Another package of the officially released technical documentation, this one being related to the Single Phase Power Controllers manufactured by Autonics company, namely ones that belong to the  SPC1 Series. Caution for your safety - Ordering info - Tech Specifications - Factory default - Parts description - Dimensions - Connection - Application - Control input specification and function for each mode - Temperature derating curve - Caution for using - Major Autonics products. The Manual which has also been included in the released pack will definitely be very helpful when operating and maintaining subject equipment.

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Another official set of documents relating to the Autonics products. This collection is dedicated to the solid state relays produced by this company. Namely, the products addressed within this set of technical files, includes single phase separated heatsink type relays of SSR type and SR1 series, single phase slim separated heatsink type relays of same type but SRC1 series, single phase integrated heat sink SRH1 series, single phase analog type SSR and SRPH1 series and, finally, relays that belong to the single phase socket type SSR and SRS1 series. All necessary information is there including instructions on proper usage, characteristics, details, connections etc.

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The main content of this technical manual was worked out by NOV specialists and then published by National Oilwell Varco to give all necessary information for the recommended day-to-day operation plus maintenance of the subject equipment. It has been prepared for the original design applications of the AmClyde crane.

Should the applications of this crane change, the applicable maintenance/operation procedures and information could change, accordingly. The manual is not intended to substitute any specialized comprehensive training for the operators and maintenance personnel.

We recommend to familiarize yourself with it and ensure complete understanding of this manual, equipment functions as well as safety features prior to operating or performing any maintenance to this equipment.

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This is a pack of technical documentation relating to the operation and maintenance of Liebherr CBW 40 cargo deck crane. It consists of three documents. First is the instruction and maintenance manual covering general technical description and also covering the important routine maintenance issues.

The second file also contains some general information followed with the description of hydraulic functions, emergency operations and complete set of drawings. The last, third, document, contains photos with hydraulic symbols, pressure limitations, direction valves, hydraulic motors, hoisting , slew and luffing gear etc.

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This KGW deck crane documentation pack covers the following - technical data, supplies, control, double crane operation, switchgear and sensors, programmable logic control, hardware, software, valve current generation, fault removal and fault announcement device, emergency operation, maintenance, wiring diagrams, spare parts lists for electric system.

As you can see, the documents provide all information that might ever be required for any crew member engaged in the operation of the subject cranes as well as to for the people conducting their routine and periodical technical maintenance and repair or part replacement.

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Here is a huge collection of technical documentation provided by Mitsubishi Electric for their frequency inverters - it consists of more than a hundred files, including the instruction manuals, installation guidelines, reference manuals and technical manuals, instruction manuals etc. There are so many products covered with this set of documents - e.g. CR750-D/CR751-D/CRnD-700 series controllers, FR-A500/F500/E500 series transistorized inverters, RFI filter units, FR-A5AP control/pulse train unit, FR-A7AY/NC (and other series) inverters...

The installation guide also included in the set, offers users the necessary technical information on the control of EMC (electromagnetic capability) when using the filters and inverters - the EMC Directive and it's general requirement are also there; in addition to that, EMC control measures are explained in detail, together with the names and specifications of control components. An absolutely must-have collection for everyone involved in purchase, installation, operation, maintenance/repair of the electrical equipment containing such frequency inverters.

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This set addresses three series of the Autonics-made pressure transmitters and provides ordering info, dimensions and specification, cable information, connection, troubleshooting data, and caution for using of KT-302H series smart pressure transmitters, PTF30 standard pressure controllers and TPS20 pressure transmitters.

Among the main features of these transmitters the user note the HART protocol and standard/high accuracy sensor, high electrical compatibility and 330 degrees rotating display for the environmental conditions, self-stability and filtering device, backlight for easier reading in the dark, high accuracy measurement etc.

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Here is a truly huge collection of technical documents related to the programmable controllers and related equipment produced by Mitsubishi Electric Company. CC-Link IE Field Network - CC-Link Bridge Module User's Manual - A1SD75P1-S3/P2-S3/P3-S3/AD75P1-S3/P3-Sa/P3-S3 Positioning Modules - MELSEC A/Q Series PLC - Computer Link Modules - Ethernet Interface Modules - Profibus DP Slave Module - Input/Output Modules - C Controller Modules - PLC Renewal Tool Conversion Adapters - FX-1HC PLC - FX-1GM Position Control Units - Special Function Blocks - Analog Output Expansion Boards - Simple Motion Modules - Data Link Systems - Loop Control Modules - Programming Manuals - Safety Controllers etc. In total more than four hundred useful technical documents!

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