This training program has been developed and officially released by the FluidPowerZone specialists whose ultimate intention was to provide the shipping and offshore industry peoples, both professionals and students, with a practically useful instrument which, when it is used in a correct manner, will definitely let them improve their skills in the field of the hydraulics.

The trainees who spend some time with this course and satisfactorily complete all training modules, are expected to have an absolutely clear understanding of how exactly the basic hydraulics laws shall apply to the fluid power.

The software describes many components of the hydraulic systems in detail, and the developers of the program have also addressed the way these components interact. In order to be able to use this software, they should first burn the CD; alternatively, they may use any of the virtual drives...

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This official Alfa Laval training program is intended to help the marine engineers and provide some information on the titanium plate type fresh water generators and their installations on board vessels as well as onshore facilities.

We would recommend this training software to all people involved in the operation and maintenance of the subject fresh water generators as this training will definitely help them to develop the necessary practical skills to supplement their theoretical knowledge.

Clean files, no viruses, ads or malware, no need for paid installation or activation codes. Enjoy your training.

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UNITEST Medium Speed Engine Simulator V.

   This training software was developed and released by UNITEST. The version offered to your attention is which is still actual and definitely useful. No need for any type of crack or activation. The program is compatible with Windows 7 OS. This medium speed diesel engine simulator was designed with the intention to help the students of various marine related industries, it can also be used by the shipping industry professionals.

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Maritime Electronic Library - Kongsberg Documentation Full Pack

   This pack of the training files has been made of a truly huge number of e-books related to the Kongsberg Dynamic Positioning Systems used on board ships. It includes manuals, help files, presemtations, print screens and photos, more than thirty thousand pages in total. All files are searchable. Documentation provided by Kongsberg IAS. This is a definitely must-have piece of software for every crew member dealing with the operation, maintenance or repair of Kongsberg DP systems.

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Maritime Electronic Library - Electrical & Instrumental - Engineer's Books

   The present compilation of the training files is made of a huge number of electronic books related to the electrical and instrumental engineering. Among the volumes included in this searchable file the user will find such the excellent and valuable titles as construction electrician basic and intermediate, electric motors and drives theory, electrical engineering dictionary and glossary, electrical practical troubleshooting, high voltage course presented by ABB, introduction to marine electricity, and many others. No need for registration or even installation. Just launch the Start Page file and start browsing through the publications. Checked for all kinds of malware.

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PLCs for Beginners - Siemens Automation and Drives Training

   This training software called Programmale Logic Controllers for Beginners was developed and released by Siemens. It consists of Introduction, seven main chapters - From condactor to PLC, Basics of the PLC, Basic terminology, Logic operations, Numbers processing, Program execution, Programmins, and Test section. The program is supplemented with the Glossary describing the terms in use. Upon completion of this course, the user will understand the structure of a programmable logic controller, understand and be able to apply addressing in a PLC, understand program processing in a PLC and its various forms of representation, binary logic operations, number notation and processing, and understand how to enter and test a program.

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Operation of Kangrim Boiler

   Another training software released by MOTIA. This one is dedicated to the operation of Kangrim Boiler. Two main parts of the program cover Automatic Operation and Emergency Operation of the subject machinery piece. The starting sequence of the boiler is controlled by the automatic sequence controller. The load modulation is controlled by the steam pressure controller. The controller gives signal to the servomotor which regulates the oil compound regulator. The auto firing sequence for the Automatic Operation mode would be as follows: 1 - boiler operation key should be in Auto mode, 2- boiler modulation switch in Auto mode - steam pressure controller can control oil regulating valve, 3- burner switch in On position - supply is available to the automatic sequence controller... And so forth. Moving pictures with comments will let the user easier understand the basics of the operation of the boiler. No need for any installation, no codes required. No any type of malware inside.

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Fault Finding in the Oil Servo Mechanism

   This training software consists of three parts which cover the main components, operating principle and troubleshooting for the oil servo mechanism. It was released by MOTIA. The troubleshooting section will show users how to proceed to identify the component giving problem as well as individual components. The procedures in the program are explained in details and will be understandable to everyone. This small program will be useful for students or crew members willing to get the knowledge about the basics of the oil servo mechanisms troubleshooting.

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