Here is the 6th updated and revised release of the famous and world popular Electric Machinery. It retains the emphasis made by the author on the physical understanding of the learning material and the very fundamental principles that has always been one of the key outstanding features of this publication.

It is covering the fundamental concepts and some advanced topics specifically for the readers willing to cover the material in detail. There are several new chapters added in the book, such as the one dedicated to the power electronics, another one dealing with the torque and speed control and AC/DC electric motors, etc. There are also numerous practice problems and examples added for better illustration and understanding. The application of the MATLAB software has also been introduced to this new release of the book.

As a result, the book shall be considered a perfect referenced to be used when studying the electric machines since it brings all the major aspects of the energy conversion devices without making the material too difficult for understanding. In fact, the way author explains the relations of power with current and torque in the induction electric machines in maybe the best one when compared to other books available at the market.

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It is quite obvious that the electric energy is one of the key components in a community of today. The author of the present handbook made a good attempt to take an in-depth approach to the variable-speed and constant-speed electric generator systems operating in stand-alone mode and/or at power grid capacities.

The book contains nearly all parameter expressions and models that may be required for the modeling as well as for the design and control, with the text part being supplemented with so many informative practical case studies for better assimilation of the material by the readers. The book has been fully educated to the electric machine/power systems people. It starts with the topics of WRIC, i.e. wound rotor induction generators, providing technical info on them, as well as on the steady-state transients, vector, direct power control and testing issues.

Then there are chapters addressing the CRIG, i.e. cage rotor induction generators, integrated starter alternators, linear reciprocating and linear progressive motion alternators, and so many other issues relating to the variable speed generators, so this publication will be very useful to any people dealing with the design, building, installation and subsequent operation and maintenance of the subject machinery.

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The diesel engines are referred to as maybe the most promising powertrains in the nearest future, if we take into consideration their truly superior thermal efficiency as well as the oustanding reliability. Nowadays, diesel engines are widely used in the most of the commercial vehicles, industrial applications, cars and light-duty lorries. Modern emissions standards and demands of the customers of today are driving diesel engineering to become a dramatically growing applied engineering discipline in order to meet the applicable requirements of designing optimum diesel engines.

The engineering population in diesel engines' design is growing quite fast. The requirement for new advanced design theories and professional reference books has become pressing and obvious. This volume presents my own experience and findings in many interrelated areas of diesel engine performance analysis and system design. The present book is also intending to establish some sort of emerging area of the diesel engine system design for the diesel industry.

The whole technical process of designing the diesel engine is very complex indeed since it involves so many different people and companies from the original equipment makers to suppliers. A system design approach to set up correct engine performance specifications is essential in order to streamline the design process.

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The ultimate purpose of the present training source was is to provide all hydraulics technicians with enough basic knowledge on electrical/electronic circuits and supplement it with some practical exercises for easier finding and remedy of the failures that may occur in integrated hydraulic and electrical installations/systems.

However, we are not intending to make anyone believe that the present publication may enable them immediately start the repair of the electrical equipment straight upon completion of the material provided in its pages. The document has been divided by the authors in the several chapters, with the first one providing the very basic information required to any specialist. The second chapter deals with the electric units - their designation, assigned symbols, abbreviations etc.

Then there goes a chapter dedicated to the active and passive components of any electronic hardware, followed by the chapter on the coils and capacitors, describing the capacity, charge and discharge, phase shifts, series and parallel connection, marking and application, speed-up etc; resonance circuits and transformers have also been addressed here. The rest of the chapters in this book deal with the semi-conductors, transistors, operational amplifiers, troubleshooting, and Danfoss hydraulics.

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The sixth edition of the Marine Electrical Practice book belonging to the famous and popular Marine Engineering series. Nowadays, marine engineering includes offshore engineering in addition to the traditional sea-going vessels. The industry professionals usually accept that the electrical apparatus that are manufactured to be used on shore are usually not suitable for use offshore due to the climatic condition, continuous motion and vibration, temperature and other very important factors that might affect the safe and effective operation of the equipment.

In most of the cases the electrical apparatus at shore are not operated day-and-night or even for too long periods and at constantly high loads. With regard to the marine and/or offshore use of the equipment, there are two considerations in its selection and subsequent installation on board the vessel or offshore unit - the reliability of the equipment and freedom of such equipment from the fire risks.

These conditions would require a perfect installation with best available materials as well as the outstanding workmanship, operation and maintenance after installation. The chapters of this book are dealing with the factors that usually contribute to the requirements stated above and shall be considered by the marine engineers and electrical officers...  

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The capabilities of the PLCs have significantly grown from the time when the first edition of this book was released. Same applies to the applications of the programmable logic controllers. Nowadays, it would be next to impossible to find the industry where the PLC would not be utilized in one form or another. This edition of the publication provides a good practical and theoretical look at nearly all important aspects of programmable controllers, their devices and associated systems.

There are some new chapters included in this edition, e.g. ones touching the input/output bus networks, process control, fuzzy logic etc. this release presents the thoroughly revised and updated information on the existing topics and such info is supplemented with graphics and hands-on examples for better understanding and illustration. The new layout has been implemented by the authors.

In addition, there is a Glossary at the end of the book explaining the terminology and abbreviations used throughout this publication and in the electrical engineering, in general. We definitely hope that the readers will find this book very useful for learning and will use it as a reference tool, taking into account the number of covered topics and way the material has been presented.

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For the past half-century or even more than that, the electrical energy has significantly diversified and got much broader. There are several new topic areas that range from light-wave technology to the microelectro-mechanics. The book has been prepared and released with the specific intention to keep pace with the industry progress mentioned above.

The technical info contained in this publication can hardly be found in any other publication, presented in a single volume. The opening chapter of the publication provides readers with quite a brief intro to the basic concepts that are relating to the electrical power system structure, just an overview, while the following two parts have been solely dedicated to the parameters of the multi-circuit transmission lines. Then, the steady state and transient presentations are discussed together with the modeling of the synchronous machines.

After that, the chapters come dealing with the power system component modeling and covering the modeling, performance and compensation of the transmission lines, presenting the coverage of the load flow solutions, covering balanced and unbalanced flow analysis, discussing upon the key concepts of power system stability types, AGC of interconnected and isolated electric power systems etc.

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The control of the electrical power with the power electronic devices is becoming more and more important. There are so many new classes of electric motors developed that are being enabled by power electronics. The present handbook has been intended to provide readers with a good reference source that would be both concise and very useful for individuals, from students to real professionals in the field of electrical engineering.

The publication includes so wide range of various topics comprising the subject of power electronics, combining many regular, traditional, topics with some new and innovative technologies being at the edge of the latest technological advances. The emphasis has been made by the author of this book on the practical applications of all technologies discussed within the publication in order to enhance it's core value to the readers and make the understanding of the material a bit easier.

The presentations provided in the book are tutorial in their nature and there are also many examples on the practical use of the technologies described in the book, consisting of three parts - the first part provides a brief overview of the semiconductor devices, the second part explains the operating principles of circuits, while the last part describes the power electronics applications...

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