Fifth International Ship Stability Workshop - 2001 - Trieste

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Publisher International Ship Stability Workshop
Date 2001
Pages 274
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   Another compendium of the articles relating to the latest developments in the ship stability and collected during the Fifth International Workshop dedicated to the stability and operational safety of the vessels. Among the topics covered by the programme of the conference there were wave environment monitoring, guidance to the heavy weather sailing and assessment of the risk of capsizing, case studies on SEM (static equivalent method), design of the fishing vessels in a regulation-driven environment, operational requirements and practical experience for the risk management under the conditions of marginal stability, newly developed methods of analysis of the ship and MODU dynamics in a realistic seaway, probability of capsizing of a vessel in random beam waves, model experiments to analyze damage stability of the ro-ro ferries, memory effect for prediction of the ship's capsizing and its importance, some of the newly established guidelines to conduct the HSC model tests, violent free surface flow, direct/parametric excitation analysis, numerical simulation, direct freak waves simulation, nonlinearity effect in yaw motion, non-ergocity of rolling motion of large amplitude, asymmetric surging and surf-riding etc.

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