Materials Science and Engineering - An Introduction

Author(s)                  William D. Callister, Jr., David G. Rethwitch
Publisher Wiley
Date 2013
Pages 984
Format pdf
Size 24.2 Mb

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   The new edition of the extremely popular publication released to continue the success of the previous editions. William Callister and David Rethwich, the authors of this title, continue to promote the students' good technical understanding of the three main types of materials, namely metals, polymers and ceramics plus the composite materials, together with the relationship existing between the properties of those materials and their structural elements. The present release has been supported by a completely redesigned version of VMSE, standing for the virtual materials science & engineering. According to the numerous reviews, the volume is truly great at explaining things and very useful one for the materials engineers who will find all necessary general details of any material. It will be very helpful for the students as well as for the practicing engineers and other professionals willing to have some refresh on the fundamental ideas. The content of the book is covering everything they will want to know and understand for the basics of mechanical engineering and material science. The explanations are all clear and supplementary materials are very useful. As the title of the book explains, it shall mostly be considered as an introduction to the material science course with the content being solid and perfectly arranged. 

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