HIPAP Systems - High Precision Acoustic Positioning - Technical Training Guide

Author(s)                 Kongsberg Simrad AS
Publisher Kongsberg Simrad AS
Date 2002
Pages 314
Format pdf
Size 4.8 Mb

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   This book is the Technical training guide for the Kongsberg Simrad HiPAP systems. it has following chapters relating to HIPAP and Hull Units - system description, maintenance, technical specifications, circuit boards and power units description, cable layout and interconnections, single/dual net, spare parts, previous hardware. Then, there are some Additional Sections for Handouts - background information, APOS exercises, communications protocols, COM ports in APOS and troubleshooting, APOS backup files, notes. The maintenance information is intended to be used by a trained maintenance technician or engineer, with experience of electronic and digital circuitry, computers and electromechanical design. The level of information is based on Kongsberg Simrad's maintenance philosophy: The onboard technical personnel shall, with the help of the documentation and the system's built-in test functions, be able to identify malfunctions, locate the fault, and replace major parts, modules and components on the "Line Replaceable Unit" (LRU) level. He/she will however not attempt to repair the LRUs.

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