To all people working on board sea-going vessel, including passengers, the approach of their vessel to a shore and arrival of the vessel at the pilot boarding point of the destination port is an important occasion - when you see a pilot boat and pilot himself climbing on board it surely means that your long trip is coming to an end. However, for the pilot reaching the vessel can be quite challenging task.

The present publication was released by The Nautical institute with the ultimate intention of the author to provide readers, including crew members, with all necessary information about the relevant safety aspects. Starting with a brief introduction, the content of the guide moves to protective clothing and established safe working practices that shall be followed on pilot boards. The pilot boat deck safety is dealt with in a separate chapter.

The other chapters address the pilot transfer and pilot ladder safety campaign concentrating on the proper transfer arrangements and their condition, reporting, training, and data banks. The annexes give additional information about the code of practice for boarding and landing, recommendations of the equipment and closing, and first aid treatment in case of carrying dangerous goods.

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This publication has been officially released by the Bureau of Meteorology and this is the fifth edition of the Notes. The content of the book is arranged in ten chapters. The first chapter describes the main objectives of the course, and is followed by the second chapter concentrating on the weather measuring instruments.

The third chapter is devoted to the high-pressure and low-pressure systems and fronts. The following three chapters are covering the weather map, wind and weather services. The remaining chapters of the publication are dealing with the waves and ocean currents, severe weather conditions, atmospheric moisture and clouds.

In addition to that, the book also includes six appendices providing useful supplementary information including terminology used in the weather forecasts and associated observations, list of the web resources, glossary of terms used, and self-test questions coming with the answers for tracking your learning progress.

The publication will present practical interest to the persons whose work activities are directly or indirectly affected by the weather conditions and mariners are definitely falling into this category of people.

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Here is one of the most popular textbooks on marine meteorology. You should tackle the subject of marine meteorology and you will find it very interesting. Pay attention to the order in which you are going to study the topics. You will then see everything falling into a correct pattern. Note that, being a vast subject, meteorology has been addressed in so may publications.

However, the author of the present volume has done his best to provide interested readers with the required knowledge in a remarkably concise and simple to understand manner, enabling them to become duly competent in the subject with considerably less effort. The text part of the publication is supplemented with numerous maps and sketches personally drawn by the author - all of them have been simplified to some extent in order to make the associated topic easy to follow.

This is the third edition of the volume. Some minor improvements have been effected to the content of the previous release relating to the weather codes and reporting system, various meteorological instruments, weather routeing and other important topics. A needful publication for the mariners and students of navigation; it will also be interesting to marine scientists and anyone from the marine industry.

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The present publication was prepared by the specialists of the Ship Handling Research & Training Centre in Poland. As it is stated in the title, the content of the book will guide the navigators of the large vessels as well as of the vessels having non-conventional maneuvering characteristics. The volume opens with the section explaining the maneuvering characteristics of different vessels while the second section is dealing with the control devices.

The third section addresses the effect the restricted water has on the maneuverability of the ship, while the fourth section is devoted to the canal navigation including overtaking and passing. The effect of wind and current has been dealt with in the fifth section. Three remaining sections of the publication will provide information abut the handling of the twin-screw vessels, stopping ships and maneuvering in tide and current and in confined waters.

There are also thee attachments to the main body of this volume - you will find the wheelhouse poster, the pilot card and several charts intended for use for squat estimation. In short, the document will be of significant practical use for the persons engaged in navigating the vessels in question.

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This is the revised edition of the official OCIMF publication, superseding the original release of their "Anchoring Systems and Procedures for Large Tankers". It will provide reader with all necessary guidance and relevant recommendation to promote the safe operation as well as satisfactory operational performance of the anchoring systems normally installed on board ships.

The revision of the publication was considered necessary due to the significantly increased number of incidents that involved failures in windlass motors, anchor losses and associated injuries of the crew members. That is why the decision was made by the experts to get the content of the first edition revised and make it reflect the improved information related to the effective anchoring practices and also to recognize the developments made in the field of anchor systems in the past years.

The authors of the volume have highlighted all design capabilities together with the associated limitations imposed on these systems and equipment with the ultimate intention to enhance the operational safety. The guidance provided in the book will apply to vessels the vessels of all types and sizes and will be useful to their crew members.

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We invite all enthusiasts of the old-time sailing to have a look into this publication. This is a volume about the handling of the square-rigged ships, a truly magnificent ships seeming alive to the people, having no engine and depending solely on their sails. The book was written by the prominent expert in the field, taking readers around the world through the oceans. The narrative text of the book is absolutely perfect and so gripping.

He shares the real dangers associated with sailing the ocean and tells his readers what the expression to "know the ropes" means. Of course, handling of such vessels is not something that you can learn by reading - you need to do this yourself. But, getting such practice nowadays is a task next to impossible. The author of this book made an excellent attempt to acquaint the interested readers with the basics of sailing giving them a sort of introduction to a huge and complex subject.

According to the author, there are two fundamental skills which any ship master shall possess, namely to duly understand the ship and be able to look after her including all the sails and tackle, gear and rigging, and to sail intelligently, knowing the behavior or the main currents and winds of the ocean. This requires experience and the content of the book will give you something to start from.

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One of the best volumes of the whole Reeds Handbook series. The content of the present publication is actually based on the Reeds Skipper's Handbook providing skippers with the necessary information and advising them on the proper crew planning. The book will serve as an excellent complement to the well known Ocean Yachtmaster course.

The readers will be provided with the essential navigation and weather information, explanation of the basic theory f route planning, and will get handy and practical instructions on the long-range radio-communications as well as risk and emergency preparations, passage making and many other useful info. The world climate is covered in the pages of this book together with the route planning, navigation and astro-navigation were paid particular attention by the author, and this approach has made this volume one of the best available and bestselling titles in the field.

The content is internationally relevant and may be applied in any part of the world. The text is supplemented with many color data diagrams, making the understanding much easier. We would highly recommend this volume to all lovers of sailing and promise they will find lots of useful information inside.

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The content of this instructional booklet will present huge practical interest both to the mariners and students of marine related disciplines. The material contained in this booklet will provide real life practical tips they will use when sailing on board ships and when they are engaged in anchoring operations. Prior to ship's arrival to the marine port the captain shall consult all publications available on the navigation bridge in order to get all required environmental information and relevant data.

The location of the anchorage suiting the vessel shall be clarified together with the water depth at that area and type of the seabed. In addition to that, the master shall clarify the strength and direction of the current and get proper weather forecast for the area and time of planned anchoring. Moreover, the best, i.e. safest way to the anchorage shall be checked and availability of enough sea room shall be confirmed.

The author of the present volume has included so many useful instructions covering all aspects of anchoring. For example, readers will know how to determine the minimal underkeel clearance of the vessel for safe anchoring, understand the holding power of the anchors, they will get to know the necessary steps to be taken when preparing to the anchoring, check the most effective methods of reducing the ship's speed etc.

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