The present book was specifically prepared for students, practitioners and researchers in the fields of control engineering and marine technology. Taking into account that the audience would be fairly mixed, so much effort has been made by the author to set the proper level of the topic presentation.

Nevertheless, the readers of this book are required to have at least some basic knowledge in linear systems/state space models, say within the limits of one provided at the standard undergraduate control courses. The publication contains four major sections; the first three of them are dealing with the key components of a successful vessel motion control system, namely appropriate math models, proper understanding of the performance assessment, and knowledge of the basic limitations that may possibly affect the desired performance in a negative way. The last part of the book addresses the design of control systems.

Among the topics that have been included in the book there are ship dynamics, wave simulation and modeling, vessel motion performance, wave filtering, design of the control system for auto-pilots and for integrated rudder-fin stabilizer, rol stabilization devices, various models of actuators etc. The book will be useful to practicing marine engineers as well as the academic persons involved in the related research activities.

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This publication was written by Tingting Yang and Sherman Shen who made an attempt to cover the constantly emerging networks of maritime wideband communications. The authors are trying to describe to the readers how such networks facilitate the applications like general communications, urgency, maritime distress etc. This book was initially intended to provide a good insight to the scheduling of the maritime data transmission and to the protocol design for the network that has been mentioned above.

The book starts with some brief intro to the networks including their principal architecture, framework and operation principles, and it also includes a survey on current developments in this area. The next part of the book will present the resource allocation as well as the scheduling for the video transmission with the aim to maximize the weights of the video packets being uploaded and transferred. The duet of authors are also proposing an energy and content-aware scheduling scheme for better packet throughput.

Basing on the real vessel route traces received from the navigation programs, the results of the simulations are demonstrating the true viability of the schemes proposed. In addition, the conclusions and valuable suggestions for the future researches have been discussed in this book...

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This sixth edition of the famous textbook by Delmar has been mainly intended for students involved in electrical trade programs at community colleges, high schools and those engaged in industry training. It is assumed by the authors that the readers have had no prior deep knowledge of electricity; however, the book provides quite comprehensive coverage for use a reference tool even for experienced professionals.

The content of this publication itself is presented as a sort of blend of the theoretical knowledge and practical experience. It explains the various technical concepts related to electrical theory and also contains a number of case studies and practical examples of how to perform many of the common tasks that the industrial electricians must perform on the regular basis. The book also includes a very extensive art program which contains nice line drawings and full color high-quality images, and a huge number of practical exercises, all intended to serve to further clarification of the theoretical concepts.

This edition of the Textbook has been updated to the 2014 NEC. All materials provided in the book are explained really well and using an understandable language so it will be good for the beginners to electrical engineering as well as to students.​

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Eleven chapters of the present book reflect the emphasis in  the development and research of unmanned marine vehicles that was mainly made on the remotely operated and autonomous vehicles. The following two chapters are specifically addressing the underwater vision and its role in the unmanned marine vehicle navigation.

The other four chapter deal mainly with the unmanned surface vehicles, while the closing chapter of the publication addresses the underwater gliders. Each of the chapters is some sort of self-contained exposition of the undertaker research work and some observations have also been provided.

The motion equations developed for the UUVs have been provided in chapter two of the book, together with the various aspects of ocean currents. In the next chapter it is suggested that the a usual set of feedback controllers is there in the form of auto-pilot functions providing for the regulation of the speed, heading and depth/altitude of the vehicle.

The fourth chapter is covering the technical guidance and control by means of a behavioral approach, while the fifth chapter presents a mixed approach for allocation of the thruster control or overactuated open framed remotely controlled vehicle... The book is continued within the next publication titled Further Advances in Unmanned Marine Vehicles.

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The book that we are now presenting to your attention has been specifically prepared by author, John R. Brand, for the industry engineers, as well as commercial operators, electricians, and even students and enthusiasts, i.e. for literally any person having some minimum knowledge of electrical terminology and some theory, and the declared ultimate intention was to provide them all with a comprehensive but compact and easy-to-use reference book containing all relevant technical info that they might require in their day-to-day activities or study, including schematic diagrams, approximations, symbols and formulas, all definitions required for today's active/passive analog circuit technology.

The way materials have been arranged in this publication allows readers to easily locate any desired formula without making it necessary to use the index. The publication contains sufficient technical information, approximations and schematic diagrams, various alternate methods and footnotes arranged in a very easy-to-use manner. The handbook will definitely be very useful to electrical engineers and future professionals since it could be used as a reference book, for the classroom training or for the self-study. All formulas that have been provided in this volume use only the basic units and are listed alphabetically.​

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This popular publication is intended to describe all up-to-date electrical practices that have been employed in international shipping of today. The contents of this handbook was specifically designed to provide all required training support to the students. The specific intention of the authors was to assist the marine engineers and electrical officers in proper understanding of the shipboard electrical installations, equipment, systems and their maintenance.

The electrical power system of the vessel has been explained in terms of the main and emergency generation and distribution, including the matters of the electrical safety and associated safe working practices. The types of the faults occurring in the electrical circuits and their significant have been examined together with the different protection forms and methods. In addition to that, the book explains the construction of motors and starters as well as their operation  and protection principles.

The title includes a surveys of the variable speed control methods for motors as applicable to the vessels. Moreover, the publication describes all electrical services for ships refrigeration installations, A/C, cathodic protection, lighting and various auxiliary equipment...

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The readers may and shall use this book to find the easy-to-follow step-by-step procedures for correct identification of the causes of most of the problems occurring in the electronic equipment and methods of repair. Any sort of equipment, from digital electrical circuits to multi-meters - this is a good practical guide covering nearly every piece of equipment and providing the required techniques of troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of any such equipment.

The text part of the main body of the publication has been supplemented with more than three hundred detailed illustrations and huge number of in-depth examples for better understanding. This book also features a wealth of effective aids and tools for servicing of the electrical equipment, complete coverage of all electrical circuits together with their components that are usually utilized in small or large electronic equipment all around the globe, necessary guidance for reworking and repairing, as applicable, of the SMD-based electrical equipment, and provides expert advice on proper troubleshooting of any microprocessor-bases electrical equipment.

It also provides all required tools and techniques for correct troubleshooting of any problem that may happen to the electronic equipment that is why it's usefulness simply cannot be overestimated...​

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The control of the electrical power with the power electronic devices is becoming more and more important. There are so many new classes of electric motors developed that are being enabled by power electronics. The present handbook has been intended to provide readers with a good reference source that would be both concise and very useful for individuals, from students to real professionals in the field of electrical engineering.

The publication includes so wide range of various topics comprising the subject of power electronics, combining many regular, traditional, topics with some new and innovative technologies being at the edge of the latest technological advances. The emphasis has been made by the author of this book on the practical applications of all technologies discussed within the publication in order to enhance it's core value to the readers and make the understanding of the material a bit easier.

The presentations provided in the book are tutorial in their nature and there are also many examples on the practical use of the technologies described in the book, consisting of three parts - the first part provides a brief overview of the semiconductor devices, the second part explains the operating principles of circuits, while the last part describes the power electronics applications...

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