Here is the instruction plus  operational manual released by Fuji Electric for their X Model microcontrollers. It includes chapters that are covering the installation of the microcontrollers, notes on wiring and proper usage, specification and troubleshooting.

The installation chapter provides all necessary guidance and maintenance precautions to be taken into account, together with the caution on installation of the microcontrollers and precautions in wiring connection plus the requirements for the key operation and operation in case of abnormalities. Model configuration, dimensions, parts and all other important information have also been covered.

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Complete package of documents for the MAXI 50SL-1 waste oil incinerator. It includes final drawings for the above noted equipment, general specification, technical data for the incinerator and its components, loose parts for waste oil tank, and spare parts, list of valves and list of control, safety and automation.

The publication also provides readers with the process diagram for the incinerator, properties of the exhaust gas, piping diagrams, drawings of the expansion joints, main and alarm current, primary temperature control, alarm circuit, alarm and motor control, incinerator control and primary burner control, sludge alarm circuit and pilot lamps, external alarm and wealth of other technical information, data and drawings.

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The present Operating and Maintenance Instructions contain following information that will be necessary for the people dealing with the subject equipment - general technical data and important safety issues to consider, transportation matters, description of the pump, installation and mounting, start-up and shutdown, maintenance and repair, operating faults, causes and remedial action, associated documentation.

These instructions are containing the basic safety precautions relating to the installation and subsequent operation of the pumps plus their routine maintenance; this is the reason why we would definitely consider is essential for all crew members to carefully check the whole content of this document prior to the installation and starting.

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The present package contains six separate documents all referring to the TYCO products. The documents specifically selected to make this technical archive contains following papers: T1000 Marine Controller User Manual and Datasheet, Data and Specifications for the Autopulse IQ-318 Agent Releasing Control Panel and same set of documents for the Autopulse IQ-636X and IQ-636-2 Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Systems, supplemented with the Engineering Specifications for the Inergen Clean Agent Fire Suppression System (with Autopulse Control System). Will be of some use for crew members commonly dealing with the fire safety of the vessels.

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The present pack released by Nippon Electric Industry Company consists of two documents. The first is the Instruction Manual for TDC control equipment (i.e. synchro-unit) which is used to control the KDIST and LUFFING functions of both main and sub-cranes (for HOIST/LUFF functions the equipment carries out a synchronous control).

This part is covering the main principles of operation, identification of each part, installation of the crane and its adjustment, operating procedures, troubleshooting, synchro-transmitter inspection, DC source inspection, relay replacing and card replacing method, test functions. The second part of the pack contains mostly the drawings of the crane. This pack will be most probably helpful for crane operators of Nagasaki cranes as well as professionals carrying out the maintenance and/or repair.

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The operational manual for Synpol controllers released by ABB. These devices are used for the purpose of protection and control of various diesel engines and generators driven by them. This document provides valuable information on the most important functions of the device, technical data, necessary electrical diagrams and terminal boards.

The Synpol device is certified by most of the class societies. The second document is the Appendix containing following data - controller outline, controller case side and rear views, system outline, terminal board generator connection and relays, terminal board diesel and communication control, terminal board additional input/output, terminal board tacho and put-up, resistor, power supply etc.

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This pack of files contains all necessary information on the Syncro ASM Analogue Addressable Marine Fire Control Panel. The User Manual for subject panel covers panel controls and operation, access to menu, routine maintenance. The Syncro ASM panel that complies with all requirements of Euro Standards EN54-2:1997 & EN54-4:1997 and is also fully capable to cover a max of sixteen zones with more than hundred devices for Apollo and Hochiki protocols.

Any number of devices could be allocated to any of the zones with any system configuration being easily accommodated. Each detection device is allocated a message of up to forty characters in order to assist in locating the devices. The panel is offering a remarkably extensive list of options and features for the monitoring and control of plant, sounders and equipment. The range of compatible devices includes optical and ionisation smoke sensors, heat sensors, multi-sensors, switch monitors and relay or bell controllers. Interfaces to the conventional detection systems could also be catered to use the zone-monitoring devices. This pack also includes such must have publication as the Operation Manual, Installation Manual and many more.

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One of the main training objectives declared by compilers of this professional course was to present industry with a completely new training resource providing an overview of the products manufactured by Siemens. The course is forming an integral part of the official STEP series of Siemens; it has originally been intended to cover the basics of electrical products.

And, upon satisfactory completion, you will get the understanding of all similarities/differences between panel boards, switchgear, loan centers and switchboards, be able to clearly explain how exactly the electrical products produced by Siemens could be utilized in different applications, identify those products together with their parts etc.

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