The publication is one of the best ever published to cover the submarines. Of course, it would not be possible to address all the aspects in a single volume, but the efforts of the author have eventually resulted in this brilliant title. As he said, it would definitely require a huge size book with thousands of pages to cover everything.

One of the reasons for that is the significant technical development of their construction and machinery that took place in the last century and resulted in the changed size, arrangement and speeds. The publication presents a story of growing of the submarines; however, the historical background is also provided to get a full picture. In addition to that, the due attention was paid by the author to the tales of the people on board such facilities, serving and showing the bests of courage. The author has concentrated on the naval submarines and not the peaceable ones.

He has also covered the famous disaster of the Trident submarine in one of the fjords of Norway. The publication will be practically useful to the people dealing with the design and construction of the underwater facilities. However, the way the information is presented, is very reader-friendly so the book can be read by anyone interested in the submarines and their development throughout the history.

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This book will be of particular interest for the people who are fond of the underwater fleet and submarines. Apart from the general information about the subject facilities, it will also provide readers with the valuable historical information. Note that this information would be hardly to find in any other sources. The content of the volume covers virtually all historical periods so the reader will be able to track the process of development of the construction and equipment of the submarines with the course of time.

There are plenty of rare and very informative illustrations to supplement the text part of the book. For some of the boats the cross sections are shown with all parts of the submarine addressed and explained. It is absolutely recommended to everyone to go through the chapters and get better idea of the submarines of the past, starting from the earliest days.

Some of the chapters are devoted to particular submarines considered famous enough to be discussed separately, for example the Britannia boat. The publication was well received in different parts of the world with the material greatly appreciated by the readers. Take your time reading it and you will not regret.

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The present publication is a comprehensive account on the historical development of the submarines, starting from their first appearance back in 1914. The text of the book is supplemented with more than two hundred of detailed and high-quality photos, as well as the nautical charts and maps. The author has traced the evolution of the submarines together with their weapons, power plants including their role in provision of the global peace.

Before World War Two, the undersea battles were mainly taking place using the submersible boats – they had to come up to the sea surface on the frequent basis due to the ventilation requirement and also for recharging the batteries. The countermeasures to the submarines relied on this particular weakness, and that is why the most of the submarine attacks, causing their subsequent sinkings, were conducted either on the sea surface or near it.

Then the power revolution occurred, bringing the changes in the process of development of the naval submarines. The author has the great experience in the field, and all of it has been reflected in the pages of this brilliant publication which will be appreciated by all people interested in the subject topic.

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One of the most interesting and recognized books on design and development of the submarines. The submarines were actually the first weapon systems to be considered technologically "stealthy". Their great value traditionally lied in their invisibility and one of the most important areas of submarine technologies is mainly aimed to protect this invisibility taking into account the modern technically sophisticated submarine detection methods.

The tactics of the underwater boats is commonly traceable to the quality of their stealthiness. Starting with the introductory chapter covering the very basics of the submarine warfare, the content of the publication proceeds to the important compromises and constraints of submarine design including diving depth, hull forma and construction materials, pressure hulls and power plants, periscopes and conning towers.

The third chapter is covering the historical period between 1900 and 1945 telling readers about the submarines of those times. Then you will read about fast submarine era and post-war development of the submarines. Soviet submarines have been deal with in a separate chapter, same applies to the submarine fleets of the third world countries.

The designers will appreciate the information about diving and underwater maneuverability as well as about both conventional and nuclear types of propulsion. The last chapters of the book are devoted to the communication and sensors, tactics, weapon, future possibilities and other valuable info.

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In 1944 Portsmouth Navy Yard launched three submarines and a fourth shortly thereafter. Prior to this, no shipyard had ever accomplished either feat. Those three first submarines, called Ronquil, Redfish, and Razorback were delivered at 1:00 PM and the Scabbard fish slid down building way into the Piscataqua River at 2:30 PM.

These four submarines would be included in the record-setting thirty-two submarines that the yard completed in 1944. No american shipyard has ever built so many submarines during one year, this is where the name of this study is coming from.

Prior to that triple launching. Fred White, the shipyard's master rigger, had concerns about floating three 1.800-ton submarines off their blocks at the same time. Three above mentioned submarines were jammed into the dry dock with little separation, and White and his line handlers were the ones responsible for ensuring that the submarines did not damage each other as they floated free of the blocks...

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Disasters occurring both at sea and under water have always attracted people's attention serving as a source of fascination and awe. Tales of a great flood nearly wiping out all human life are among humanitys oldest stories - they date back to the second millennium B.C. appearing in cultures everywhere in the world.

As a rule, those ancient disaster tales normally have gods being at the center of the story, and this should not get the reader surprised too much since most of the tales are originating from the times when people were at the mercy of the winds, sun heat, cold weather and natural forces they could neither understand nor withstand.

This publication is devoted to the modern submarine disasters, covering the technical reforms and improvements that eventually grew out of those tragedies. The text is historically accurate and the author have tried to explain how a particular disaster occurred.

Valuable quotes from the eyewitnesses of the catastrophes have also been included. It is good to see and know how the submarines may get into a trouble, because thorough understanding of the reason may help in preventing such disaster from repetition, which is obviously the main aim of the book.

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Unfortunately, the operations of the Japanese submarines during the war time have not been duly covered in any of the publications, though there is considerable number of the books covering the American, British and German underwater fleets. The present volume is intended to fill the existing gap in information and provide a required historical background covering the creation of the submarine fleet and making their pre-war strategy.

The author has covered the actual wartime operations of the subject submarines. The content is highly detailed but remains easily accessible to the non-technical people. It presents a truly sound history of the events that took place in the course of the Second World War addressing the role that the Japanese submarines played and providing an insightful professional look into the underwater warfare of the subject period.

The author has done an excellent job providing readers with the explanation of the ineffectiveness of those submarines. Technical part of the book is really perfect and will be appreciated by the engineers. the information is supplemented with numerous rare photos, illustrations and operational maps. The list of submarine losses is provided in the Appendix.

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The present book belongs to the popular Military Handbooks series and covers the most famous submarines that are still there in service within the navies; the information contained is supplemented by nearly two hundred images. Each ship and submarine addressed in the volume has been provided with the full technical specification table - this allows readers to make a full and clear picture of the particular facility.

The text entries worked out by the author are discussing the potential capabilities of the contemporary naval vessels, for example the ability of the ballistic submarines to literally destroy every big capital city located anywhere in the northern hemisphere by means of the independently targetable nuclear war heads. Moreover, the publication is also dealing with the main attributes of the weapons commonly equipping the naval vessels of today.

An excellent reference source for all enthusiasts of the modern warfare and submarines - they will find all submarine-related information they need in a single volume. Note that in his work the author has also addressed the nuclear-powered aircraft carriers that are in active service today,and this adds to the coverage of the book.

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