Lookout Training Handbook - NAVEDTRA 12968-D

Author(s)                 Collective
Publisher Naval Education and Training
Date 2007
Pages 72
Format pdf
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   Lookouts are persons detailed to perform the observation of everything falling inside the assigned sector and to reporting of everything they see or hear from the subject sector to the OOD, standing for the officer-on-the-deck and the watch officer of the CIC, i.e. combat information center. Their work and proper reporting is considered critically important for both safety and efficiency of the vessel which is commonly based on the alertness and effectiveness of the people assigned. Lookouts usually perform their work, i.e. observation and reporting, being directly supervised by the OOD; it should be noted, however, that the OOD would usually delegate subject authority to the BMOW, i.e. boatsmain's-mates-on-the-watch who assign the lookouts to the particular sections and ensures that all of them have been properly instructed, duly clothed, well-equipped and relieved. The training of the lookouts is conducted by the CIC officers. Usually, the lookouts are first people to catch the danger therefore it is very important to properly choose the stations for the lookouts to be located and perform their observations. The lookout perform their assigned duties in accordance with the lookout doctrine of their vessel. The number of such stations will depend on the vessel type and whether it is peace- or war-time...

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