Corrosion Engineering—Principles and Solved Problems

Author(s)                 Branko Popov
Publisher Elsevier
Date 2015
Pages 792
Format pdf
Size 42 Mb

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   The publication is covering most important aspects of the corrosion engineering using the extensive theoretical descriptions of the main principles of the corrosion theory, as well as the passivity and strategies for the prevention of corrosion, together with the design of various corrosion prevention systems. The volume has been significantly updated with the results obtained from the relevant documents and reviews in the last decades. The content includes numerous solved case studies taken from the real life, chapters dedicated to the corrosion analysis and associated problems, also provided with the explanations and correct answers - they all have been included to help readers with getting the proper understanding of the fundamental principles of corrosion at the metal interfaces and also how the corrosion rates may be controlled or at least inhibited. The publication also covers the multi-disciplinary nature of the subject field of engineering. The book is extensively covering the theory of corrosion, selection of the materials and designs, as well as the effective engineering strategies for protection. It also contains more than five hundred of solved problems, informative data diagrams, case studies plus end-chapter problems. It could be used as a textbook for the corrosion courses or even for the self-study.

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