Two documents contained in this pack provide all necessary instructions on the maintenance of the LCBW 45(40)32/20(24,4)27,5 ST type Liebherr cranes. It was specifically develop to provide the crew members as well as all technical personnel engaged in maintenance/operation of these cranes, with necessary knowledge of technical peculiarities and all other information required for the safe operation.

The first document contains the chapters 1 to 3, i.e. the introductory chapter, chapter with general description of the cranes and their parts, and maintenance instructions. The second document contains the other four chapters providing the technical description, descriptions of the hydraulic functions, instructions on the operations in case of emergency, and a full set of drawings. The readers will for sure find everything they need in this set of files and thorough familiarization with the info provided herein will provide safe and harm-free operation/maintenance of these Liebherr cranes.

Apart from the technical data, the pack provides general advice and valuable hints for crane operators, standard hand signals, conversion tables, explanation of safety signs etc.

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Autonics Solid State Relays

   Another official set of documents relating to the Autonics products. This collection is dedicated to the solid state relays produced by this company. Namely, the products addressed within this set of technical files, includes single phase separated heatsink type relays of SSR type and SR1 series, single phase slim separated heatsink type relays of same type but SRC1 series, single phase integrated heat sink SRH1 series, single phase analog type SSR and SRPH1 series and, finally, relays that belong to the single phase socket type SSR and SRS1 series. Ann necessary information is there including instructions on proper usage, characteristics, details, connections etc.

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Siemens Energy - Basics of Electrical Products

   One of the main training objectives declared by compilers of this professional course was to present industry with a completely new training resource providing an overview of the products manufactured by Siemens. The course is forming an integral part of the official STEP series of Siemens; it has originally been intended to cover the basics of electrical products. And, upon satisfactory completion, you will get the understanding of all similarities/differences between panel boards, switchgear, loan centers and switchboards, be able to clearly explain how exactly the electrical products produced by Siemens could be utilized in different applications, identify those products together with their parts etc.

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MCS 2200 Monitoring and Control System

   The present pack of documentation contains the System Description and User Manual for the MCC 2200 Monitoring & Control System manufactured by SAM Electronics. The first paper of two making this set, is describing the main features of the subject system, configuration types, different system components, and various real application examples. The User Manual, in turn, is providing the layout plus operating instructions for the SOD 2200 system operating display. The MCS 2200, standing for the "monitoring and control system", combines the long time technical experience and technologies proven effective, with the newly introduced features.

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Volute Casing Centrifugal Pumps - Operating and Maintenance Instructions

   Following information is included in this Operating and Maintenance Instructions: general data, safety issues, transportation/intermediate transportation, description of the pump, installation and mounting, start-up and shutdown, maintenance and repair, operating faults, causes and remedial action, associated documentation. These instructions are containing the basic safety precautions relating to the installation and subsequent operation of the pumps plus their routine maintenance; therefore we would consider it essential for the personnel to carefully check the content prior to the installation and starting.

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DESMI Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump Operation and Maintenance Instruction

   These instructions are applicable to the S-series of DESMI pumps. Subject pumps are used for pumping different liquids (both clean and polluted) having the temperatures of 0-80 degrees. Brief contents of the document - Product description and delivery; Installation, Technical data and description; Storage and transport; Dismantling and assembling; Frost protection; Start-up; System balancing; Maintenance and periodical inspection; Repairs and ordering spares; Operating data; Drawings and spares list; Dimensional sketch. In short, this document contains literally all information the personnel operating these pumps shall be aware of.

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Buran Refrigeration Complete Air Dryers

   This pack of technical files consists of Operating Instruction for Buran DC0020-0850 air dryer, two Specification files and Technical Data Sheet for refrigeration compressed air dryers for volume flows from 20 to 850 cubic metres per hour. Donaldson Ultrafilter - Operating instruction - includes following parts - Important User Information, Installation, Description, Operation, Maintenance, Technical Data, Appendix Legend. The dryers produced by Buran feature the truly unique design which, combined with the well-though control logic, provides the peak level of energy efficiency...

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DL305 Automation System User Manual

   The book starts with the general info and valuable guidelines on installation and safety, followed by the technical specifications of DL330, DL330P and DL340. The other chapters are - Bases, Expansion Bases, and I/O Configuration; I/O Module Selection & Wiring Guidance; Discrete Input/Output Modules; System Operation; Programming Basics; RLLPLUS Programming Basics; Instruction Set; RLLPLUS Instruction Set; Maintenance and Troubleshooting; Quick Start Example; DL305 Error Codes; Instruction execution Times and Product Weight Tables. A must-have paper for the personnel dealing with this equipment as it will provide them with all technical information and data required to better perform their duties.

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