This title features the coverage of the most important areas of maritime industry relating to the possible dangers. Within this document, peril of the sea is considered existing if there is any threat to the vessel, personnel and cargo on board, or when a risk of substantial environmental pollution is there.

The Master of the vessel shall immediately undertake all necessary actions in order to provide the safety of the people on board and to prevent of at least minimize the damage to the vessel, cargo and environment. The content of the guide is emphasizing the significance of the earliest notification of such situation to everyone concerned.

It incorporates the latest SOLAS amendments addressing the emergency towing arrangements - subject requirements apply to the oil tankers, and also IMO Res. MSC.35(63) providing required guidance. The OCIMF and ICS believe that this document will prove its usefulness and will be of great assistance to ships masters and other persons involved in determining the actions to take at the time of peril, with the particular attention being paid to saving human life and prevention of damage and pollution. A must have publication on board.

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Another interesting publication on the contemporary maritime piracy shedding some more light on the current situation and concentrating of the real hazards and dangers associated with the shipping industry of today. The author of the book, John Burnett, sailed alone and was attacked by the maritime pirates passing one of the world's busiest waterways.

Luckily he managed to survive and the experience he gained at that time served as a basis for this work telling readers the truly shocking first-hand story. Nowadays the pirates sailing across the oceans has actually noting to do with the colorful, brave and some kind romantic cutthroats that are commonly painted by the popular history books and movies.

In fact the modern pirates are rather local seamen or former seafarers who are recruited by some crime entities looking for the quick score. The publication provides interested readers with the new and fully up-to-date information. We would recommend it to all people from the maritime shipping industry as well as to the ones with general interest in maritime world. Even people far from shipping will find something interesting in the pages of this really breathtaking sea tale.

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This work prepared by one of the most recognized industry experts is intended to provide an excellent introduction to the world of modern maritime piracy which is unimaginably dangerous. The maritime piracy is commonly associated with the figures from blockbuster films and picture books; however, in fact this is not that romantic and pirates of today are terrorizing oceans of the world, claiming human lives and presenting real threat.

Mariners are attacked by pirates on regular basis, and the attackers are very well armed, most of them having automatic guns and some of them possessing even rocket launchers. The victims are dumped overboard, injured, seized as hostages and even killed. The present book will tell readers about all aspects of modern maritime piracy covering many disasters at sea.

One of the last occasions was the container vessel Maersk Atlanta attacked by the armed pirates, it was the subject of the very popular Captain Philips movie capturing the imagination of the broad audience - it helped a lot to raise people's awareness of the piracy. Have a look in this volume if your job may be affected by the maritime pirates or if you are interested in the shipping since unfortunately the armed maritime piracy is becoming one of the integral parts of the industry.

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The present publication contains the results fo the study conducted by the IHS specialists in the field of determining the economic significance and impact of the GOM, i.e. Gulf of Mexico, offshore hydrocarbons exploration industry covering both today's situation and future prospects. The authors of the study have addressed the economic values and jobs as well as the government revenue.

This analysis is also showing the significance of the independent operators to the industry; it is also providing the required framework for the assessment of the future policy choices. The offshore oil and gas exploration and production sectors are continuously growing fields both in the U.S. and globally. The American offshore fields and primarily GOM produce around thirty per cent of the oil and ten per cent of the gas of the overall production.

That is why it is treated as one of the central elements of the American energy security. Though it is commonly very well recognized, the importance of the offshore activities extends so far beyond the direct contribution. The jobs that are generated within the offshore industry in the area includes wide range of activities including mechanical engineering pipefitting, equipment supply, and others...

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The liner trading is considered the backbone of the world trade. The vast majority of the whole world's exports of finished cargoes are normally transported by the liner shipping companies having fixed schedules featuring rigid regularity, which allows the manufacturers to rely on the service enabling the famous just-in-time working philosophy.

The highest efficiency and also relatively low costs of the maritime container shipping makes the transportation costs nearly incidental to the landed prices of the exported goods, and this is truth in the most cases and for most types of cargoes, i.e. everything that could fit in a standard shipping container. The liner shipping industry traditionally plays critically important role in the worldwide transportation of goods, it is always demanding, interesting and in most cases complicated noting the number of port pairs commonly fitted into a loading/discharge schedule. The volume opens with a section providing definition of the liner trading.

The main content of the book covers such important aspects of liner trading as types of liner ships and cargoes handled, management and organization of liner shipping, containerization, unitization and intermodalism, co-operation between different operators, consortia, alliances, consolidation in liner shipping, development of the service networks, cargo selection, pricing, as well as the finance and legal aspects.

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One shall apply system approach when analyzing the port activities. Such approach is usually applied when solving the specific problems of the ports. The author of the present publication has made an attempt to introduce the system analysis to the port system using the top-bottom method. In the first chapter of his dissertation the author provides the discussion on the basic port system theory together with its relation to port.

The interrelations taking place within port are categorized in the intangible, half-tangible and tangible types. The second part of the document examines the port system in general and also introduces the analytic tool which is used throughout the rest part of the volume. The analysis of the subsystem is presented in the third part of the dissertation dealing with the cargo operation system.

The next chapter contains two case studies selected by the author for inclusion into his work and demonstrating how exactly port managers could benefit from system vision. The content of this work is definitely not aimed at the general reader but it will be interested to the people having deep professional interest in port systems and willing to get more information in addition to what can be found in the publications available today.

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The content of the present document was developed by the recognized industry experts to provide required guidance related to the regulatory and legislative tools that commonly affect activities and processes in connection with the freight transportation logistics. The guide has been arranged in general format.

The full title of the eLOGMAR-M project is mobile and we based solutions for the collaborative working environment together with the maritime and logistics applications. The findings addressed in this report are considered affecting all international intermodal and multimodal supply chains.

The list of contributors includes experts from different countries. While the first chapter provides brief introduction into the topics, the second one explains the background of this study. The third and fourth chapters discuss the international conventions relating to the transport.

In the fifth chapter the administrative and legal barriers are identified; it also contains summary of the information requirements governing the transportation and logistics including the demands of the marine ports and container terminals. The closing chapters of the document contain conclusions and bibliography.

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Here is the official publication by Informa. The maritime shipping industry has always been something about global markets and risks including physical, financial and commercial risks. All three of them are needed to ensure the timely and safe delivery of the cargoes transported on board marine vessels every year. The marketplace is a true hero of the global maritime business.

The publication will be of great interest to the people involved or interested in the shipping industry. It opens with some historical background including the Lloyd's List timeline and brief information on the shipping markets as well as the associated market cycles and information in the period from 1734, i.e. time of foundation, and up to today. The main part of the publication has been arranged in several parts dealing with the people, i.e. manning problems, secrets of success in the shipping industry, and interesting info about the so-called human factor.

The next part is covering trade, with particular attention paid to the changes in maritime trade, ship management, container shipping and major trends in the industry... the other parts of the book address the communication at sea, innovation and technology, protection of the environment, ship construction yards, risk and insurance matters, security, and finance. The content of the volume is prepared by the world respected experts.

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