German Battleships of World War Two In Action

Author(s)                 Robert C. Stern
Publisher Squadron/Signal Publications
Date 2004
Pageas 52
Format pdf
Size 10.8 Mb

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   The present historical publication is dedicated to the Kriegsmarine, which is the original name of the German Navy. Subject branch of the German Forces was actually the smallest of the three branches of Wehrmacht with which Germany started the war back in 1939, two other branches of the German Armed Forces were the famous Luftwaffe in the air and Heer on land. At that times, the Americans, Japanese and British armed forces all had much larger and powerful navy fleets, and the German Navy rested in the second rank together with the Italiand and French fleets. There were several cultural and historical factors considered the reason for such situation. First of all, the navy fleet of the Imperial Germany constructed before and during the First World War, was truly formidable and forced the British into serious expenditures for maintaining their primacy at sea. After the defeat of Germany in 1918, the Allied forces did not intend to allow Germans to build a navy fleet again as it would one day be able to challenge the Great Britain's command of the sea. As a result, Germany had been forced to surrender all of the warships and was only left with a rump fleet that consisted of a few old cruisers and battleships... The text part of the book worked out by the naval expert Robert Stern has been supplemented with the excellent and informative illustrations by Darren Glenn. 

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