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This book is covering a very wide range of the relevant topics giving so interesting in-depth discussions and analyses of the real failures commonly occurring in the governance practice. It may serve as an excellent reference source for the policy-makers as well as for the newcomers since it is discussing the existing maritime policies together with the political history of the shipping industry.

Michael Roe, who is also the author of another publication on the same topic and coming under "Maritime governance - speed, flow, form, process" title, is providing readers with the detailed professional analysis of the jurisdictional arrangements currently in place.

The book is addressing the basic questions of the jurisdiction, governance and policy-making, applying them to the maritime shipping field. Such approach makes the publication much more interesting to the wide audience including specialists, researchers, students and government officials - it will also be appreciated by all people having commercial or industrial interest in maritime sector.

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The present publication contains the report examining the concept of value creation within the international maritime shipping industry, addressing the transportation chain. The subject aspect should be considered as a sort of network where the shipping companies, i.e. carriers, as well as third parties render the services of cargo transportation.

The major stakeholders here are the carriers themselves, adding value to the shippers through transportation of the cargoes from places with the excessive supply to the ones where the demand it too high. This document is actually intended to provide some valuable insight to the subject topic and examine the logic of value creation in detail.

The authors have also tried to explain the roles played by the key players of the game with the particular focus on how exactly they create value. The content is built on the outcomes of the numerous interviews with the recognized industry professionals sharing their knowledge and experience that would definitely be of high use for the readers.

Compiled by the leading specialists of the well-known and respected CBS Maritime, the title can be recommended to everyone involved in the shipping industry and willing to have due understanding of the basic principles.

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The present publication was prepared by the World Maritime University to provide all interested parties with the general overview of the ongoing challenges and trends in the modern MEM, standing for the maritime energy management. In order for the energy efficient and low-carbon-emission future to be eventually achieved, all actions shall be duly coordinated and this is where the energy management is coming into action, providing the regulatory framework that is directly aimed at the reduction of the GHG emissions commonly originating from the activities of the international maritime shipping industry.

The content of the book will familiarize you with the current situation in this field, paving the proper way for all of us to find the correct solutions to those challenges. There are six areas covered by the authors, starting from the applicable regulations and then proceeding to the ship design considering all aspects of energy efficiency, port operations, and economic dimensions and, finally, marine renewable energy and different alternative fuels – here you will find information about the wind-assistant propulsion, as well. The book will be helpful to both practitioners and people having the academic interest in the subject.

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For many years, the bulk maritime shipping has been utilized in order to lower the transportation. The development of the tanker transportation was directly connected with the flourishing of the oil exploration. This book will be of particular use to the people interested in the historical background of the maritime transportation of oil and its products.

After the introductory part, the reader will be given some information on the tanker freights and then the one where the important aspects of ship registration are addressed together with the so-called flags of convenience. The case of the Rhodesian Oil Embargo has been dealt with in a separate chapter. Of course, due attention has been paid by the author to the maritime security matters, considering their critical importance, and tanker wars.

In addition, the oil pollution aspects have been discussed; needless to say that the protection of the marine environment is one of the items to be carefully considered when arranging any maritime transportation of any cargo, but especially the oil cargo. The book will serve as a good reference publication when discussing the oil transportation looking from the historic perspective.

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As we all know, some changes of fundamental nature did come to the maritime Arctic region in the beginning of our century. Those interested in the subject are aware of the fact that the ice covering the surface of the Arctic Ocean is being transformed in terms of its character, as well as extent and thickness of the ice layer. The Arctic is integrating into the global economy owing to the active exploration and development of the oil, gas and other natural resources in the area.

The subject developments in economy create a need for the systems of marine transportation that would be capable of operating in the safe and effective manner, considering the coverage of the waters by ice. The present publication addresses the perspectives of the Arctic environments undergoing the changes, with the due attention paid to the opportunities presented for the maritime shipping industry.

They have also focused on the increasing interest in the development of the new trade routes in the Arctic region as well as the important aspects of the commercial maritime transportation and development of the natural resources mentioned above. One of the critical steps towards the Arctic stewardship was introduction and implementation of the IMO Polar Code.

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Despite all the numerous efforts made by the maritime authorities as well as the coastal officials, the ships engaged in the transportation off the oil cargo still need so much of assistance when it comes to working in the proximity of the environmentally sensitive areas. The three recent casualties involving tankers showed that the due attention should be paid to the subject in order to avoid the reoccurrence.

The present publication was prepared to provide all interested readers with the valuable information in this respect. According to the reader reviews, the author of the book has presented the contents in a remarkably attractive was making reading it very intriguing. The author made a brilliant historical combination of the events that took place in the recent years but in fact are not depicted in detailed in most of the publications – this is the gap which the author wanted to fill.

The efforts taken by the author have eventually resulted in the impressive title that immediately gained popularity in the industry. We definitely recommend this book, and not only to the people working on tankers or engaged in tanker shipping but to all those caring about the safety of the shipping an protection of the marine environment. я

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Today, there are so many title available covering the shipping industry as a whole and port activities in particular, and containing tons of useful information and data on the important aspects of these industries. Taking into account that these two actually complement each other, the author decided to prepare a compact volume that would provide a valuable insight in each of them and provide readers with the essential understanding of how they contribute into the national economy.

However, the number of books devoted to the port industry is considerably less that those covering the shipping. That is why the author concentrated on the port activities in order to cover fill in the gap. The main objective of the present publication is therefore to give newcomers some general knowledge to these industries, providing him with the necessary background which will serve as a foundation to build the further studying.

The material is arranged in two big sections covering the port operations, including the types of ports and techniques involved, pilotage and cargo handling, port management structure, charging etc. and maritime transport, where such information as ship types, certification, terminology, economics and other critical aspects are covered.

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The content of this volume is providing readers with a good introduction to the shipping industry covering all important aspects. It shall be treated as a very valuable source of relevant information to be used by the students of maritime shipping law and by the people willing to get a proper understanding of maritime services.

The publication contains the information as well as the analytical content on both international and national shipping practices. This is a new edition of the volume; the previous book represented a general intro to the shipping explaining the maze of shipping regulations and analyzing the main relevant issues.

The present edition, apart from giving a first-rate introduction, is covering several additional aspects of the industry. It covers different sectors of the industry, co-operation issues in liner shipping, maritime governance matters, protectionism and liberalization, private shipping organizations, maritime security and applicable safety standards, limitation of liability and other topics. There are several data tables provided in the appendices to give some additional information on the cases and legislation as well as Conventions and other regulatory documents.

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