IMPA Marine Stores Guide v1.1

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   The version 1.1 of the electronic product catalogue developed and released by IMPA. Subject software was specifically prepared for the people involves in supplying ships and recommended to them since it provides a huge number of various marine stores. It is mostly intended to be used on board vessels. This program allows users to search by either by product code or by name. Most of the products are provided with explanations and images which makes using this catalogue much easier and quicker. The ever-growing content of the publication was coupled with all latest technological advances. For years, this catalogue provides all people involved in commercial shipping industry with the product information, relevant technical specifications, comparison tables and illustrations, serving as a perfect reference tool. The present release has been significantly updated and revised, thousands of new codes have been added, reflecting all changing demands of the shipping industry, including welfare items, some anti-piracy products and taking into consideration the regulations related to the nautical equipment - it all makes the catalogue a very good tool for use by the professionals as well as for training. 

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