A live audio lecture devoted to the law of the sea and its relationship with the maritime security, supplemented with numerous slides joined together in the form of the video. However, this lecture is very useful for shipping law students and any person interested in the law aspects of the shipping industry.

The content of this lecture is expected to be of use for the people studying maritime law as well as for the practicing professionals since it touches all important aspects of maritime law in conjunction with the security and may be used as a perfect supplement to the main set of the training materials.

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Hello, welcome to this video which is produced by Maritime-Mea. My name is Gilles van der Meij. I have sailed on fifty ships and visited a few hundreds as a class surveyor. In this video I will brief you on the history of the rules and regulations on a ship.

The starting point is the first classification society. I will show you how disasters at sea ended up in regulations. I will explain how the different governments collaborate and end in the modern time where disasters still happen...

From our side, we definitely recommend this video to people with the interest in maritime law regardless of their level of proficiency, they will all get to know something new about its fundamentals.

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Shipping today is perhaps one of the industries considered most international - today's shipping is serving from ninety to ninety-five percent of the whole global trade; the expands of the globe seas is also taking place through the instrumentality of ships, a means of convergence between contents and countries.

Because of the international nature of the shipping industry, it have long been acknowledged that the actions taken to improve safety in the maritime operations would actually be twice as effective if they were carried out at international level rather than done by the individual countries acting unilaterally and in most cases with little to no coordination with each other.

And this has eventually resulted in the situation where several countries have made a proposal to establish a new permanent international regulatory body that would be dealing with the promotion of the maritime safety in a more effective manner... 

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This is a live webcast supported by the Port Authorities of Singapore and devoted to the MLC, i.e. Maritime Labour Convention 2006. You are all welcome to this special broadcast by ILO Television, marking the entry into force of the MLC 2006 or, as it is more popularly known, The Seafarer's Bill of Rights.

On 20 August 2013 the International Labor Organization, or ILO for short, market the entry into force of this convention, with the event which brought together the ship owners, seafarers and port authorities... In order to mark this historic occasion, we have arrived at one of the busiest sea ports in the whole world, Singapore. Literally dozens of thousands of seafarers and vessels pass through Singapore port every year... A good video training for marine lawyers dealing with the ILO.

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