Gas Tankers - Advanced Course

Author(s)                 Marine Sun
Publisher Marine Sun
Date 2003
Pages 399
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   This training course has been intended to help people get better understanding on liquefied gases handling. It is actually the continuation of the training commencing with the Gas Tankers - Familiarization Course. It consists of fourteen chapters - Introduction; Actual Gas Cargoes; Compartment Systems; Freighting; Chemistry and Physics; Cargo Handling Equipment; Monitoring and Control; Safety and Environment; Gas Measurement; Cargo Pumps; Cargo Handling Routines; Cargo Calculation; Cooling Processes and associated calculations; Insulation; Heat Transfer. It is critically important training for everyone involved in any way in marine transportation of various liquefied gases, and also in operation/maintenance of related machinery, and calculations. During the period 1984-1992 some serious limitations to the STCW became apparent. People did feel that some of its requirements were vague and left to the sole discretion of the Parties, while others declared the problems with no any IMO oversight of compliance with the requirements, limited PSC, lack of clear competence standards, etc. It does make sense for personnel dealing with running the gas tankers to go through the materials of this course.​

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