The book written by Thomas Warzyk, who is the author of several journal articles and also holds the patents in his field, was released with the intention to convey a basic knowledge of the design, manufacture and installation aspects of the power cables normally used in submarines.

The following major issues were addressed in this book - Application of such power cables and their design elements, accessories of the cables, various aspects of their manufacturing and testing, marine survey of the cables, installation matters and further protection of SPC, damages that commonly occur to the cables and their repair, maintenance and reliability, environmental issues and some useful tables.

In short, this book is an excellent and remarkably informative account of all technical matters expected to be of practical interest to the engineers. The author discusses the cables in a very straightforward manner trying to avoid the use of jargon. He has tried not to be too technical so that the book is readable not only to the professionals. Virtually all aspects of the subject have been covered making this book important to all those dealing with the matter of transmitting HV power through the oceans...

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One of the most interesting and recognized books on design and development of the submarines. The submarines were actually the first weapon systems to be considered technologically "stealthy". Their great value traditionally lied in their invisibility and one of the most important areas of submarine technologies is mainly aimed to protect this invisibility taking into account the modern technically sophisticated submarine detection methods.

The tactics of the underwater boats is commonly traceable to the quality of their stealthiness. Starting with the introductory chapter covering the very basics of the submarine warfare, the content of the publication proceeds to the important compromises and constraints of submarine design including diving depth, hull forma and construction materials, pressure hulls and power plants, periscopes and conning towers.

The third chapter is covering the historical period between 1900 and 1945 telling readers about the submarines of those times. Then you will read about fast submarine era and post-war development of the submarines. Soviet submarines have been deal with in a separate chapter, same applies to the submarine fleets of the third world countries.

The designers will appreciate the information about diving and underwater maneuverability as well as about both conventional and nuclear types of propulsion. The last chapters of the book are devoted to the communication and sensors, tactics, weapon, future possibilities and other valuable info.

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This volume belongs to the popular Blandford Colour series. the book starts with the intro chapter providing general information and historical background. The main content of the publication includes several interesting chapters depicting the development of the submarine technology, giving many colour plates, providing the information about the early submarines and their development in the period 1918-45 and in the modern era.

The book is also covering some of the typical anti-submarine weapons commonly installed on board surface ships and submarine weapons plus describes the airborne anti-submarine systems. Apart from the pictures and supplementary text, the volume contains comparative data.

Each of the submarines dealt with in the pages of the present volume has been given with the detailed and informative image, and some text providing compact and concise description of the main parts of the boat. A truly excellent volume for all naval history enthusiasts and people with the interest in submarines and associated warfare.

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A classic and one of the rarest and unique books available on the submarine warfare. Written in 1907 by Herbert C. Fyfe, who worked as librarian in the Royal Institution, London, it is coming with an introduction prepared by Admiral the Honorable Sir Edmund Fremantle. The aim of the author was to produce an essential reading appealing to the people having no time to pursue the subject of the book too deeply and in fact having no inclination to that.

The book provides such people with the detailed descriptions; however, the author tried to avoid complex technicalities in order to make the content more understandable and readable. His efforts have finally resulted in this great book that retained its popularity for such a great period. It includes the description of the naval warfare considered most progressive at the time of writing and some analysis of the different possible ways of the development of the submarine warfare.

Even though written and first released more that a century ago, the content of this volume is still very interesting today since the fundamentals of the naval warfare are explained in a very clear manner. An excellent volume for the people interested in submarines, naval history and naval warfare. Digitized by Microsoft.

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This is an interesting publication on submarines taking a completely new look at the German underwater boats of the WW Two. It is intended to answer literally all questions that the people interested in the underwater warfare may have about the interior arrangement of the German submarines.

In his book, the author has covered each compartment of the submarine providing the information with the numerous clear and detailed photos perfectly illustrating the text part. The book will tell you a full interesting and glorious story of the men who served on those submarines and their work.

The content includes all required details addressing every single aspect of the u-boat arrangement and life on board, and such approach has made this volume very popular. The text itself is very informative and easy to read so the book may be recommended to the wide audience not only to the naval historians or engineers. The images are covering all specific features of the submarines.

The most important feature of the volume is a successful combination of the first-person accounts with the nice photos and this is what gained so much popularity to this publication. Have a look if you are interested in submarines of the Second World War times.

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For a very long time people have taken it for granted the big, fast underwater boat of our age, nuclear powered and capable of staying under the water surface for weeks, even some months if necessary. And yet, scarcely more than four decades have passed since the time when the first nuclear-powered U-boat, the American Nautilus, was delivered and introduced a new era in naval warfare.

The publication features numerous photographs of the Type XXI being under construction. In general, the content is highly informative and will be liked by all people interested in submarines and naval history, particularly that of the war period. Subject boat was considered a true engineering marvel of that time.

The document is covering the whole history that eventually led to the development of the submarine, actual development of Type XXI submarine and quite short usage of the boat. In addition, there are some good quality engineering drawings of the boat, showing the general arrangement - they will present interest to the naval architects.

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The book is devoted to the Seventh U-Boat Flotilla known as "Wegener". It was originally formed with only six submarines in summer of 1938. Out of these six boats, only one managed to survive operationally to the time when the war ended. This volume has been compiled by two recognized experts in the field, both of them being persons well known for their works and researches in the field of naval history, and reflects their joint efforts and experience eventually resulting in the remarkably interesting and informative content.

The book is opening with the comprehensive historical background telling readers about the origins of this fleet, followed by the several chapters covering the actions of the flotilla in the course of the war, equipment installed of the boats, people who used to serve, and many other information that would be greatly appreciated by the naval history enthusiasts and all people with the interest in the underwater fleet. Have a look in this book and will enjoy reading.

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A thorough and comprehensive volume dedicated to the UUV, with subject abbreviation standing for the unmanned underwater vehicles. UUV family contains two separate branches - the first branch is the ROV, i.e. the remotely operated vehicles, while the second branch is AUV, meaning the autonomous underwater vehicles. Of course, each of these two branches has special advantages and limitations, plus some specific tasks.

Since there is a serious lack of the book that would cover the unmanned underwater vehicles, we are pretty sure that the content of this work will be very useful for everyone who is interested in underwater vehicles as it covers all aspects of the industry. The author has managed to cover a huge number of topics in a single volume making it a real encyclopedia of UUV in which the readers will find all required information.

Among the aspects addressed in the pages of this book there are navigating AUVs, experimental researches in the field, application of such vehicles to the surveys of underwater communications and other arrangements, guidance laws, trajectory planning, AUV identification for auto-pilot tuning, adaptive control, thruster modeling, resolved acceleration control, chemical signal-guided AUV and many others.

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