Manual for Use by the Maritime Mobile and Maritime Mobile-Satellite Services


Radiocommunication Bureau
 Publisher ITU
 Date 2011
 Pages 132+558
 Format pdf
 Size 4.9 Mb

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The main declared objective of this official Manual is to provide the maritime industry with a good professional compilation of the treaty texts, regulatory texts and operational/technical texts worked out and released by the ITU and relating to the maritime mobile/mobile-satellite services to enable all concerned people to possess readily available reference to the subject texts as applied to the relevant procedures of radiocommunication. The vessels have been first required to have this Manual onboard in 1979. The Radiocommunication Bureau together with the international organizations and maritime administrations determines the contents and form plus periodicity of renewal of this publication. In general, the whole content of the Manual is arranged in two big volume, the first volume giving the mariners some practical information related to marine communications, and second one containing the regulatory texts of the Manual. The present pack of documents contains both volumes of the Manual so you do not have to search for anything else. The first volume provides the introduction and them proceeds to the system overview, general GMDSS rules, responsibilities and activities, established radio- and operational procedures, requirements applicable to the radio personnel, use of the radio frequencies, station identification, etc. The second volume contains the official documents.

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