The training simulator introduced by Japan Marine Technologies. Subject stern tube sealing is required to be installed to ensure that both the operability and durability of the system are improved and that it is automated.

Throughout the years, the present simulator has proven to be of practical use for the trainees as well as for the practicing marine engineers and crew members since it provides them with an opportunity to try different actions with the system without any risk to the actual arrangement.

Though released quite a while ago, the simulator remains popular and helpful today due to its effectiveness and user-friendly interface. The data sheet for the Airguard 3AS seal system is included in the pack as a separate pdf file. As usual, clean files with no malware and no need for installation, just launch. Windows-compatible.

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The present training software was originally developed by Singapore Maritime Academy. It is mainly aimed to provide all practicing marine engineers and in fact anyone dealing with ships machinery with the means to train and improve their knowledge of starting air systems and have some virtual practice. It has five main modules.

First two of them are Starting Systems Basics and Familiarization where the users may learn the very basics. The Simulator section will provide trainees with the useful opportunity to experience operations from the control room or local control. The Maintenance section covers various aspects of proper starting air systems maintenance and troubleshooting.

And in the last section you will be offered some test that would allow to perform tracking and assessment of the trainee's progress. Note that there is no installation or any serial numbers required. Just run the exe file and follow the instructions to start your training. No viruses or any malicious stuff inside.

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The 2013 release of the Ernst & Young's annual Shipping Industry Almanac. Just note that we may also offer you to have a look into 2014, 2015 and 2016 releases. The publication is intended to keep all people having some interest in maritime shipping industry updated with everything taking place therein so that they are updated with all happenings.

In order to have a complete picture of what is going on and has been going on in the industry we would recommend our visitors to download all available issues of the Almanac. The main idea of the compilers of the Almanac was to keep EY friends and clients informed paying due attention to the details.

The content of the Almanac is based on the valuable inputs from more than a hundred of shipping executives working for more than fifty companies spread all around the world. As it is the case with all other issues of Almanac, this one covers such important subject as corporate structure, taxes, registration requirements, human capital and others.

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An interactive instruction which will help students get to the better understanding of the fundamentals of the air sealing. It will explain in detail the working principles, working parameters, daily parameters that shall to be controlled, fault finding and troubleshooting techniques. In order to launch the application, run the OP.exe file. The rest is self-explanatory.

The Menu is on the left side of the user interface. This program is completely free and does not requires installation on the computer. It is fully compatible with all Windows. Checked for viruses. No activation required. The program is recommended to the students who may apply their knowledge and to the practicing engineers who may wish to try and refresh their technical skills.

In short, this is a very good and recommended training resource for anyone engaged in the running and maintenance of subject equipment and arrangements - they will all notice the significant improvement of their understanding of this type of sealing.

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This software has been developed to enable the users to carry out some of the important and most frequently required calculations, such as the calculation of the specific energy base on the ISO equation, calculation of viscosity, temperature conversions, finding out blending ratios in case of two-component fuel, calculating the resultant properties of the blended fuels and many others.

This program has already proven practically effective and has been very well met by the people in the shipping industry. It is widely used by crew members of the vessels who are engaged in calculating various fuel characteristics, as well as by the shore personnel, and even students using it as the supplementary training software.

Apart from the calculations listed above, this software also allows to calculate the delivered quantity calculations. The program is really "lightweight" and it works on any platform so we do recommend it for download. Just try it and you will be impressed by its functionality.

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The present training simulator has been produced and released by the Gdynia Maritime Academy. It was designed specifically for the trainees with no too much experience in order to let them feel themselves working in the engine room of a vessel, namely a big oil tanker having a deadweight of about 300000 tons.

This simulator is actually capable of indicating absolutely all important technical parameters and adjusting them - the list of parameters includes temperature of the engines, their power, number of revolutions per minute, pressure, masses involved etc. The simulator will run on all OS without any need for installation. No viruses inside. Absolutely recommended for every marine engineer.

The students may use it to apply their theoretical knowledge in action without any real risk to shipboard machinery. In the mean time, the practicing marine engineers may also benefit from this training program, using it to refresh their engineering skills. The simulator has already proven very effective and appreciated by the marine engineering trainees from all around the planet that is why it makes sense for all our users to try it - as you can see, the size is very small making the software compact and easy to use.

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The "Pumps and Pumping operations" is the comprehensive guide covering every important aspect of pump operation, their periodic maintenance and overhaul, and efficiency. Whether the users of the program are experienced engineers or just beginners, this training software will provide them with the necessary skills to feel comfortable on board any vessel.

The content is arranged in five sections with the first section being introductory - it gives some basic information which the trainees shall get aware of before they proceed to the main part of the course. The four sections of the main part address the operational theory, positive displacement and rotodynamic pumps, and various pumping operations commonly taking place on board vessels.

Since the pumps are considered important machinery items of any ship, their thorough knowledge and understanding of the pumping operations is critical for the crew members engaged in operating pumps, their maintenance, survey, repair etc. And this training course will be very helpful to those people willing to get to understand the pumping technologies better so we highly recommend this software to be used for training and familiarization purposes.

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The content and arrangement of this program is quite similar to the another Wilhelmsen Ship Service program related to the engine cooling systems. In this program the users will be enabled to get some interactive training on water treatment for the shipboard steam boilers.

There is some introductory general information on steam boilers, fundamentals of water chemistry, corrosion and scaling issues, and water treatment solutions, while the other sections of the program are covering chemical dosing and control, recording of test results, practical tips for monitoring and guidance, as well as the effective troubleshooting guidance.

Once the user gets fully familiarized with the theoretical parts, he can pass the tests in order to evaluate his knowledge. Noting the remarkable coverage of the important aspects of the water treatment covered in the courses, we would consider both of the WSS training courses recommended to all crew members dealing with the operation and maintenance of the subject shipboard machinery items as well as all other persons, such as the technical, engaged in same on a regular or even occasional basis.

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