Plank-on Frame Models and Scale Masting & Rigging

Author(s)                 Harold A. Underhill
Publisher Hyperion
Date 1986
Pages 170
Format pdf
Size 18.6 Mb

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   As originally planned this book was to have been published as a single volume, but the ever rising cost of production made it evident that to do so would result in it becoming too costly, and it was therefore decided to divide it into two. The text of the publication was written round the building of one of my own models, namely the brigantine Leon, following it through from the use of plans to the very final mounting on the base ready for the glass case. This particular model has however not been slavishly followed, for where subsequent work or previous models have proved better technique, this has been quoted, in fact alternative methods of making the various components are included throughout. This model belongs to what for the want of a better term I will call the "scale construction" class, in which the internal timbering follows in close detail that of the prototype vessel, but other and more simple methods have also been described, and although the example chosen represents a ship of the smaller type, the same construction will apply to vessels such as full-rigged ships and barques. I have always held that to produce a first class model it is not sufficient merely to have good plans of the vessel being built, they must be backed up by a good understanding of the full-size prototype of the class, and I have therefore described full-size practice alongside details of the model, which broadens the scope for the modelrnaker to apply his own methods to achieve the same results, should he wish to do so.

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