second part deals with the off-line modeling and interfaces. The third part of the volume is dedicated to the validation and also several real-life case studies. Finally, the fourth and last art of the work is covering the strategy for the ACT-NWP integrated modeling.

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Here is the second, fully updated and significantly expanded edition of the book presenting a truly comprehensive approach to the processing of different underwater areas and all steps required to be made to conduct the associated operations.

Ronald Becker, the author of the volume, has summarized the historical background, and covers the physics and law that are commonly applicable to the underwater investigations; the content of the volume also includes such the important topics as formation of the teams, distribution of roles, deployment and, finally, the accountability. The author has explained the procedures that could make a difference in the final results of different water-related incidents and debunked the popular myths usually associated with the submerged evidence.

This new edition of the volume contains some new chapters covering the photography, preservation of the collected evidence, release of the crime scene, contaminated sites etc. Moreover, the content of the book includes the information relating to the organizing the teams and crime investigation.

Note that there are more than a hundred of color images supplementing the main text of the book. Since the science of the water-related investigation is relatively young, this field requires useful and accurate education sources and this is one of the attempts to provide people with the reference tool...

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The present volume is mainly intended to serve as a reference book and class text in technical drawing. The content of the book includes numerous problems that cover literally every single phase of the subject; it is also constituting a full teaching unit.

The authors have been encouraged in their initial aim by the extensive use of the text of this volume during the past several decades, and that aim was to prepare a tool which would be teaching the engineering language and to keep it duly updated with the latest developments.

The original idea was to explain and illustrate each of the fundamental principles from the student's standpoint and to make the content interesting enough so that the students can read the book and study on their own initiatives. This fourth release of the book constitutes the thorough revision that the text did undergo. In fact, very small part of the original text and illustration has remained from the previous edition of the book. A huge number of new problems and informative illustrations have been added and hundreds of the old illustrations have been completely redrawn.

The entire content of the book has been revised in order to duly reflect the latest recognized American Standards. Another improvement to the content is the adoption of a new format permitting the reproduction of illustrations larger for easier use.

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This useful and practical work by Anand Pillay and Jin Wang was aimed to cater to a remarkably very broad range of interested readers, including experienced professional safety and operation engineers and design specialists particularly those working in both marine and offshore industries.

The book may also serve as a useful thorough reference compilation of materials to the under- and postgraduate students of such disciplines as the marine technology, general-  and safety- and reliability engineering; the content of this volume for sure will be be beneficial for industrial researchers and academics.

This title is intended to serve as a good start point for the newcomers to safety engineering and to the apprentices newly engaged in the use of risk analysis methods. The publication includes several useful sections briefly introducing the readers to the shipping scenes and setting the further mood through defining the rules and relevant regulations governing fishing and merchant vessels. Once all applicable safety requirements have been established, note there are numerous risk analysis and safety assessment instruments available to the readers have been highlighted.

The methods described in this title are mainly based on the framework of the Formal Ship Safety Assessment, and they have all been demonstrated using numerous real-life practical examples.

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Nowadays, smart materials are widely utilized to develop the water systems that would have high performance and at the same time be very cost-effective. In addition, they are used to find the effective ways to monitor the quality of the water. Such materials are extensively used for the treatment and remediation, as well as for the prevention of the environmental pollution.

They are capable of maintaining the long-term quality of the water and provide the availability of the water resources together with their viability. What it means is that these materials could be re-used and recycled, we can desalinize them and it is also possible to detect the contamination by biological or chemical substances. The chapters that are contained in this volume are covering the most important and relevant technological developments and future research prospects. The author has also paid particular attention to the contemporary waste water treatment techniques proven effective.

The material contained in this volume will be quite beneficial to all researchers working in the subject area due to the fundamental concepts described in the book, as well as the applications of the popular smart materials. The publication is also intended to provide the students and researchers with a necessary platform for carrying out the relevant technological researches and get a proper understanding of the subject.

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