Sulzer RTA-46 Diesel Engienes Service Bulletin - Cracks in Column

Author(s)                 Wartsila NSD Corporation
Publisher Wartsila NSD Corporation
Date 1999
Pages 12
Format pdf
Size 1 Mb

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   Occasionally some cases of cracks were reported on the columns of RTA "-8 Series" and RTA "-2 Series" engines. The present Service Bulletin has been released to inform about the possible location of such cracks in the column and how to apply preventive measures to the respective unit. The RTA "-8 Series" comprises the following types of diesels in this document: RTA 58-68-76 and RTA 84, while the RTA "-2 Series" is presented with RTA 52, RTA 62, RTA 72 and RTA 84M. Wartsila NSD Switzerland Ltd together with the engine builders concerned have investigated the likely causes for the occurrence of cracks in columns and have looked at the problem from various angles such as design, manufacturing and also operational aspects. Numerous strain gauge measurements were performed as well. During gouging of such cracks often shortcomings were found such as: Incorrect plate edge preparation, Welding root faults; lack of penetration, Small non-penetration on the welding comers; sharp edge corner of cross head guide plate; not ground out according to the drawing or welding and quality specification.

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