The NauticEd is deservedly treated as the most advanced resource of the online sailing education in the world. It is very popular not only among the students and future navigators but also among the industry professionals willing to keep their skills and knowledge up-to-date.

This short video will demonstrate you how to calculate the set and drift and your vessel easily. The ability of correct and fast determination of these data is of course very important for the safe navigation of the vessel. That is why all navigators are expected to have clear understanding of the process.

Here is how these values are calculates - say we are sailing along and obtain the fix and our heading is eighty-five degrees magnetic and our speed is 4 knots...

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Celestial Navigation for Sailors is the video seminar produced by Captain Tom Tursi from The Maryland School of Sailing and Seamanship. In this seminar the Captain will describe how to combine celestial navigation with the overall navigation process.

This concept will apply regardless of whether you perform celestial calculations using computer program or manually. The agenda of the discussion will include DR - The Cornerstone of Navigation, Celestial Geometry, Tools, Celestial Shot Data, Calculations, Plotting Your LOP, Position Fix, Running Fix, Summary, and some Additional Study.

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US Captains Training Series - Course Per Standard Compass

   Hi! My name is Neil Smith, I am instructor for US Captains Training. Today I am going to show you how to make the course made per standard magnetic compass problem on the chart...

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The Boaters Highway Code - Rules of the Road and Aids to Navigation

   Bennett Marine Video and Boating Magazine present the Boater's Highway Code - Rules of the Road and Aids to Navigation. This video training film was released in 2003 but is still very actual and helpful as the training material. On a highway, we follow all the rules of the road, or at least most of them instinctively. On the water, we have the rules of road, too. Unfortunately, the are not quite the same as the rules we have on the highway...

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US Captains Training Series - Rules of the Road Review

   And here is the last available part of the US Captains Training Video Lessons Set. This one is dedicated to the Rules of the Road Review.

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US Captains Training Series - Rules Review

   US Captains Training Series - Rules Review.

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US Captains Training Series - Known Current

   This problem is the course to steer with the known current. So, our objective is to steer from point A directly to point B allowing for a current that has a certain set and a certain drift. Here is the steps - we find our starting point, we find the ending point, we plot a line from the starting point to the ending point, and now, from that starting point we plot the set line, and on that line we plot the drift; then we take our boat speed and we measure from that point to our intended course...

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US Captains Training Series - Convert True to Compass and Back

   Hello, I am Captain Neil Smith, and I am going to show you how to do chart navigation to pass US Coast Guard exam. The first problem we are going to focus on is a course per standard magnetic compass...

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