Warship 2006 - Future Surface Ships

Author(s)                 RINA
Publisher The Royal Institution of Naval Architects
Date 2006
Pages 609
Format pdf
Size 23.8 Mb

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   Warships - RINA International Conference - 2006. The reporters addressed following interesting topics in the course of that international conference - modeling maritime and warship survivability, operational experience with Sea Fighter FSF1, design issues concerning the high-speed adaptable littoral warfare, power and propulsion for the new generation of global combatant, survivability of the warships, tools to reduce vulnerability at the earliest stages of the ship design, multipurpose versus modularity, some affordable ways of protection of vessel systems against fragments and blast, and many more... the publication opens with the article dedicated to the new family of warships by VT Shipbuilding. The significant increase in the costs over last decades for both new construction and upgrades/modifications and retaining in active service of the destroyers and frigates have resulted in the problems that are currently experienced by many Navy fleets when maintaining adequate ship hull numbers to perform various assigned tasks. The approach that is currently used today, implying production of the multi-purpose vessels may appear too costly to address imminent problems of fleets becoming lower and lower over the next years...

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