This publication is intended to be concerned with the most significant matters relating to the tanker markets. The author has selected the several issues of the tanker marker and shipping cost structure with the objective to bring some clarification ion some of the most complicated issues. According to the author, the history keeps repeating itself when we are talking about the behavior of the people operating in the tanker markets of today.

If you have a close look into the contemporary tanker shipping market, you will be able to observe the very same incidence that used to take place in the past, throughout the whole history of shipping industry. Unfortunately, as the problems continue to repeat, this shows that the people literally refuse to learn… The publication is quite compact and in fact it is a working paper.

However, the author addresses some matters that will definitely be of practical interest to the people directly involved in the contemporary maritime shipping industry, and particularly cost management when applied to the tanker market. Taking into account the huge experience possessed by the author, it would make sense to familiarize yourself with the volume and find something practically interesting.

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This is the second edition of the popular guidebook on the maritime logistics where the authors paid particular attention to the important aspects of the modern maritime shipping and port management. The publication is covering absolutely that may be needed by the students as well as practicing professionals of the maritime industry, i.e. in the pages of this book they will find all information required.

According to the feedbacks provided by the readers, this is a truly essential volume for all people interested in maritime logistics of today’s world. The content is remarkably comprehensive and up-to-date as the authors thoroughly revised the text of the original edition. It is a very authoritative and highly informative publication that will definitely help in explaining the history of the maritime industry and still concentrate on the ship operations done today as well as the challenges involved.

Needless to say that a good knowledge of the shipping industry and deep understanding of the port management is the must item for making successful and effective business decisions and establish good and effective policies for the shipping companies and the whole countries.

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This title features the coverage of the most important areas of maritime industry relating to the possible dangers. Within this document, peril of the sea is considered existing if there is any threat to the vessel, personnel and cargo on board, or when a risk of substantial environmental pollution is there.

The Master of the vessel shall immediately undertake all necessary actions in order to provide the safety of the people on board and to prevent of at least minimize the damage to the vessel, cargo and environment. The content of the guide is emphasizing the significance of the earliest notification of such situation to everyone concerned.

It incorporates the latest SOLAS amendments addressing the emergency towing arrangements - subject requirements apply to the oil tankers, and also IMO Res. MSC.35(63) providing required guidance. The OCIMF and ICS believe that this document will prove its usefulness and will be of great assistance to ships masters and other persons involved in determining the actions to take at the time of peril, with the particular attention being paid to saving human life and prevention of damage and pollution. A must have publication on board.

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There are plenty of ship-tracking web resources available today; if you open any of them, you will see lots of dots and each of those dots is a vessel. Each of those vessels, in turn, is laden with hundreds or thousands of boxes full of cargo. The transportation is one of the key elements of the economy, without which the world of today would simply not work.

This publication will be of great value to anyone interested in the shipping industry, not limited to the industry professionals. The material presented by the author is truly absorbing and timely. The experts have found the book revelatory and engrossing because the author has explored a relatively covered world of the modern commerce; in addition, the readers of this volume will be introduced to the people. The publication is full of detailed accounts and anecdotes and it is a really easy-reading.

The readers have found the book a superb, perfectly written and remarkably bravely researched. A must-have one, considering the value that the shipping industry has and the way it impacts everyone's life. The author has managed to show the readers a sort of representative slice showing what exactly the contemporary world is like. You will ready about piracy, important environmental issues, and of course day-to-day life and operations on board…

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Nowadays, the transportation is considered one of the most important components of the international supply chain, and it is definitely among the most complex ones. The preset publication was prepared jointly by several recognized industry experts to deliver quite extensive coverage of the ongoing transportation trends, both global and domestic.

The authors made every effort to perform a deep analysis and help readers get a good understanding of the role and critical importance of the transportation in society and in the companies at all levels. They will also get to know the environment where the fundamental transportation services are normally provided.

Both domestic and international transportation systems have been covered together with the associated legal issues in order to provide readers with the easy-to-follow overview. Upon completion of reading the material presented in the pages of this volume, the readers will be duly equipped with all instruments required to cope with this rapidly changing field.

The book is a must one for the MBA classes in transportation management. According to the students, the content is easy to read and gives a really good introduction to the supply chain studies.

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This is the presentation prepared by Dr. Angela Carpenter in the European Centre of Excellence. The document was prepared to address the importance of the marine ports and transport to the economy of the European Union including the geographical scope. The author has also covered the known threats to maritime security, supplementing the text with several examples.

In addition to that, particular attention has been paid to the practical measures and cooperative activities within the European Union. We know that almost ninety percent of the whole foreign state of the European Union is seaborne; there are millions of tons transported by sea. More than four hundred million passengers travel through the European sea ports every year.

This compact yet quite informative and useful publication will assist not only mariners but in fact any people interested in the contemporary maritime shipping industry – they will find some good information with the focus made on the security which is obviously a matter of utmost importance. Such aspects of the maritime security as terrorism, drug trafficking and illegal immigration, narco-terrorism and other critical topics have been addressed.

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The content of the present publication released by the Clarkson Research, the world recognized and very authoritative providers of intelligence to the international maritime shipping industry, was intended to provide readers with the comprehensive and professional overview of the Liquid natural Gas industry as well as the LNG trade and transportation of the LNG. There are eleven sections in the present report.

The first section gives a general overview of the LNG sector. It is followed by the section containing useful and informative data tables. Two following sections will give the information about the exporters and importers of the LNG, respectively, all sorted in alphabetical order. The trading routes for the LNG are addressed separately including thirty bilateral routes.

The remaining sections of the document are dealing with the LNG carrier fleet with the listings, order book for the LNG carriers sorted by ship size, builder and owner, technical manager and containment system. You will also find useful information about the top builders of the LNG ships, repair facilities and even LNG atlas. In short, this is an absolutely recommended book for anyone with the interest in the modern LNG industry.

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We recommend you to have a look into this rare and very interesting book about the history of Dutch fleet. The publication opens with some background on the glorious history followed with the information about today's dredging fleet. Then the main portion of the volume comes, dealing with the merchant fleet and ship construction including stamina and special ship types, as well as the maritime equipment.

One separate section of the publication has been devoted to the rapidly developing offshore industry. Long story short, the book will be of practical use to the people with the interest in the past and present of the maritime shipping and offshore industry in the region. The author of the book aimed to explain to the readers the unique features offered by the Netherlands in the maritime sector of the industry.

This is quite an easy reading though the research conducted by the author was very deep and extensive. This is not a book for professionals and scientists but rather for the general readers willing to know more about the Netherlands and the fleet serving there. Taking this into account, the volume can be recommended to everyone and even to the people outside maritime and offshore industry.

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