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This pack of the programs combined in a single CD definitely deserves attention of any person involved in the maritime shipping industry. The releasers of the software have managed to collect and properly arrange all useful information reflecting the latest technological advances and technical solutions relating to the modern shipping industry.

The pack will provide users with the PDS, standing for the product data sheets, MSDS, i.e. material safety data sheets, and work instructions & treatment programs originating from the product and technical solutions offered by Drew Marine. In order to access the materials contained in the program, the users shall click the Begin button.

The navigation through the software is very easy and intuitive. In addition, each of the included materials can easily be printed for further reading and use for training or on board. The areas covered include different welding products, refrigerating products, fire and safety products, coating products, rescue products and so many others.

Search feature is enabled for easier use so that the users can search by product type or its application. Please note that you will have either to set the system year to 2011 or turn the Javascript off in order to open the pdf files included in the pack.

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This software is the ver. 7.1.0 of the electronic catalogue for International Paint Marine Products released by one of the world leaders in this field, operating in nearly sixty countries. The content of the program will be accessible straight after installation and will provide users with the information about the brands and vessel operating areas, chemistry and categories of the products.

The installation is very simple and the software interface is user friendly making it very easy to use the program even to the people with little computer experience. It will be practically useful for all support and supply personnel of the shipping companies, engaged in purchase of the associated products. No malware or viruses inside.

One of the useful features of the present electronic product catalogue is that it allows users to grab the pdf copy of the product datasheet for subsequent printing, and the datasheets are available in different languages. The software is recommended to both people using it for actual working activities and for training purposes, taking into account the information it provides on characteristics of different types of products involved.

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This is the updated official release of Coating Reference Handbook by world famous and respected Hempel. The intention of the authors of the document was to put together all relevant information in order to assist readers looking for the best performing paints. The publication was originally developed as an instrument to be used by the Hempel's Coating Advisers; however, much broader audience can actually benefit from the references, equipment, practical advise, technical data and standards that are commonly used in the industry.

The book is in everyday use by the Coating Advisers of the company and has already proven to be very valuable. It starts with the information about different substrates to be coated, such as aluminum and stainless steel, concrete, metalizing and galvanizing, followed by the section dealing with the standards established to provide assistance when defining appropriate procedures and results concerning selection of proper method, surface preparation, quality of the result obtained etc.

The other sections address the equipment used for application of the paint, check points as applicable to the steel and concrete, guidelines on blasting and use of abrasives, preparation grade, roughness, shop primers etc. Some useful data tables are also provides for easy reference.

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This is the official electronic release of the best and mostly-used version of the ISSA (standing for the International Ship Suppliers and Services Association) ship stores catalogue developed by the company pros in 2013. The program will work on all versions of the Windows system without any problem and note that it does not need any patches or codes, i.e. you will not have to pay anything for its installation or further use.

The system requirements are minimal. No viruses inside. Install and use. This product catalogue is world recognized as an excellent working tool for storing marine ships. The users will wind absolutely everything there, from tea-spoons to the anchor - more than thirty-five thousand items, including crew protection equipment, deterrence equipment, access control, catering equipment, vessel tracking equipment. The present version of the catalogue is the one most popular among people involved in ship supply activities.

Definitely recommended for shipping companies, marine superintendents and all other supply personnel willing to perform their job in the best way and have their vessels in the most quality and economic manner. Moreover, a very good training tool for those who need to have better knowledge of the marine terminology and ship stores nomenclature.   

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The version 1.1 of the electronic product catalogue developed and released by IMPA. Subject software was specifically prepared for the people involves in supplying ships and recommended to them since it provides a huge number of various marine stores. It is mostly intended to be used on board vessels.

This program allows users to search by either by product code or by name. Most of the products are provided with explanations and images which makes using this catalogue much easier and quicker. The ever-growing content of the publication was coupled with all latest technological advances. For years, this catalogue provides all people involved in commercial shipping industry with the product information, relevant technical specifications, comparison tables and illustrations, serving as a perfect reference tool.

The present release has been significantly updated and revised, thousands of new codes have been added, reflecting all changing demands of the shipping industry, including welfare items, some anti-piracy products and taking into consideration the regulations related to the nautical equipment - it all makes the catalogue a very good tool for use by the professionals as well as for training. 

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Here is the pack containing the full latest release of the Digital Catalogue developed by RS Company professionals. This software is fully compatible with all Windows OS including older and newer versions; it provides users with the choice of more than eighty-five thousand of the most widely-used and ordered items, collected by RS Components Ltd.

The users are now given opportunity to perform immediate comparisons between various offered brands and ranges, make necessary notes, bookmarks and save favorites. Moreover, there are new functionalities allowing users to create their own product catalogues so that they can easily find whatever they are looking for. There is no need for any cracks or passwords.

And, of course, there are no viruses inside. Note that the present release of the digital catalogue allows users to work offline (in case any problem with the internet connection is there) - it also contains direct links to the online database allowing users to access all available offers and updates, making it possible for the to choose between more than half million products.

This is definitely the best and quickest way for the shipping industry professionals to find whatever electrical items they require to storing ships - cables and wires, automation and control gear, power supply and transformers, security and safety items, batteries, lighting, plumbing, adhesives, connectors, relays, computers, test and measurement equipment etc.

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The present software developed by Shell Company is a very handy electronic shell marine products catalogue; it consists of six major parts dedicated to start fuel specification and lubricants, safety data sheets, lubricants, contact, product data sheets, and Shell BunkerCalc program. It will be of some use for people dealing with purchase of marine products. Good mostly for training purposes.

However, can also be used for better familiarization with the nomenclature of the fuel oils and lubricants that are in use in marine industry. Apart from the software, the pack of files presented to your attention, includes numerous files providing information on the properties of various fuel oils, such as blended and distillate MDF.

The other files provide advice on storage and handling of the lubricants, siting the store, stacking barrels, bulk storage etc. Specifications for various marine fuel oils produced by Shell are also there, together with the table comparing those fuels to British and ISO 8217 standards. In addition, the pack includes a very good fuel specification guide to all Shell marine products, and safety data sheets for all lubricating oil and fuel oil products.

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The pack of files covering the generator control equipment and alarm annunciators produced by SELCO. It consists of eight major parts. The first part of the pack is introductory, while the others provide users with the general information on the products offered by the company, various technical manuals and software, examples on the application, informative slide shows, representations and contacts.

The data sheets provided in the corresponding section of the pack shall be used to get to the product line of SELCO. The users just have to chose the subject they want to view and then the associated data sheets will be available there sorted by the product number. All data sheets are stored in pdf format making it very easy to open and use on any device. Same approach has been applied to the manuals - all you need is a pdf reader.

Among the equipment dealt with thee are event loggers, indicator panels, engine controllers, process-loggers, hyper-terminals, programming kits, potentiometers, etc. The software items offered for installation are the Programmer for M3000, Process Logger, and M-Programmer. If you want to get a general overview of the company and products manufactured by SELCO, just click on the Company profile link...

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