International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress 2009

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Date 2009
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   The present compendium of files contains all technical documents presented and discussed during the Seventeenth Ship & Offshore Structures Congress held in South Korea soe years ago in 2009. It consists of the proceedings of eight specialist committees dealing with the damage assessment after accidental events, fabrication technology, utilization of the ocean wind-and-wave energy, floating production systems, naval ship design, sailing yacht design, condition assessment of aged ships, impulsive pressure loading and response assessment. The second part of the volume contains eight documents corresponding to the technical committees covering the environment, the loads,  quasi-static and dynamic response, ultimate strength, fatigue, fracture, design principles and applicable criteria, design methods. As everyone may see from the above list of the topics that have been addressed during the event, the information included in this set of technical papers is very valuable and practical so we believe that it would be very beneficial to all marine industry professionals to go through all of them to get updated with the recent scientific developments and researches, especially taking into consideration that all articles have been prepared by the world recognized industry experts.

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