British Naval Supremacy and Anglo-American Antagonisms, 1914-1930

Author(s)                 Donald J. Lisio
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Date 2014
Pages 348
Format pdf
Size 3.3 Mb

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   The publication by Donald Lisio present a thorough study of British insistence on preservation of the naval supremacy during the time period covered, i.e. 1920s, together with the resulting resurgence of the naval and diplomatic antagonisms. The author is telling us an interesting story of the continuation of Anglo-American clash. For some brief time during the First World War the Great Britain, Japan and USA closely co-operated forming a part of the Allied Coalition created to fight against the Central Powers. That was actually did much more than bring them all together on the battlefields. The present document is covering the most important aspects of this subject. It covers the information related to the Geneva Naval Conference held in 1927 as well as the associated naval events that led up to it with the ultimate intention to add to the people's understanding of the international relationship as well as the arms-control diplomacy in that period of history by means of revealing that the political and economic, as well as the diplomatic control rationales were much less apparent struggles preserving the strategic naval supremacies. Among the topics addressed in this title there were also combat equivalency and conference shocks, cabinet crisis and failures of the Anglo-Japanese accord, new strategies and political issues, as well as other information.

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