This introductory video presented under the Boater's Highway Code title was prepared by the specialists of the world famous and respected Bennett Marine Video & Boating Magazine to provide the required rules of the road and navigation aids. This interesting and practical video training film was released in 2003 but is still very actual and helpful as the training material. On a highway, we follow all the established rules of the road, or at least most of them instinctively.

On the water, we also have the rules of road. However, unfortunately, they are not exactly the same as the rules we have on the highways. But it is a matter of the great importance for the mariners to be fully aware and have a thorough understanding of the rules of the road since this plays critical role in safe navigation and will directly affect safety of the vessel and of the crew members as well as the environment and many other matters. Take your time and watch the film, it will definitely add to your navigating skills and awareness.

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The present training film is the first of four educational videos making up the US Celestial Navigation series. Not new (produced in 1984-1990 by Magic Lamp Production) but just next to classics, this training will be very helpful for people making their first steps in studying celestial navigation. Quality is high enough to allow trainees to watch it comfortably and detailed.

As it is implied by the title of this part of the series, it is purely introductory, aiming to familiarize the students with the world of celestial navigation, give them some very basic knowledge and make them prepared to go through the materials contained in the main portion of the course, i.e. in the following videos - Basic Celestial Concepts, Celestial Navigation Simplified, and Star Finder.

Should you wish to take this training course, we strongly recommend you to download all four parts of the set to have full picture and more thorough understanding of what you are learning.

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The present film is the second of four educational training videos that make up the popular US Celestial Navigation series; it will be of great use for people trying to get to know the "nut and bolts" of celestial navigation.

The present part of the training program continues from Part 1. Introduction for Beginners and provides trainees with some additional knowledge of celestial navigation. The course is then continues in the Part 3. Basic Celestial Concepts and Part 4. Star Finder, both available for download at our website.

We would seriously consider all four parts of this training set equally important and useful for the trainees since the content of each of the parts will significantly contribute in the improvement of their theoretical knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts of celestial navigation. That is why our recommendation is to go through all four videos starting from the introductory film - in this case you will not miss anything and get a full and clear picture.

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If you only ask any mariner about the importance of the celestial navigation in sailing, he will agree that even noting the today's hi-tech electronic navigation systems, such as radio navigation, satellite navigation and so on, the basic knowledge of the of celestial navigation principles shall be possessed by any navigator.

To exclusively rely on electronics can lead to trouble, for example, it can be failure of the navigational equipment, or loss of electric power - and then all you have in your disposal is your knowledge of theoretical navigation. This video closes the US Celestial Navigation series - the first three parts are the Introduction for Beginners, Basic Celestial Concepts, and Celestial Navigation Simplified, and is intended to demonstrate the students the orientation using not only the Sun but also stars making them less dependent on geographical conditions.

Subject information is obviously important to enable mariners locate their position at sea. We would remind about our recommendation to have all parts of the training course downloaded and readily available for everyone willing to improve or refresh their navigation skills since it will be of great use.

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This third part of the US Celestial Navigation educational videos set is aimed to continue familiarizing people with the world of navigation in very interesting manner. The present part continues from Part 1. Introduction for Beginners and 2. Celestial Navigation Simplified.

Please note that the last, fourth part of the training set which is coming under the Star Finder title is also available for download at our website. Subject training set was prepared to provide the trainees with the basic knowledge of celestial navigation.

Even in a world of electronics and noting all sophisticated navigation equipment installed on the modern vessels today, we would still recommend every mariner to have some basic understanding of the celestial navigation to be able to navigate in case of the failed equipment, loss of power or anything else making the navigation equipment not available or ineffective. That is where your knowledge will play critical role in provision of the safe navigation of your vessel.

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U.S. Captains Training Series - Course to Steer with Leeway - Known Set and Drift

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U.S. Captains Training Series - Compass Correction

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U.S. Captains Training Series - Buys Ballot's Law

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