Here is another popular piece of software. It is also well known under the Cargo Assistant name. In fact, this is a truly universal program developed to assist the people engaged in the cargo handling on board seagoing container vessels.

The main window of the program is the main user interface and the start point where you can launch all services offered by the program. An excellent option for the in-house training.

It shall be noted as necessary that the software pack includes an excellent training presentation which shall be paid particular attention as it is covering the stress and stability issued in the case of the container ships with capacities exceeding 2500 TEU. This presentation will tell you detail how to use the software and reveal the secrets of the program knowing which you will be able to benefit from all its advantages.

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CASP - Computer Automated Stowage System is the software that was specifically developed and released to contribute to efficiency of the operation and management of the marine vessels. The software is expected to serve as the universal program that would be equally suitable for any container ship and would allow the users to enter all specific data they possess for the particular vessel.

The stability calculation can be made, as well. The program is compatible with Windows 7 and with all previous versions of Windows. No need for any kind of activation code. Just copy the file with .lic extension into the folder where the program was installed, and run the program in WinXP compatibility mode. No viruses or any other malware inside. According to the numerous user reviews, this program has already proven to be effective and reliable, that is the reason of its popularity.

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Here is the set of ASTM/API calculation tables for crude oil and oil products - 5A, 6A, 23A, 24A, 53A, 54A, 5B, 6B, 6C, 23B, 24B, 53B, 54B, 6C, 24C, 54C, together with the American Society for Testing and Materials usage and procedure of calculations (see inside the folder).

The software has been tested for compatibility and was confirmed to be compatible with all Windows systems, including Win 7. The versions that have been included in the pack are 1.0, 1.1, Super ASTM 4.0. Recommended for practical use by all people involved in construction and other related ativities.

No viruses or malware, no need for activation or payment. Needless to say that this program is in the list of the most popular and frequently used by all people in the industry.

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PC Oilsurvey V1.0

   Here is a small and very simple yet quite useful piece of software developed by the Dolphin Maritime Software Ltd years ago; this program is intended to be used for calculation of the oil products. In the Utility section there are Pipe capacity, Interpolators 1 and 2 Ullage/Trim, Wedge, Vessel Experience Factor, etc. It contains necessary ASTM tables inside. It will help the ser to conduct proper conversion between API, SG and Density, Vac to Air wieght, convert temperatures, find standard API/SG/Density and VCF against them. No need for installation, just launch the file and calculate. No viruses.

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MACS3 Loading Computer System

   The ver. 3 of the ship loading software developed and released by Interschalt Maritime Systems in accordance with the ISO 16155:2006. It is fully compatible with all Windows. Moreover, the developers of the program took into consideration all applicable requirements of ABS, BV, DNV-GL as well as no. 84 IACS Recommendation on Loading Instruments. Free of any viruses of malware.

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Easeacon for E-Type Container Carrier v.5.66
   The present 5.66 version of Easeacon program was released in 2011 by Marine Alignment Solutions in Denmark. It is based on Windows OS and is fully compatible with Win 7. This software allows users to evaluate the stability of E-Type container vessels and prepare the cargo plans with all types of ISO containers. It will also help with segregation of the dangerous goods as per IMDG Code requirements. This application works with German Lashing Module which has to be installed subsequently to the installation of the program itself. This module is used on the container ships certified to this lashing system. In the Baplie folder there are some working files of the estimated loading from AE Maersk Line service.
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Storck Guide v.5.0 with IMDG Code Amendments 34-08
   This fifth version of the Storck Packing Guide is compatible with all MS Windows systems up to Windows 7 and includes IMDG Code Amendments 34-08. Developed by Storck Verlag, Hamburg, it is used for the segregation of the dangerous cargo in containers (the module works with Easeacon program) as per IMDG Code regulations.
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   Loadstar is an advanced loading computer with a very user-friendly interface. It facilitates the often time-consuming process of planning and controlling conditions. Loadstar from IBM is designed to be fast and easv to use. It has been desisned in со-operation with leading shipping companies throughout the world. Thus, it has gained the benefit of the valuable experience of these companies. The outcome is a loading system. which integrates all necessary functions into a single program. The many practical system features of Loadstar ensure quick and accurate cargo planning, concerning both rough pre-planning and detailed planning. Loadstar has a clear and consistent design, supplying the necessary information at a glance. Only a few keystrokes or mouse clicks are required to make it function. Therefore, Loadstar reduces operation time and man-hour requirements to an absolute minimum.
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