Navigation - Principles of Positioning and Guidance

Author(s)                 B. Hofmann-Wellenhof, K. Legat, M. Wieser
Publisher Springer
Date 2004
Pages 448
Format pdf
Size 11.8 Mb

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   Nowadays, many contemporary satellite systems are existing there for the global navigation, for example the GPS, and all of them directly influence a whole world of marine navigation in a really tremendous manner. The number of people who are concerned with the navigational systems today is huge and the interest in such systems is constantly increasing. This book was written by three world recognized experts in the field of navigation systems, intending to provide the interested people with a truly encyclopedic view of marine (and, in fact, not only marine) navigation. The authors have presented the fundamental elements of navigation to make readers get better technical understanding of the various techniques and methods, and of the systems that are commonly used in positioning. They have partitioned the content of the volume in three major parts. the first part provides some maps and historical review and also physical/mathematical basics of the navigation, while the second addresses the established positioning methods, such as the celestial and terrestrial, inertial and integrated navigation plus the navigation based on satellite/image. The third part covers the ship routing and guidance. The book will definitely be practically useful to many categories of readers having the interest in navigation, including students.

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