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This one would be highly recommended to all people with the interest in the modern navy ships; in addition, it is a real treasure for those fond of the military history. The publication will show and describe in detail all features and technical capabilities of the contemporary underwater systems and submarines, hovercraft, cruisers and aircraft carriers, as well as many other ships employed by the world’s strongest navy fleets.

The volume opens with the chapter on the modern missile submarines, followed with the ones on the nuclear powered and diesel powered submarines. After that, there are sections covering the aircraft destroyers and frigates, patrol craft and military hovercraft. Apart from that,. The author has pain due attention to such interesting vessels as the spy-ships.

The mine warfare and support ships have also been dealt with, together with the amphibious assault ships. The part of the volume devoted to the weapons includes the naval artillery and underwater weapons, as well as the missiles and anti-aircraft weapons. The volume concludes with the general information on the world navy fleets of today giving some good introduction for those outside the area.

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What is the actual purpose of the modern navy fleet and what types of the ships would this purpose require? The present publication is going to tackle those two questions through checking the latest technological and operational naval developments, covering the period since the time when the Cold War ended.

The book will provide interested readers with the general economic and political overview and address the most important naval operations; in addition to that, the author describes the composition of today’s fleets together with the design developments. The volume will provide a very thorough contextual analysis of the above mentioned period.

The main idea of the author was to explain how exactly the technological developments shaped the contemporary navy fleets. As we see, some of the navy fleets are rising and others are falling and this is quite a constant change taking place throughout the history.

The good strategic and operational overviews provided by the author are supplemented with the fleet analysis and information about the ongoing global trends in the field of design and construction of the navy vessels. The modern navy aviation has also been paid attention in this publication, so that the readers can have a full picture.

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The content of the present publication will be highly appreciated by the people with the interest in navy fleet operations. It is made of the four studies provided by the professional naval historians from the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and Canada, explaining how the multinational framework was created by the naval powers.

The details of the subject operations were analyzed by the recognized experts, who have offered a view of the navy fleets operating in Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, East Timor, and participating in the Gulf War. Their interoperability was fostered by the technology and trust, combined with the proper training, and are considered essential for the leaders of the modern American leaders, taking into account the fact that the inter-reliability of the navies. According to the professional reviews, you can look at this book two ways.

First of all, the issues addressed by the authors, are really timeless. The second deals with the people, power, platforms and partnerships – the so-called for “P”s so important to the Navy. Read this book if you are fond of the navy fleet operations, and we guarantee that you will benefit from the information presented in the book.

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Even though the foreign policy of America was quite unpopular in the beginning of 2000s, there were many stated that did expand their cooperation with America in the field of security, and that particularly applied to the countries bordering China and Russian Federation.

The author of the present publication noted that the regional power accumulated in the hands of those two illiberal countries tend to threaten the surrounding states making them understand that the alignment with the United States could be the right choice. Such alignment would normally include direct involvement in the different operations led by the United States, participating in the joint military exercises, negotiation of the legal agreements implying settlement of the American military bases, and many others.

This publication will provide interested readers with the prominent and deep professional analysis of the politics related to the international relations, showing the limits of the liberal, constructivist and realist wisdom. Prepared by the recognized expert, the content of the book is very timely and perfectly researched, making this title one of the best available today on the subject matter.

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The present book written by Eric Osborne is aimed to provide the readers with the historical and technical information about the destroyers of the Arleigh Burke class treated as the extremely powerful combatants in the whole naval history. The Arleigh Burke class was initially commissioned in 1991 and that moment is deservedly considered the genuine culmination of the evolution of the destroyers - and this volume captures the timely and quite vivid history of the most popular warships of the world.

The text of the publication is filled with the vivid photographs together with the technical illustrations that provide the details of the destroyers, from the very first vessel of that type up to today. The publication also contains an exhaustive and very useful glossary including the technological innovations and prominent individuals, wars and naval battles in which the vessels of this type participated, plus the diplomatic agreements that affect their development.

