This is a best-selling handbook offering the step-by-step procedures for solving a huge number of the electric problems to the electricians and technicians. The present edition of the handbook has been significantly updated and is now reflecting the latest technological and regulatory advances applicable to the transformers and motors, as well as the newest system designs and procedures for proper operation.

The main body of the book has been provided with the best practical examples so the publication provides everyone with the basic concepts for proper selection of the transformer protection devices and also contains so much of truly valuable information about electric motors. All power engineers will find this book very useful, as well. Note that the authors of the book do assume that the readers have some basic knowledge of the topics covered in it.

We can say that the information contained in the present book will remain relevant for many years and the book shall definitely be considered a great work reference. The organization of the material in the book is next to ideal and is very logical so it makes absolutely no problem to follow. The index is large and encompasses most of the topics covered in the publication.

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This is the 3rd, significantly expanded and thoroughly revised, release of the popular and well-detailed reference book providing all technical guidelines that may be required for the correct selection and proper further use of the various electric motors for better performance and increased reliability, improved efficiency of the energy and, in addition, more economical life-cycle cost.

The publication is reflecting the actual situation in the current field, and describes to readers all the latest major technological developments related to the control electronics, and the economics of energy efficient electric systems/motors, and the advanced power electronic drivers. This latest edition of the book includes some completely new chapters that are intended to address the most important topics, e.g. the fundamentals of the power electronics as applied to the electric motor drives, motor drives of the advanced switched reluctance, adjustable speed drives together with their applications, permanent magnet, no-brush direct current electric motor drives.

This book should be treated as critically valuable for the electrical engineers, equipment makers and all other involved parties like specialists dealing with the maintenance and operation of the equipment in question, for the informed decision making.

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The publication is aimed at non-specialists using the electric motors/drives, and it was released to fill the gap that is there between the theory-based academic books and a bit more prosaic 'handbooks' providing useful detail but giving little to not opportunity for the real understanding and development of insight. It addresses nearly all modern types of motors/drives, including both conventional and brushless direct current induction motors plus servo drives.

The present third edition of the book includes numerous examples and diagrams; moreover, there are so many new topics covering the material that has not been included in the second release of the publication. The authors used a minimum of mathematics in order to make the book easy to use and make the material easy to understand to all groups of readers. The material and data provided in the book are up-to-date and will be useful to OEM designers, electricians, users of the electrical equipment, maintenance and repair personnel who are involved in making decisions.

Anyone who spends some time on this book will get a truly comprehensive understanding of the subject. We would say that it is an excellent technical book and maybe even one of the best books on electrical motors and drives available today. Though the material has been presented in a very understandable manner, the publication retains its technical soundness.

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The publication includes description of all basic types of electrical relays and explains in detail their operation principles as well as applications. The scope of the present publication is quite broad and, in fact, unique, in the sense that in this book the author represents the very first illustrated encyclopedia of the electrical relays.

The book also includes some kind of historical background f the design of so many different types of electrical relays, which is not always familiar even to the specialists in this field; in addition to that, particular attention has been paid by the author to this issue taking into account the need for a display of expertise on the present subject.

All major issues that are related to the design and operated principles of the components of the relatively complicated types of the relays have been discussed in this book, too, and this will definitely allow readers to understand the operation principles of such relays better and without the necessity of referring to any additional source of information. The book has been written in a very clear and understandable language, without any math treatment, and includes a huge number of illustrations making it easy-to-use for a wide range of engineers not only to electrical specialists...

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There is a huge number of motors being used in our everyday life, in nearly everything from communication technologies to transportation; it obviously means that any unexpected failures of the various electrical equipment could easily lead to the significant losses. And, in order to prevent the occurrence of any such loss, it is critically important to properly detect and subsequently monitor the due working condition of the electric motor.

This book is aimed to review the diagnosis techniques and provides all interested parties with a guide for their application. It will be very useful to the readers who are willing to research and further develop/implement effective fault diagnosis as well as effective and reliable condition monitoring schemes. The authors of the book, who are all recognized industry experts, made a truly remarkable attempt to combine the theoretical analysis with the practical applications of the technical knowledge.

The book begins with some guidance on how to properly analyze the fundamentals of the failures using various methods, such as the winding functions method, FEM (standing for the finite element analysis), and magnetic equivalent circuit analysis method. Then, there are several other methods discussed. It describes the implementation strategies that could be utilized by the readers of the book in their day-to-day work...

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The present latest edition of the Guide is a truly great one for beginners; it has been developed for anyone having some basic understanding of electronics concepts and wishing to get some more better understanding of the operation of various electrical components. It shall be noted that this publication has served as a classic text for the electronics enthusiasts for more than thirty years and, at the same time, remains actual and useful even today.

This release has been thoroughly revised and updated to make sure that all today's technological developments have been taken into account. The information in the book covers nearly all aspects of electronics and is presented in a very easy-to-understand and user-friendly manner. According to the reviews, this is one of the best electronics books available at the market today.

The learning material has been presented in a very understandable manner. there are so many lab exercises and studies for better understanding of the theory. It shall definitely be treated as the all-in-one reference source providing an excellent overview of electronics that people can easily understand without any further instruction. The main focus has been made on discrete electronics; the operational amplifiers have also been covered.

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The authors of the book are glad to welcome readers to the complex and interesting world of cabling for the data communications. Such cabling not only carries the data across the network but is also capable of carrying the voice, alarm signals, serial communications and audio/video transmissions.

Over the last decades, the IT world has begun to understand the significant importance of a good cabling system and this, in turn, caused some sort of explosion in the amount of registered installers of the structured cabling. It took about a year to write this book, including the time that was spent for researching and editing of the collected material, which includes feedbacks, tips and field experience provided by so many manufacturers, distributors and contractors.

The publication consists of three key parts, the first one being dedicated to the cabling technology and components, the second dealing with the network media and connectors, and the last chapter addressing the issues relating to the design and installation of the cabling. There are also some appendices, namely the dictionary of the terms, cabling resources, overview of the relevant standards etc. The Guide for proper identification of cable connectors and tools is also provided. 

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Nice and quite rare publication, very useful for people dealing with the PLC programming. Students who manage to satisfactorily complete the course material will be able to duly understand the system of numbering that is applicable to the programmable logic controllers, identify the most important parts of such controllers and explain how they function, identify all typical discrete inputs/outputs, configure the applicable hardware using the S7 Simatic Manager program, assemble the controller hardware as per the hardware configuration completed in the above mentioned software, understand how to properly wire the distributed input/output of this controller, read the basic ladder logic diagrams, know how to convert the electrical ladder to programmable logic controller ladder logic diagram and how to prepare the controller program using the ladder logic and same S7 Simatic Manager, know how to download the controller program to the S7 400 CPU and how to test and simulate the controller program with the above stated software.

The guide starts with the brief overview describing the very basics of the operation of the programmable logic controllers, the sensors and actuators, and all other equipment; this knowledge is considered pre-requisite for proper understanding of the rest of material...

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