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A very popular autobiographical masterpiece by the bestselling author - a truly excellent return to the alternate universes known and loved by all fans. The book is full of the characters most beloved by the master. It is intended to broaden and enrich epic visions of life and death, time and space, love and desire...

So many readers have already appreciated this volume and treated it as thought-provoking and admirably successful. All alternative universes mentioned above are well done and the autobiographical material itself is perfect. According to the reviews submitted by the critics from different parts of the world, the book is spirited and exuberant and shall be considered as maybe the most defining work of the author reflecting his very long and so successful career.

The author of this book, Robert Heinlein, graduated from the United States Naval Academy but, unfortunately, retired from the American Navy in five years time due to the illness. He is the four-time winner of the prestigious Hugo Award, he got subject award for his famous novels - Stranger in a Strange Land, Starship Troopers, Double Star and, finally, The Moon is a Harsh. These novels and others made him very popular...

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The fleet submarine Shark wallowed heavily in an oily following sea. It was a moonless night with no breeze. The six men on bridge watch searched the dark horizon more intently than usual. Shark lay astride the Japanese convoy routes from the Marianas to Japan—a busy spot in the northern reaches of the Bonin Islands—and the SJ surface-search radar was temporarily out of commission.

At 0134, Willie Bonsel, one of three lookouts who were standing on a platform in the periscope shears, broke the silence on the bridge. "Smoke on the horizon. Zero-three-zero." The contact had apparently not fazed Fireman Bonsel, who was noted for his taciturnity, but the other five men on the bridge were electrified. Especially the quartermaster, Jack Childress, fresh out of sub school and making his first war patrol.

When he swung his 7-by-50 binoculars to the horizon off the starboard bow, his hands trembled so badly he could not focus the lens. The officer of the deck, Jim Bell, a reserve lieutenant, junior grade, who was Shark's communications officer, riveted his binoculars on the horizon and spoke quietly but authoritatively into the intercom to the conning tower immediately below: "Report to the captain. Smoke on the horizon. Zero-three-zero. Come right to two-five-oh. Secure the battery charge. Put all four main engines on the line. All ahead full."...

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This excellent collection of the classic sea stories is consisting of thirty most fascinating nautical works that have been written by the world-famous writers including such the great authors as Robert Louis Stevenson, Victor Hugo, Charles Wesley Sanders, Morgan Robertson and Jack London, H. Lovercraft, Frank Norris, H. Tomlinson, Norman Duncan and others.

The titles presented in the pack include, for example, "The sea fogs" and "The brain of the battle ship", "The striped chest" and "The cruise of the Shining Light", "The trade-winds" and "Salvage", "The ship that saw a ghost", "Between the millstones", "Primordial", "The Striped Chest" and so many others. A truly excellent collection of marine novels for easy reading. Over past years, the Megapack series has been already found to be very popular among all sea lovers.

Thirty works that have been selected for inclusion into this pack are all very interesting and that was the reason of their great popularity among the readers everywhere in the world. We would of course highly recommend this set of books as the nice reading for virtually all categories of marine enthusiasts and all people with the interest in sea adventures. Have a look an you will definitely like all of the novels contained in the pack.

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This novel is a very well developed with a great cast of characters and a very interesting story. The readers will definitely note the effort put by the author on this work in the development of the world together with the people. Note that this is not a story just about the Iron Ship; in fact, only one of its chapters has been set at sea and aboard the vessel. There are so many characters in this book and the main story focuses on six siblings, but it also draws in other characters.

A lot of head hopping is occurring in the book which might distress some of the readers at first, but the author has handled this is such a brilliant manner that allows the switches to be very smooth and not distracting from this story at all. It will be definitely very difficult for all readers to put this book down because of the quality of the world building; it is guaranteed that the readers will get lost in the story and forget that they do not actually live in the times of Hundred Kingdoms.

The only complaint will be that this book ends very soon. One of the positive aspects of this title is the way in which the author has formed the imagined fantasy world. All of the given information is very important and the ancient naval history allows readers to properly understand the characters of the book and their behavior...

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The author of this novel is world known as the person who created Horation Hornblower. However, he is also the writer of numerous other books which are not less popular. The one presented to your attention is describing the actions that have been seen by the crew members of one of the light cruisers of the British Navy fleet during the fighting, struggling against seriously overwhelming odds in order to get a vital convoy to Malta, we are now talking about the times of the Second World War.

Each of the chapters starts with some intro words from the official battle report of the Captain followed by the description of what was meant from the point of view of the people involved, from most junior seamen to the Captain. You will feel the contrast between the understated formal language of the official paper and heroism of the real events and will also be amazed with the amount of detail provided by the writer.

This title has been found very popular among all readers and it has been top rated by most of them. In fact it was a very famous historical battle when a squadron of British ships escorting a convoy heading to Malta was attacked by a significantly heavier forces but fought back in the way and result described in this book.

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The debut by Antonia Honeywell, a famous writer of the novels. According to the numerous reviews, the book is powerful and interesting to read. It is a genre-defying and truly luminous novel. The book takes you to the times when the Earth is over-crowded with people and, as a result, under-resources.  Different parts of London have been burnt while others are covered with the water.

People are hungry and homeless, living in the tents placed in the city parks, sleeping in the museum. The city is full of people who are disposed and desperate. The protagonist of the book, girl called Lalla, has a relatively comfortable life as her father is a very important person having very good and strong connections with the rulers; her mother ensures that Lalla always has enough food and clean water. Her family manages to keep and maintain their comfortable apartment in London. But she has no friends and only communicates with parents...

The book tells the readers about her voyage on board the ship; this voyage has taken one hundred and fifty days; the story told by the author will make readers think deeper about what happens on our planet, take a glance at the people and their behavior, and this is quite important feature of the book.

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This nice and captivating marine novel by Peter Tonkin is actually a sequel to his very popular thriller "The Coffin Ship". The characters of this novel book, Richard and Robin Mariner are having a rare vacation and suddenly stumble upon a plot of the terrorist organization to strangle the oil flow out of the Persian Gulf. Some eight years after the previous set of adventures they have all been again caught up in a mystery happening around huge supertankers.

They now discover a "fire ship", i.e. one full of explosive materials and designed with the aim to destroy all vessels around it. In the meantime, their supertanker Prometheus II is under terrorists attack, and Robin's father is kidnapped in the Persian Gulf when he arrives with the clear intention to manage the situation. The vivid and colorful descriptions of the maritime life and the sea by the author, together with the swift pace of the action has made this a really gripping marine novel.

The main characters of the novel have to display their best merit to overcome all obstacles, avoid all bullets, but this has never been a drawback to a really good thriller. An interesting and fascinating story that will be definitely found a great one by all lovers of sea.

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An excellent title from the author of many interesting novels who has presented another engaging reading. Among the main features of each of his book the readers note the good story telling and very careful attention paid to the details. The main hero of this story is a sea captain making his best to put the vessel and all crew on board on the line for his King and his Country.

Note that the style of writing used in this book is not modern but rather classical and will be greatly appreciated by the people having serious interest with the naval history. It is a nice story of a military person who is actually very smart but this is not actually realized by all his superiors. The action is picking up, and the naval fighting scenes are intense and violent, in fact almost non-stop. The author will make the readers experience all the suspense and terror of the sea battles.

The book has been rated as very well written and recommended to any people who like the naval military books. Readers enjoying the naval stores written by the modern authors, such as Phillip McCutchan and Douglas Reeman will for sure love this one because of the rich and believable characters and plot lines. In short, this book is highly recommended to all people enthusiastic about the naval history, and particularly sea battles of the past.

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