Speedy - The Construction of a Model - Naval Cutter 1828

Author(s)                 Bill Shoulder
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 1975
Pages 31
Format pdf
Size 14.4 Mb

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   This book by Bill Shoulder will be useful for people interested in ship modeling. It explains the construction aspects of the world famous naval cutter "Speedy". Hull construction section covers tools, materials, the building board, the hull core, wales and sheer strakes, the deck, deck clamps, deck beams, lining the bulwarks, the channels, the catheads, sheerplank moulding, covering boards at the stem, cathead bracket and doubling, and the rail. Fitting out the hull section addresses cleats, pin rails, the windlass, the guns, the rudder, gunport lids, deadeyes on the channels.The chapter called Fitting covers pumps, miscellaneous deck fittings, windlass, anchors, gratings, blocks and deadeyes, guns. Mast and spars section - the mast, the mast cap, the topmast, the bowsprit, the yards, the main boom and gaff. Rigging - rope, blocks, thimbles, lower mast, backstay pendants, bowsprit, the sling to the yard, the fore stay, setting up, ratlines, the shrouds, topmast stay, topmast shrouds, rigging the topmast, the squaresail yard, sling for the yard, cluelines, lift, bowlines, braces, fore braces, foresail halliards, jib halliards, etc.

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