Numerical Modelling of Marine Hydrodynamics - Applications to Dynamic Physical Processes

Author(s)                 Hans-Gerhard Ramming, Zygmunt Kowalik
Publisher Elsevier Oceanography Series
Date 1980
Pages 368
Format pdf
Size 10.9 Mb

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   This book has been prepared by Hans-Gerhard Ramming aiming to cover all applications of the numerical modeling to various dynamic processes, as it is stated in the title. The information included by the author into this volume will definitely be found useful by all persons involved in various fields of marine science, oceanography and hydroengineering. The publication has been divided in eight major chapters. The first chapter is mainly dedicated to the general differential equations of hydrodynamics - the system of such equations is formed by four of them, three of them are corresponding to the velocity and one to the pressure... Three chapters that follow are describing the steady motion, covering both numerical methods and providing some oceanographical examples, as well as ones for unsteady motion. The numerical treatment of tides has been addressed in the separate chapter, together with the various models of tidal rivers and shallow coastal waters. The author has also paid particular attention to the application of the transport equations and periodic motion. The list of relevant figures is there at the end of the book. As it can be seen, the publication covers literally all important topics and can therefore be recommended to all people involved in marine hydrodynamics.

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