The Ships of Abel Tasman

Author(s)                 Ab Hoving, Cor Emke
Publisher Hilversum Verloren
Date 2000
Pages 144
Format pdf/jpeg
Size 348 Mb

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   This book is written for model builders and furthermore for anyone who wants to form an idea of some of the types of ships, which our ancestors used to navigate the seas. It is a fortuitous spin-off from a commission by a group of Dutchmen, who had emigrated to New Zealand, to build two historic ship models. On the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the discovery of the island by Abel Tasman, they decided to offer these two model ships of the daring seafarer to the newly opened Hobson's Wharf Maritime Museum located in Auckland. Reconstructions of past vessel do help people to form a visual image of Dutch nautical history: the over-wintering of Willem Ba-rentsz on Nova Zembla, the Batavia which was wrecked on the coast of Australia, De Ruyter in the four-days battle, Piet Heyn who captured the Silver-Fleet and Abel Tasman who sailed around Australia, all occurrences for which we would like to have a notion of the ships involved. The following text is the product of a hand in hand co-operation of the builder of the models, Ab Hoving and the draughtsman, Cor Emke, who has painstakingly followed and recorded the building process. Peter Sigmond, head of the department of Dutch I listory of the Rjjksmuseum Amsterdam and co-author of the book Dutch Discoveries of Australia describes the historic setting of Tasman's voyage of discovery in the first chapter. Here the reader finds copies of the original illustrations from the extract-journal of Abel Tasman.

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