The publication is one of the best ever published to cover the submarines. Of course, it would not be possible to address all the aspects in a single volume, but the efforts of the author have eventually resulted in this brilliant title. As he said, it would definitely require a huge size book with thousands of pages to cover everything.

One of the reasons for that is the significant technical development of their construction and machinery that took place in the last century and resulted in the changed size, arrangement and speeds. The publication presents a story of growing of the submarines; however, the historical background is also provided to get a full picture. In addition to that, the due attention was paid by the author to the tales of the people on board such facilities, serving and showing the bests of courage. The author has concentrated on the naval submarines and not the peaceable ones.

He has also covered the famous disaster of the Trident submarine in one of the fjords of Norway. The publication will be practically useful to the people dealing with the design and construction of the underwater facilities. However, the way the information is presented, is very reader-friendly so the book can be read by anyone interested in the submarines and their development throughout the history.

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This book will be of particular interest for the people who are fond of the underwater fleet and submarines. Apart from the general information about the subject facilities, it will also provide readers with the valuable historical information. Note that this information would be hardly to find in any other sources. The content of the volume covers virtually all historical periods so the reader will be able to track the process of development of the construction and equipment of the submarines with the course of time.

There are plenty of rare and very informative illustrations to supplement the text part of the book. For some of the boats the cross sections are shown with all parts of the submarine addressed and explained. It is absolutely recommended to everyone to go through the chapters and get better idea of the submarines of the past, starting from the earliest days.

Some of the chapters are devoted to particular submarines considered famous enough to be discussed separately, for example the Britannia boat. The publication was well received in different parts of the world with the material greatly appreciated by the readers. Take your time reading it and you will not regret.

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The present publication is a comprehensive account on the historical development of the submarines, starting from their first appearance back in 1914. The text of the book is supplemented with more than two hundred of detailed and high-quality photos, as well as the nautical charts and maps. The author has traced the evolution of the submarines together with their weapons, power plants including their role in provision of the global peace.

Before World War Two, the undersea battles were mainly taking place using the submersible boats – they had to come up to the sea surface on the frequent basis due to the ventilation requirement and also for recharging the batteries. The countermeasures to the submarines relied on this particular weakness, and that is why the most of the submarine attacks, causing their subsequent sinkings, were conducted either on the sea surface or near it.

Then the power revolution occurred, bringing the changes in the process of development of the naval submarines. The author has the great experience in the field, and all of it has been reflected in the pages of this brilliant publication which will be appreciated by all people interested in the subject topic.

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This publication edited by Mae L. Selo from Mechanical Engineering Dept of the Dalhousie University, is intended to provide a good update to selected underwater autonomy areas and is mainly aimed to the engineers and researchers both new to the field of marine robot autonomy as well as to experienced specialists.

The content also includes some historical overview of the development of the marine robots and general introduction to this rapidly expanding field, together with the professional discussion of the modern challenges and the impact they have on the required level of the intelligent autonomy.



The topics covered within this publication examine such the important aspects of the marine robotics as the path planning and advanced frameworks, as well as the machine learning and tolerance of the automatics faults. An excellent and quite rare volume for those seriously interested in this technically advanced field of marine, or better to say, underwater engineering.



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The USVs, i.e. unmanned surface vehicles are self-contained vessels capable of transiting on the water surface either fully autonomously or being remotely controlled. In the contrary to the traditional manned vessels that are commonly very large and so costly to construct, the unmanned surface vehicles are smaller and cost less.

The work presented in the pages of this book forms a part of a large project. The author of the volume starts with some introduction followed by the description of the instrumentation and data acquisition system, including sensors, data acquisition and processing, data fusion, motion observation, relevant experiments, and all other information that is expected to be highly appreciated by the specialists working in this field. The most of the information contained in this book is quite hard to be found in any other publication.



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In fact, this publication is the first one to provide a proper basis for using the small-sized observation-class remotely operated vehicles for the purpose of performing surveys, inspections and researches. The document is intended to serve as a guidebook offering users a complete training and giving all required information covering the operations of ROV - it shall be used by the technicians and offshore engineers but the content will be equally interesting to the enthusiasts of the underwater activities.

The authors of the manual are mainly focusing on the underwater uses of these vehicles for the industrial, scientific and commercial studies and researches. The book will inform readers about the marine robotics as well as of the navigation instruments commonly used to faster and more efficiently obtain the mission results and associated data.

It is also covering the technology together with its applications, introducing the basic technologies required and showing how they are related to the specific requirements. Such approach will help readers in identification of the equipment considered essential for the efficient and cost effective operation of the vehicle.

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The book written by Thomas Warzyk, who is the author of several journal articles and also holds the patents in his field, was released with the intention to convey a basic knowledge of the design, manufacture and installation aspects of the power cables normally used in submarines.

The following major issues were addressed in this book - Application of such power cables and their design elements, accessories of the cables, various aspects of their manufacturing and testing, marine survey of the cables, installation matters and further protection of SPC, damages that commonly occur to the cables and their repair, maintenance and reliability, environmental issues and some useful tables.

In short, this book is an excellent and remarkably informative account of all technical matters expected to be of practical interest to the engineers. The author discusses the cables in a very straightforward manner trying to avoid the use of jargon. He has tried not to be too technical so that the book is readable not only to the professionals. Virtually all aspects of the subject have been covered making this book important to all those dealing with the matter of transmitting HV power through the oceans...

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One of the most interesting and recognized books on design and development of the submarines. The submarines were actually the first weapon systems to be considered technologically "stealthy". Their great value traditionally lied in their invisibility and one of the most important areas of submarine technologies is mainly aimed to protect this invisibility taking into account the modern technically sophisticated submarine detection methods.

The tactics of the underwater boats is commonly traceable to the quality of their stealthiness. Starting with the introductory chapter covering the very basics of the submarine warfare, the content of the publication proceeds to the important compromises and constraints of submarine design including diving depth, hull forma and construction materials, pressure hulls and power plants, periscopes and conning towers.

The third chapter is covering the historical period between 1900 and 1945 telling readers about the submarines of those times. Then you will read about fast submarine era and post-war development of the submarines. Soviet submarines have been deal with in a separate chapter, same applies to the submarine fleets of the third world countries.

The designers will appreciate the information about diving and underwater maneuverability as well as about both conventional and nuclear types of propulsion. The last chapters of the book are devoted to the communication and sensors, tactics, weapon, future possibilities and other valuable info.

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