Distinguishing Marks and Descriptive Notations in the Class Notation Assigned by RS

Author(s)                 RS
Publisher RS
Date 2012
Pages 18
Format pdf
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   The present Reference Book is intended, in the first place, for use by the RS specialists when assigning the class notation to ships and floating facilities. However, this book may also be used by ship owners and designers. The distinguishing marks/descriptive notations provided here in this book are given for the RS Rules dealing with the Classification/Construction of Sea-Going Ships, Rules for their equipment and the RS Load Line Rules - according to 2012 edition. The Reference Book contains references only to the sections, chapters and paragraphs of the above stated Rules, specifying particular requirements to ships and floating facilities having relevant distinguishing marks/descriptive notations in the class notation. For other RS rules references, as a rule, are given to relevant paragraphs of Part I "Classification" only. This official RS publication will be of particular use for classification society inspectors as well as to the ship owners and crew members having to maintain their ships in due order and also dealing with presentation of the ships to the periodical and other class surveys performed by Russian Register. We would definitely recommend adding this document to your e-bookshelf if you have to be in contact with RS.

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