The information contained in the present remarkable work will be of truly great practical interest to the people who like the naval history and also to the persons interested in the naval warfare and willing to get more technical information about this class of vessels. Have a look and you will definitely appreciate the detailed information and illustrations supplementing the text.

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The first of three famous ships to honor the state of Maryland unfortunately had the shortest career and remains the most obscure, with neither detailed technical plans nor the illustrations of the ship known to exist. In the 1790s, the Congress reasoned that the merchants of America's great ports were the chief sufferers of the depredations of corsairs and privateers and ought to be willing, therefore, to make a special contribution to the defense of the U.S. merchant marine.

Thus on June 30, 1798, the lawmakers authorized the Navy to accept any warships that the merchants might care to build and donate. The plan seemed agreeable to all parties and the new naval establishment received several excellent ships as a result. The present publication with the content being prepared by Myron Smith is intended to shed some light on the USS Maryland, treated as one of the lesser known battleships in the history of the United States Navy.

It will provide the enthusiasts of the naval history with the brief yet comprehensive and interesting outline of the battleship that salvaged from the famous wreckage of Pearl Harbor. The vessel was the repaired and significantly improved, then damaged again in action, and then repaired several times coming back a better vessel that before, each time. The record of that vessel is reflecting the courage and resourcefulness of Americans...

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The first publication to provide the professionals and enthusiasts with the good and interesting insight into a rapidly growing area of naval warfare interest, namely the stealth technology, considered truly crucial for all future technical developments in the construction of the warships. The content of the book is intended to demonstrate the critical importance of the materials that are commonly used in the building of the warships and also shows how such development is influencing all design parameters of the naval platform.

This technology is treated as one of the most important components within the warship design, mainly focusing on the technical concept of stealth fast increasing around the world as the naval forces are adapting to the new challenges. The first generation of this technology is now being implementing by many of the developing countries. This really exciting publication will explore the whole extent of the threats which the warships are exposed together with the transformational changes in the science of naval architecture for incorporation of these modern techniques.

The author discusses the theory and origins of the stealth technology making useful references to the famous ships and aircrafts in the military history, and providing the readers with an excellent opportunity for the development of proper understanding of the specific technical skills needed in this naval sector. The book shall be treated as the essential reading for all people with the serious interest in the stealth design and all relevant matters.

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Here is an excellent collection of the photographs of the vessels of the Royal Navy supplemented with the brief historical background and technical specifications. Battleships - Vanguard - Anson - Warspite - King George V - Nelson - Duke of York. Aircraft Carriers - Fences - Warrior - Formidable - Vengeance - Glory - Triumph - Ilustrious - Theseus - Implacable - Ranee - Indomitable - Queen - Ocean - Perseus - Patroller. Cruisers - Aurora - Kenya - Argonaut - Hawkins - Berwick - Liverpool - Belfast - London - Birmingham - Royalist - Leander - Cleopatra - Dido - Euryalis - Glasgow - Devonshire - Sheffield - Diadem - Frobisher - Superb - Sirius - Sussex - Swiftsure. Destroyers and Frigates - Bleasdale - Loch Fyne - Agincourt - Escapade - Orwell - Bamborough Castle - Matchless - Blencathra - Mendip - Obedient - Bicester - Banff - Rapid - Concord - Raider - Morecambe Bay - Loch Katrine - Fleetwood - Fame - Comus - Cavalier - opportune - Cadiz - Pheasant - Loch Veyatie - Easton - Hotspur - Grenville - Cheviot - Crossbow - Paladin - Modeste - Cowdray - Barrosa - Bleasdale - Creole - Cygnet - Hedingham Castle - Leeds Castle - Inglis - Icarus - Scorpion - Rochester - Savake - Saintes - Starling - Zephyr - Widemouth Bay - Wear - Waer - Wrn - Ursa - Timult. In addition to the list above there are so many minesweepers and trawlers, submarines, depot ships and landing craft, coastal vessels and many others, all provided with necessary information.

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