An Introduction to the M.V. Marina Svetaeva

Author(s)                 Collective
Publisher Russia
Date 2010
Pages 11
Format pdf
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   This publication is dedicated to the M.V. Marine Svetaeva. She was named for one of Russia's most famous twentieth century poets and was built in Poland's famous shipyards of Gdynia. The vessel was originally delivered as an ice strengthened passenger vessel, so she spent so many years plying the frozen waters of the Northern Pacific and Arctic Oceans working on of her Russian owners. Then, the ship was refurbished in early 2005 in order to comfortably accommodats as many as one hundred passengers plus forty-one crew members. Two years later, the builders added a helicopter deck and hanger to allow two helicopters to be based on the ship during her operations in remote locations. Impressively stable at sea, Marina Svetaeva is a very robust vessel but she is still small enough to explore places beyond the reach of relatively bigger ships. This nice passenger vessel can be characterized by large public spaces and spacious cabins, she has the bridge and outer decks, library and bar. A large lecture room on board provides the perfect space for all passengers as well as crew members to wind down and socialize following dinner in the well appointed dining rooms of the vessel. The passengers can even attend the swimming pool while traveling on this ship.

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