The present volume is mainly intended to serve as a reference book and class text in technical drawing. The content of the book includes numerous problems that cover literally every single phase of the subject; it is also constituting a full teaching unit.

The authors have been encouraged in their initial aim by the extensive use of the text of this volume during the past several decades, and that aim was to prepare a tool which would be teaching the engineering language and to keep it duly updated with the latest developments.

The original idea was to explain and illustrate each of the fundamental principles from the student's standpoint and to make the content interesting enough so that the students can read the book and study on their own initiatives. This fourth release of the book constitutes the thorough revision that the text did undergo. In fact, very small part of the original text and illustration has remained from the previous edition of the book. A huge number of new problems and informative illustrations have been added and hundreds of the old illustrations have been completely redrawn.

The entire content of the book has been revised in order to duly reflect the latest recognized American Standards. Another improvement to the content is the adoption of a new format permitting the reproduction of illustrations larger for easier use.

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This perfectly compiled and really useful volume is actually intended to provide people with a course of engineering mathematics. No matter what field of engineering readers are actually studying, all of them will for sure require proper knowledge of math that is covered in this volume. The authors have applied a remarkably thorough approach putting the concepts into the engineering context to help readers get correct understanding of the relevance of math techniques shown in this book and also get full appreciation of drawing upon them throughout their studies.

The main content of the volume has been arranged in thirteen chapters covering the general intro to both geometry and algebra, functions and complex numbers, vector and matrix algebra, discrete mathematics, sequences, limits and series, integration and differentiation, further calculus, ordinary differential equations as well as Fourier series and Laplace transforms, theory of probability plus data handling.

All chapters have been supplemented with the practical review exercises for easier understanding of the subject. Some of the additional valuable info is there the appendices to the main part, covering the trigonometric identities and derivatives/integrals, and some useful results and standard integrals. 

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We are offering you to have a glance at this thoroughly revised edition of maybe the most popular construction databook available today and providing the most up-to-date details on the construction materials plus all relevant equipment. This practical all-inclusive compendium is containing hundreds of the data tables and technical specifications together with the charts and very informative illustrations that cover literally all of the materials/equipment that are usually utilized at any work.

The readers will find the easy-to-use and very practical information addressing the selection and application of the materials/equipment, dimensions of the construction components and valuable instructions of their installation, This new release also features the complete coverage of new details on the energy-saving options and also on sustainable materials. The publication is expected to be a perfect reference tool for all construction projects - it will help all readers to run any construction work in an efficient and economical manner.

Among the topics covered within this volume there are the utilities and all equipment of the construction site, soils, the building envelope, soils, carpentry and framing, fire- and soundproofing. relevant mechanical systems plus the associated equipment, electrical installations and arrangements, plumbing, coverings and other valuable information.

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Have a look in this new second release of the popular practical books on pipelines; its authors have thoroughly revised the whole content of the volume in order to include the updated info on the recognized standards and codes, practical solutions to the popular technical problems, additional sources of reference, and newly added clarifications to the existing text. Numerous corrections have been made to the formulas, texts. data tables and drawings.

The publication will offer readers both practical and straightforward technique for design and construction of pipelines, making the volume a really ideal professional tool for reference and training. The authors have presented different elements making up a single-phase liquid/gas pipeline systems, covering such the important aspects as the commissioning and assessment of the pipelines and associated facilities. They have also paid particular attention to the transmission of gas and liquid, pumping arrangements, compression, integrity and protection of the pipelines as well as the project management.

The team of authors has also given some proven math models and real life case studies, sketches and also clear technical descriptions of the pipeline systems. The book contains the practical approach commonly uses in the everyday construction processes for the oil and gas pipelines. The authors have reflected every step of the above stated processes.

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Despite the title of this volume, it is not the one that would enable the readers to accomplish what the meteorological services scattered all around the world are struggling to do; the book has been rather designed to instantly forecast when exactly the storm is due.

   What the author of this publication, professional sailor and meteorologist Alan Watts, tried to do was point out the key factors that people should consider when the pro- forecasters have made their storm predictions - and sometimes even if the professionals have not. This volume brings the sky and science together and is full of very useful tips on how to properly determine what is coming.

The book is very easy to use and is packed with numerous color images that perfectly illustrate various types of weather fronts and allow reader to understand what they would bring. The author has also included so many practical explanations and data table to make the theoretical text more understandable for the average user. The instructive images show the cloud formations and all other supplementary material has been added with the ultimate purpose to enable readers involved in outdoor activities assess their chances of being caught in a storm. Note that actually no other author of the forecasting-related texts uses the hands-on approach applied by Alan Watts. You may wish to have a look at this book on wind forecasting.

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Here is a book prompting questions - and providing some answers - relating to the behaviors' of the wind in different situations. Note that it is not intended to cover absolutely all circumstances because of its limited volume, but the author of this publication still hopes that it will be very helpful to the readers who require a bit deeper insight into the subject that it is usually provided by the official weather forecasts.

It is not actually a sort of textbook on the wind; however, some of the explanations have been provided in the book, but that is a minimum required to make the content of the publication understandable to all readers who may not be professionals. Such approach is expected to appeal to all people daunted by the long wind explanations. The book is a good choice for the average reader since it does not require them to possess any deep knowledge of the meteorology and associated terminology.

This new release of the popular volume has been seriously updated with numerous informative images and data tables in comparison to the previous edition. There are several completely new chapters such as the one dedicated to the micro wind shifts or the winds that are considered specific to the Mediterranean region. Check this publication for the storm forecasting, as well.

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Nowadays, smart materials are widely utilized to develop the water systems that would have high performance and at the same time be very cost-effective. In addition, they are used to find the effective ways to monitor the quality of the water. Such materials are extensively used for the treatment and remediation, as well as for the prevention of the environmental pollution.

They are capable of maintaining the long-term quality of the water and provide the availability of the water resources together with their viability. What it means is that these materials could be re-used and recycled, we can desalinize them and it is also possible to detect the contamination by biological or chemical substances. The chapters that are contained in this volume are covering the most important and relevant technological developments and future research prospects. The author has also paid particular attention to the contemporary waste water treatment techniques proven effective.

The material contained in this volume will be quite beneficial to all researchers working in the subject area due to the fundamental concepts described in the book, as well as the applications of the popular smart materials. The publication is also intended to provide the students and researchers with a necessary platform for carrying out the relevant technological researches and get a proper understanding of the subject.

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Her childhood was marked by pretty unusual rhythm. Every year freezing and subsequent thawing of the water of Great Lakes served as a sort of signal making the beginning and the end of anther shipping season, which in turn meant months of waiting for her father, the Captain.

The text of this fascinating book features vivid details and really lovely storytelling - this is the way how the author is capturing so interesting and fascinating life of many shipping families - days and weeks of their lives used to revolve mainly around the shipping industry of that region.

The author has managed to paint a truly affectionate and intriguing portrait of her father who started as a pianist but then started to work on board an ore freighter and this was a beginning of his life on the water. He made an impressive career from deckhand and up to the Captain of the vessel - he worked as a Captain on as many as thirteen different vessels over twenty-years of his working at sea.

Ann, the author of this story, used to accompany her father to the ports of Toledo, Milwaukee, Cleveland and others, and she has used her memories to describe sailing and visiting the machinery room of the ship, stormy weather, starry nights, wheeling the ship together with the Captain. She is revealing insights into the real rewards and trials of being a wife of the Captain...

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