The main content of the present report released by jointly by API and NOIA was intended to quantify all significant benefits to the economy of the United Stated that were expected to stem from opening of the Gulf of Mexico, or the eastern Gulf, to the development of oil and gas.

All potential impacts of the offshore exploration of the hydrocarbons have been projected together with the production of oil and gas on the basis of the data collected by the industry experts. The economic benefits have been estimated through 2035. The report covers all important aspects of the oil and gas exploration and production in the area.

The report structure is duly explained in the introductory part of the publication. The resources of the Eastern Gulf have been analyzed and presented in a very understandable way making this report reader friendly even to the non-professionals and newcomers.

Particular attention was paid to the data development - this part of the volume deals with the resources and project spending as well as development of the economic data and governmental revenue. There is a separate chapter addressing such aspects as drilling, production, and spending activities, employment, projects etc.

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Nowadays, the maritime transport plays a truly dominant role in the international trade, serving it and significantly contributing to it's development. More than ninety percent f the traded goods are transported by means of vessels, making these vessels an essential asset, one of the fundamental ones for the global commerce.

Merchant ships are becoming more and more complex to meet the increasing demands of the world economy. This work by Lief Bleyen is focusing on a very specific aspect of maritime claim enforcement - judicial sales of ships, as it is stated in the title. This is a procedure that the creditors commonly resort to in the cases of the irreversible default situations. A significant portion of this volume approaches the above mentioned topic from a comparative perspective, and the main goal is the assessment of the existing differences and similarities of this procedure between the jurisdictions of Belgium, England & Wales, and the Netherlands.

In the present volume, the comparison is used by the author to conduct the further analysis of the potential impacts these differences might have on the reliability and effectiveness of the sale procedure in each of the named jurisdiction, forming the basis for the assessment of the feasibility of harmonizing procedures as well as fostering the acceptance of these procedures...

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The present publication mainly consists of the most actual and interesting technical articles dedicated to the shipping ports, that have been published in MEL (Maritime Economics and Logistics) since the inception of this magazine in 1999. The selection was not easy but, as a result, all of the chapters of the book have broken completely new ground in the way people look at ports, their performance and governance.

Hopefully, this book will be able to serve as a very good addition to any graduate classroom or maritime bookshelf. The author of this book has brought together a huge collection of seminar documents and made a very dynamic volume that contains valuable contributions from the world recognized and leading professional authors with different backgrounds - this allowed to represent a truly vast regional diversity.

The book provides readers with the timely and authoritative investigations into the most important topics in port economics. It includes some excellent researches on port networks and global supply chains, infrastructure of the shipping ports, choice modeling ant port pricing, competition and efficiency matters. We would say this is an essential reading for the shipping industry professionals as well as for researchers interested in this field, and of course for scholars.  

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Commercial fraud is considered one of the methods of crime that brings to its practitioners truly huge rewards. Even taking into consideration serious difficulties that commonly stem from packs of documentation and also real complexity of detail, it still can be quite simple to investigate and subsequently prosecute. However, this is only truth when and if particular deals or transactions have been recognized to be fraudulent with the material available linking the offenders to the crime.

The present title is mainly concerned with some special kind of commercial fraud - the maritime fraud, which is obviously of international nature. It is directly associated with the transportation of cargoes from one country to another, with possible dishonesty in using vessels for carrying those goods, offences against people having their commercial interest involved, crimes against insurers.

The idea of the authors was to describe the most typical frauds to make them easier to be recognized in future. They have made an excellent attempt to draw together different threads of the modern maritime criminal activity to enable people to fight it better. The material contained in the volume is presented in a form easily readable and understandable for a broad readership...

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The present book on dry cargo chartering, prepared and released by one of the most authoritative entities in a world of maritime shipping, is going to ensure that the readers will significantly improve their knowledge and understanding of this particular area of shipbroking. The volume will explain clearly and in detail all commodities that are involved as well as the requirements applicable to the carriage. The ships serving these markets have also been discussed.

The content of the volume is covering the role of each participant of the shipping market paying equally close attention to the ship owners, brokers, charterers and operators. In addition to that, the author has provided good coverage of the freight markets together with the associated documentation, bills of lading, charter parties etc. Ten chapters of this brilliant book will provide readers with absolutely everything they need to know and will present the information in a very logical and easy-to-follow way.

The content opens with the brief information introducing readers to the dry cargo ships. Though it is not the intention of the author to give an exhaustive study of this subject, it still explains so many expressions commonly used in connection with the ships participating in the dry cargo sector. As it is the case with any other publication released by ICS, this one is highly recommended to any person with the interest in maritime shipping activities.

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Nowadays, bills of lading are forming an integral part of the transportation of various cargoes by sea and international maritime trade. The multi-functional nature of the bills of lading coupled with the huge number of case laws and regulations, make the maritime law very complex.

This publication was released to provide all interested parties with a detailed and thorough analysis of the maritime shipping law and practice as applied to the bills of lading covering all three stages, i.e. before, during and, finally, after the shipment takes place. The volume is expected to help the practitioners of today to find all required information quickly.

The content of this second edition has been revised and significantly updated by the authors in order to reflect all major and most critical developments in the field. The book now contains reference to the Far-Eastern and Singapore decisions that are becoming more and more important. Moreover, the author gives detailed analysis of the forged and fraudulent bills, misdelivery problem, and delivery without a bill of lading.

The valuable references to the relevant European laws related to the procedure and jurisdiction are provided together with the newly introduced material covering the electronic bills of lading and associated practical implications.

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An introduction to the world's biggest industry. Before the construction of any vessel commences, the ship designers together with the nominated class societies shall design the proposed design with the future owner. The publication explores not only the vessels themselves with the shipping markets, but also the geography of the commercial maritime world, considering most important legal aspects of the shipping industry.

In addition, the authors pay due attention to the corporate structures and fundamental accounting matters, taking into consideration that all commerce is eventually dealing with money. The content of the volume opens with introductory chapters on maritime geography and shipping business including the basics of the theory of trade.

The following several chapters are devoted to the practitioners including ship managements and sale of ships, supply of ships including their registration and classification as well as PSC related issues, and liner trades including brief historical background, containerization and liner documentation. Two closing chapters of the book are dealing with the accounts and law of carriage covering absolutely all items that deserve attention.

Such approach has made this book a real must-have to all people interested in the shipping industry, both ashore and at sea, commercial and technical. There are as much as thirty-one appendices to the book providing lots of supplementary information.

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The present publication was released by ICS with the intention to clearly describe the way that the modern maritime shipping law affects the industry. The author of the volume has provided a good and easily understandable description of this industry aspect and how it works, explaining in detail the charter parties together with the various types of documentation related to the shipping, for example waybills and bills of lading.

He has also described the fundamental principles and basic components of contract law. The content of the volume contains thorough explanation of the shipping law concepts, case law, precedent and their contrast with the statute law. That is why this volume is considered essential reading for all people with the interest in legal principles and will also be useful to any persons willing to expand their understanding of this subject. It is very important to understand all legal rules as it helps in minimizing the potential risks, and the law philosophy commonly plays critically important role.

There is no law system that would be totally independent from the society in which it exists. The readers will get to understand this as they go through the material in this volume. Apart from the good introduction to the shipping law, the publication covers such important matters as the contract law and tort, charter parties, voyage charters, agency and bills of lading, dispute resolution and carriage related conventions etc.

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