Kongsberg K-Pos Follow Target Mode operator Manual

Author(s)                 Kongsberg Maritime AS
Publisher Kongsberg Maritime AS1
Date 2006
Pages 16
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb

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   A K-Pos system with Follow Target mode has one of two available configurations: - Follow Single Mobile Target; - Follow Multiple Mobile Targets. Follow Single Mobile Target enables the ships to automatically follow the moving targets and keeps the vessel within a "position window" relative to the targets. The moving target must be equipped with a mobile reference transponder or laser reflector in order for the K-Pos system to monitor its relative position. If, for example, the moving target is ROV, then the ship shall be equipped with the HPR, standing for the Hydroacoustic Position Reference system. In addition to a mobile reference transponder on the target, an additional fixed position-reference system is required, such as DGPS or a fixed transponder deployed on the seabed. You can define a circle of operation within which the target can move without causing the ship to move. The vessel only moves when the target reaches the boundary of this circle. The radius of this circle (the "reaction radius") can be up to 1000 m.

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