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This title features the coverage of the most important areas of maritime industry relating to the possible dangers. Within this document, peril of the sea is considered existing if there is any threat to the vessel, personnel and cargo on board, or when a risk of substantial environmental pollution is there.

The Master of the vessel shall immediately undertake all necessary actions in order to provide the safety of the people on board and to prevent of at least minimize the damage to the vessel, cargo and environment. The content of the guide is emphasizing the significance of the earliest notification of such situation to everyone concerned.

It incorporates the latest SOLAS amendments addressing the emergency towing arrangements - subject requirements apply to the oil tankers, and also IMO Res. MSC.35(63) providing required guidance. The OCIMF and ICS believe that this document will prove its usefulness and will be of great assistance to ships masters and other persons involved in determining the actions to take at the time of peril, with the particular attention being paid to saving human life and prevention of damage and pollution. A must have publication on board.

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In the present publication released by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, the port agency is defined as looking after the demands of ta vessel together with its crew members not only before and during calling at port but after that as well. Subject work is normally entrusted to the agents since it is quite rare for the vessels to regularly call at ports where the ship owner is based.

The agents are seen by all other parties involved as people representing the vessel - this is their role. The content of this volume is mainly concentrating on agency for the chartered vessels rather than the liner traders. It should be noted, however, that the liner ships are in same need for the port agency as tankers, tramp ships and any others.

The author starts the book with explaining the most popular types of the ships, then proceeding to the registration and classification related matters. The safety certificates are covered in the third chapter along with the associated surveys, while the fourth chapter addresses the charter parties.

The remaining chapters of the publication deal with the port operations and time count, ship trade geography, cargo paperwork, practical duties and obligations of the port agents, relationships with the principals including reporting events and office organization, and many other important aspects.

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The liner trading is considered the backbone of the world trade. The vast majority of the whole world's exports of finished cargoes are normally transported by the liner shipping companies having fixed schedules featuring rigid regularity, which allows the manufacturers to rely on the service enabling the famous just-in-time working philosophy.

The highest efficiency and also relatively low costs of the maritime container shipping makes the transportation costs nearly incidental to the landed prices of the exported goods, and this is truth in the most cases and for most types of cargoes, i.e. everything that could fit in a standard shipping container. The liner shipping industry traditionally plays critically important role in the worldwide transportation of goods, it is always demanding, interesting and in most cases complicated noting the number of port pairs commonly fitted into a loading/discharge schedule. The volume opens with a section providing definition of the liner trading.

The main content of the book covers such important aspects of liner trading as types of liner ships and cargoes handled, management and organization of liner shipping, containerization, unitization and intermodalism, co-operation between different operators, consortia, alliances, consolidation in liner shipping, development of the service networks, cargo selection, pricing, as well as the finance and legal aspects.

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People tend to take for granted the ongoing sophistication of today's global shipping infrastructure providing us with literally everything we use and consume every day. The goods of all sizes and shapes are handled faster from year to year. The transit times get shorter and price for transportation lower. The marine transportation of cargoes is usually considered most efficient and this is particularly applicable to heavier cargoes.

Modern shipping industry relies on the effective logistics to ensure the timely and efficient transportation of the goods. The present publication is intended to give readers the information about each transportation model employed today and explain how these models complement each other. It will also let you get better understanding of the documentation as well as the applicable regulations covering the marine transportation of cargoes. This book is an perfect and professional study that will be appreciated by the people working in the marine transportation sector.

The author has covered all transportation modes in a very comprehensive manner. The target audience for this course would definitely include workers of the port agencies and maritime lawyers, freight forwarders and shipbrokers, customs brokers and ship managers, and many other professionals involves in the industry.

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This book prepared by Patrick Donner in collaboration with Tafsir Johannson is examining the legal regime together with the associated geographical issues and stakeholder claims persisting in the Arctic region. The authors have closely dealt with the multifarious theories that are commonly relating to the conflicting interests and to the parties to whom the maritime industry shall be accountable.

One of the unique aspects of this volume is the provision of analysis corporate social responsibility and alternatives that pertain to the Arctic and strike a balance to be maintained between the ongoing commercialization of the industry and the concepts and laws of the ocean governance. The document puts forward subject ocean governance concept and checks to what extent the concept could be addressed in the region.

Another distinguishing feature of the book is the fact that the author has not limited it to examination of the climate change effects; they have created a transparent connection between commercial interests and claims, proceeding to scrutinize the Arctic Council's efforts and the inputs done by the individual littoral states. The authors are following subject equation using the original theories. The content is also reflecting the "hard law and soft law" concept and is proposing a new legal regime to be established in the Arctic region.

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The present publication contains the report examining the concept of value creation within the international maritime shipping industry, addressing the transportation chain. The subject aspect should be considered as a sort of network where the shipping companies, i.e. carriers, as well as third parties render the services of cargo transportation.

The major stakeholders here are the carriers themselves, adding value to the shippers through transportation of the cargoes from places with the excessive supply to the ones where the demand it too high. This document is actually intended to provide some valuable insight to the subject topic and examine the logic of value creation in detail.

The authors have also tried to explain the roles played by the key players of the game with the particular focus on how exactly they create value. The content is built on the outcomes of the numerous interviews with the recognized industry professionals sharing their knowledge and experience that would definitely be of high use for the readers.

Compiled by the leading specialists of the well-known and respected CBS Maritime, the title can be recommended to everyone involved in the shipping industry and willing to have due understanding of the basic principles.

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For many years, the bulk maritime shipping has been utilized in order to lower the transportation. The development of the tanker transportation was directly connected with the flourishing of the oil exploration. This book will be of particular use to the people interested in the historical background of the maritime transportation of oil and its products.

After the introductory part, the reader will be given some information on the tanker freights and then the one where the important aspects of ship registration are addressed together with the so-called flags of convenience. The case of the Rhodesian Oil Embargo has been dealt with in a separate chapter. Of course, due attention has been paid by the author to the maritime security matters, considering their critical importance, and tanker wars.

In addition, the oil pollution aspects have been discussed; needless to say that the protection of the marine environment is one of the items to be carefully considered when arranging any maritime transportation of any cargo, but especially the oil cargo. The book will serve as a good reference publication when discussing the oil transportation looking from the historic perspective.

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Despite all the numerous efforts made by the maritime authorities as well as the coastal officials, the ships engaged in the transportation off the oil cargo still need so much of assistance when it comes to working in the proximity of the environmentally sensitive areas. The three recent casualties involving tankers showed that the due attention should be paid to the subject in order to avoid the reoccurrence.

The present publication was prepared to provide all interested readers with the valuable information in this respect. According to the reader reviews, the author of the book has presented the contents in a remarkably attractive was making reading it very intriguing. The author made a brilliant historical combination of the events that took place in the recent years but in fact are not depicted in detailed in most of the publications – this is the gap which the author wanted to fill.

The efforts taken by the author have eventually resulted in the impressive title that immediately gained popularity in the industry. We definitely recommend this book, and not only to the people working on tankers or engaged in tanker shipping but to all those caring about the safety of the shipping an protection of the marine environment. я

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