This book belongs to the Springer's famous "Advances in Industrial Control" series. Here are the main chapters included in it - Introduction; Mathematical tools; Modeling and Control Properties of Ocean Ships; Control of Underactuated Vessels and Underwater Vehicles.

The publication offers readers the latest results in the control of underactuated ocean ships as well as numerical simulations of the control systems and efficient designs for their implementation. Most ocean-going ships are commonly underactuated; however, it is considered essential to control their motion when in the real environment. The readers will appreciate the systematic approach applied by the author of this volume since it is based on the very non-trivial coordinate transformations that have been coupled with the advanced non-linear methods.

Subject strategy has been applied to the analysis and development of the numerous control systems with the ultimate goal being to achieve the advanced tasks such as the path- and trajectory-tracking, path-following and stabilization. The book features newly developed efficient designs ready for immediate practical implementation and numerical simulations designed on a scale-model vessels...

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The present training resource has been specifically published for the young officers who are aspiring to get to the position of the Chief Officer. It will also be useful to the people just promoted to this position. It is a very practical publication which is mainly dealing with the real world of the ocean and vessels rather than purely theoretical; the authors have discussed different important problems that are commonly encountered by the Chief Officers of the vessels in their day-to-day operations.

In fact, there are many publication available today, teaching the students the proper way to perform the numerous tasks that are making up their professional duties. All of them are very helpful when used for the professional training; however, the most important issue is to try to learn how to correctly blend the possible and proper in order to produce a desired feasible result getting us and the vessel through the unscathed days.

That is why we would highly recommend this training course for all people in the industry and definitely to all desiring to become Chief Officers. The content of the volume starts with the description of the position and main responsibilities and duties assigned, and then covering all aspects of Chief Officer's work on board.

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The Nautical Institute presents one of the best and classical guides on Bridge Watchkeeping prepared to serve the officers of the watch; the publication was originally designed provide the valuable practical advice. The book has been already very well met in the shipping industry and considered perfect for the self-study and it's aim and major objectives were actually to enhance applicable standards of watchkeeping by means of the assessment program covering bridge operations, as well as the correct use of the equipment onboard, proper application of the established reliable procedures, support to be provided to the bridge team, tasks to be performed etc.

It is highly recommended to all officers on watch to work carefully and methodically through the content of this training guide; such approach is expected to have a significantly better appreciation of their duties and the way to support the Master of the vessel and become much more efficient and also more responsible member of the ship bridge team. Absolutely recommended source of professional training for the bridge crew members to improve their skills and knowledge.

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The main part of the content of this volume is based on the materials presented in the course of the Sixth International Conference dedicated to the issues related to collision/grounding of the vessels and offshore installations. The presenters have covered the most important topics on the collision and grounding of ships and the compilers of this book have spent quite a lot of time trying to select the best of the materials for inclusion.

Among the matters addressed during the conference there were modeling and simulation systems for investigating marine accidents. latest vessel collision risk studies, application of the fracture mechanics to the assessment of the progressive structural failures of damaged vessels, collision tests. bridge crossings, feasibility of the grounding/collision data for the probabilistic modeling of the ship accidents. failure strain prediction, FSI analysis technique and its application to the structural safety assessment, collisions of the vessels against bridge piers, quays and wind turbines, numerical and experimental investigations, review of the different methods, crashworthiness studies of the LNG carriers, and so many other interesting and critically important topics...

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The present DP induction course by Beier Radio has the following important objectives - the first and maybe most important of them is to provide the trainees enrolled with a good and thorough understanding of the DP principles, while the others include the demonstration of the proper setting-up as well as the operating of the various dynamic positioning equipment plus position measuring equipment, assistance in the recognizing and further responding to the warnings, alarms, and info messages received, examination and analysis of the relationships existing there between the dynamic positioning equipment and the ship systems, and even relating of the dynamic positioning operations to the different environmental conditions expected to be faced by the vessel.

The content of this training program was developed on the basis of the professional principles, specified objectives and important practical elements. Some part of the course is directly concerned with the assessment of the DP operator's competence from the shore-based organizations to the vessel...

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If you want to get a clear understanding of all possibilities of the big oil tankers as well as of all limitations imposed on them, you should definitely have a chance to try them out with no risk. And the Shiphandling Training Center located at Port Reve, in France will provide you with such a brilliant opportunity.

This is a place where a whole fleet of model tankers scaled 1:25 is being operated on a lake. It should be noted, however, that not only do vessel models offer this chance of handling scale replicas of the huge tankers under various conditions; the center also offers quite instructive overall view on the different maneuvers in a protracted time.

As a result, there is a lot of shiphandling operations conducted in this miniature world in a relatively short time, is five times faster than they would be in real life conditions. While the author of this book was observing the maneuvers on the lake analyzing them, it became quite clear to him that the positions of the pivot point plays a critically important role in explaining the vessel's behavior.

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This book by Peter Nielsen, who is a very experienced seafarer, provides excellent and perfectly chosen general information about anchoring. The author gives very good and understandable descriptions of the types of anchors that are in use together with the tips on the anchoring itself. The readers will find all information they need here - the answers to all questions on the anchoring they have.

In fact, anchoring is considered a key skill for any yachtsman and boater, does not matter sail or power. The present publication will provide you with the easy-to-follow and fast instruction that will help you to perform the anchoring in a safe and efficient manner. The booklet belongs to the famous Captain's Quick Guide series and is very popular among seamen.

The readers will know how to use the right anchors, how to select and size the correct anchor chains and connectors, and also learn the basic anchoring techniques. An absolutely recommended volume for all boaters - we suggest that you print this one out, laminate and put in your boat to make sure that it is readily available at any time.

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This manual you are now holding in your hands has been intended to serve as a good means of reference for all people dealing with the maintenance, usage, purchase, and repair or any other activities related to the anchors. Although this publication was prepared from one manufacturers standpoint, the information presented inside of course applies to the majority of marine anchors.

It was our ultimate intention and the whole idea of creating this manual to make a small contribution to the successful work of all who work with anchors. The information contained in the pages o this manual is expected to be of great practical use for the crew members involved in anchoring operations, owing to the great professional experience of the people who worked on the content of the present document.

Of course, the authors understand that the total objectivity is impossible even though they have tried to cover the various types of anchors. After all, the theory and mechanics of the process remain same for all anchors and there are only some construction features that make cause the differences.

The book starts with the description of various mooring systems and components followed by a short historical background. Then the authors proceed to the characteristics of the anchors per type, design of the anchors, their holding capacities, soil classification and other aspects considered important enough to be covered.

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