On Board Training Record Book for Engineering Cadets

Author(s)                 ISF
Publisher International Shipping Federation
Date 2010
Pages 87
Format pdf
Size 25.7 Mb

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   The main purpose of the authors of the present regulatory document was to help ensure that the marine engineering cadets are indeed following the established structural program of their practical training and also to make best use of the time they spend sailing at sea. In following the instructions provided in the pages of this book, the cadets will definitely gain the valuable practical training and, as a result, some important professional experience that is definitely necessary to become a good and competent officer-in-charge of the ship engineering watch, as per the provisions contained in the STCW Convention. That is why it is very important to follow the guidance provided in this volume. Taking into account the fact that the Training Record Books are usually submitted to the examiners who are appointed by the governmental authorities, it is essential to ensure its proper use and correct completion. In general, the documents includes some explanatory notes left by the Commission on Higher Education of Philippines, introduction and brief overview of the STCW Convention, purpose and scope of this Book, issuance of the relevant certificates and/or degrees, guide to proper completion of the book, shipboard familiarization, ship particulars, safety issues, training tasks and achieved competences, project work and recommended publications.

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