Bridge Procedures - Accident Prevention - The Human Factor.


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Parts of the present Bridge Procedures series discuss bridge watchkeeping and the master-pilot relationship. As the extension to these topics, this video examines the importance of the human factor in accident prevention. Accidents will happen at sea, on land, and in the air. When they do, the usual response is to find someone to blame and often the person chosen is the watchkeeper in charge. But this approach misses the point; to improve safety, we need to look beyond - it means taking into account the human factor. As far as the shipping industry is concerned, this means turning away from the old-fashioned autocratic leadership style, that was widely spread in the past. Perhaps that was once an effective management style; but on high technology ships sailing in today's busy sea load it is no longer appropriate. The airline industry has been aware of this for some time, but it took a terrible accident to change a perception of the effective management... In short, it is quite obvious that the human roles have always been and are still being considered one of the most serious factors contributing to the number of the accidents, including but not limited to the accidents happening at sea. This is what the present video concentrates on...

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