The content of the present publication released by the Clarkson Research, the world recognized and very authoritative providers of intelligence to the international maritime shipping industry, was intended to provide readers with the comprehensive and professional overview of the Liquid natural Gas industry as well as the LNG trade and transportation of the LNG. There are eleven sections in the present report.

The first section gives a general overview of the LNG sector. It is followed by the section containing useful and informative data tables. Two following sections will give the information about the exporters and importers of the LNG, respectively, all sorted in alphabetical order. The trading routes for the LNG are addressed separately including thirty bilateral routes.

The remaining sections of the document are dealing with the LNG carrier fleet with the listings, order book for the LNG carriers sorted by ship size, builder and owner, technical manager and containment system. You will also find useful information about the top builders of the LNG ships, repair facilities and even LNG atlas. In short, this is an absolutely recommended book for anyone with the interest in the modern LNG industry.

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We recommend you to have a look into this rare and very interesting book about the history of Dutch fleet. The publication opens with some background on the glorious history followed with the information about today's dredging fleet. Then the main portion of the volume comes, dealing with the merchant fleet and ship construction including stamina and special ship types, as well as the maritime equipment.

One separate section of the publication has been devoted to the rapidly developing offshore industry. Long story short, the book will be of practical use to the people with the interest in the past and present of the maritime shipping and offshore industry in the region. The author of the book aimed to explain to the readers the unique features offered by the Netherlands in the maritime sector of the industry.

This is quite an easy reading though the research conducted by the author was very deep and extensive. This is not a book for professionals and scientists but rather for the general readers willing to know more about the Netherlands and the fleet serving there. Taking this into account, the volume can be recommended to everyone and even to the people outside maritime and offshore industry.

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In the present publication released by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, the port agency is defined as looking after the demands of ta vessel together with its crew members not only before and during calling at port but after that as well. Subject work is normally entrusted to the agents since it is quite rare for the vessels to regularly call at ports where the ship owner is based.

The agents are seen by all other parties involved as people representing the vessel - this is their role. The content of this volume is mainly concentrating on agency for the chartered vessels rather than the liner traders. It should be noted, however, that the liner ships are in same need for the port agency as tankers, tramp ships and any others.

The author starts the book with explaining the most popular types of the ships, then proceeding to the registration and classification related matters. The safety certificates are covered in the third chapter along with the associated surveys, while the fourth chapter addresses the charter parties.

The remaining chapters of the publication deal with the port operations and time count, ship trade geography, cargo paperwork, practical duties and obligations of the port agents, relationships with the principals including reporting events and office organization, and many other important aspects.

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Nowadays, sea together with the seaborne trade and associated communications play increasingly important role in the global culture of international commerce and connection. Looking at this system, in its very center we will see that the sea ports of the world are deservedly considered the most critical links in the whole chain. We know that the international maritime shipping represents more than ninety percent of the global trade.

To any seafarer, the safest place for the vessel loading and discharging cargo and passengers, are the sea ports. Here we are talking about the safety of the vessel from weather, damages and of course this is the most secure place. The fundamental requirement to the port location is definitely the existing commercial demand for the transportation of people and cargoes. The sea ports are normally developed in areas where the natural safety is provided; however the safe harbors can be arranged if necessary.

The ports present the interface linking water and land means of transportation. Obviously, a good port would possess well-arranged land transportation links and facilities required to store and handle the goods... The present publication is aimed at the people involved in design and management of the sea ports and terminals.

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The content of the present publication intends to explore maybe the most complicated and hazardous marine areas – Asia, which stretches from the Persian Gulf to the Aleutian Islands. In fact, the busiest of the trade routes of the maritime world are contained within this area. However, this region is also considered the scene of the various threats including piracy and territorial disputes.

The author of the volume has made a good attempt to examine the naval forces and today’s maritime strategies; in addition, he tried to perform a deep evaluation of the existing threats to the maritime shipping industry together with the opportunities for any cooperation. The fact is that the American Navy Fleet is engaged in the above mentioned disputes and this threatens the critically important interest of the country.

This publication will be of a serious practical use not only for the people directly involved in the shipping activities in the area but also to those willing to keep updated with the current situation in the maritime shipping industry of the world, since the author has managed to touch all important aspects. This is definitely a best of the works addressing this problem and providing such good analysis of the forces located in the region and their potential impact.

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Nowadays, the transportation is considered one of the most important components of the international supply chain, and it is definitely among the most complex ones. The preset publication was prepared jointly by several recognized industry experts to deliver quite extensive coverage of the ongoing transportation trends, both global and domestic.

The authors made every effort to perform a deep analysis and help readers get a good understanding of the role and critical importance of the transportation in society and in the companies at all levels. They will also get to know the environment where the fundamental transportation services are normally provided.

Both domestic and international transportation systems have been covered together with the associated legal issues in order to provide readers with the easy-to-follow overview. Upon completion of reading the material presented in the pages of this volume, the readers will be duly equipped with all instruments required to cope with this rapidly changing field.

The book is a must one for the MBA classes in transportation management. According to the students, the content is easy to read and gives a really good introduction to the supply chain studies.

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This publication was released to continue the remarkable series including such titles as the first one - Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation, followed with the STCW Maritime Education and Training, Maritime Transport and Shipping, Navigation Problems, Miscellaneous Problems in Marine Navigation, International Recent Issues About ECDIS, E-Navigation and Safety at Sea, Methods and Algorithms and Navigation, Activities in Navigation, and Transport Systems and Processes.

The volume will give readers, deeply interested in the modern maritime industry, a truly professional insight and perfectly compiled knowledge about the information, communication and environment. The material is arranged in seven parts, starting with the maritime communications and decision support systems, followed with the chapters dealing with the geo-information systems and maritime spatial planning and providing coverage of the major hydrometeorological aspects.

The inland shipping is discussed in the separate chapter. The sixth part addresses the maritime pollution and protection of the environment while the closing part tells us about the VTS, standing for the vessel traffic service.

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Properly conducted and efficient measurement always plays a very important role in all kinds of production. The team of authors of this book made an attempt to analyze the relationship between three factors - ownership, competition and, finally, port efficiency by means of traditional theories and empirical examination. With the ongoing globalization of the world economy, the importance of the container port industry is increasing.

The research conducted by the authors was mainly motivated by the existing contrast between the importance of today's container port industry and a very limited number of thorough scientific researches of the economic theories underpinning it. Most part of such theories is based simply on the assumptions and shall be investigated much more thoroughly. Another motivating factor was the importance of the efficiency measurement and lack of such researches in the industry in question. This publication consists of seven chapter, with first and last ones being introduction and conclusion, correspondingly.

The main body of the book is telling readers about the economic theory of container port production, describes some of the alternative approaches to the measurement of the efficiency, provides model specification and data, as well as empirical analysis and results. Numerous appendices provide some required supplementary info.

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