Take a time going through this nice practical guide released to explain and illustrate how the duly performed shipboard surveys can seriously reduce the risks of cargo shortages and contamination claims that commonly arise from loading/discharging of the crude oils plus various petroleum products.

The authors of this booklet are recommending a broad range of both qualitative and quantitative recording/monitoring techniques proven effective; such techniques should assist in identification of the potential loss of cargo and contamination problems at their earliest stages and also to reduce the costs that are associated with the remedy. This guide has been specifically designed to be used together with the industry guidelines and different recognized standards, for examples ones issued by the API. The authors have also provided valuable advice on the avoidance of the errors in the course of the calibration of vessel. They have also given some recommendations relating to the shipboard operating and also logging procedures.

All confusing terms and acronyms that are usually associated with the transportation of oil cargoes have been clearly explained. The publication has been prepared by Anthony Severn who is an internationally recognized expert on oil cargo claims commonly arising from the sea transportation and custody transfer of the crude oils and associated products. 

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This is a good collection of the classification and safety marks relating to the marine transportation of the dangerous goods. As we know, the carriage of the dangerous goods is governed by the provisions of the IMDG Code, covering nine classes of the dangerous goods, namely the explosives and gases, liquids and solids of flammable nature, organic peroxides and oxidizing substances, infectious and poisonous substances, corrosive and radioactive substances and, finally, all others combined under the umbrella of miscellaneous substances.

The booklet starts with the general introduction to the requirements of the Code and a general outline of the above listed classes together with their characteristics imposing additional requirements of their marine transportation. This is followed by the clear and concise explanations of the terminology applied. The main part of the document provides the safety marks that shall be used when the dangerous goods are transported on board your vessel. Note that the idea of the authors was to provide general introduction and not the detailed specific instructions on the transportation. The provisions of the IMDG Code and other relevant publications shall be referred to at all times.

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Here is the latest edition of the popular and premier air pollution book - it was completely revised by the team of author and now includes many new components. This textbook covers the wide range of topics that er relating to the study of the air pollution; in addition to that, there are some new chapters included in the book covering the atmospheric emissions and long term effects of the pollution.

The authors of the book also present the updated info on acidic development, mathematical modeling, long distance transport etc. It is a perfect compendium for every person involved, either directly or not directly, in making serious decisions in conjunction with the air pollution prevention and control. It will be useful even for non-specialists since they will find very concise and technically correct answers to the most difficult problems. We would say that the book presents a thorough multi-disciplinary overview of all the aspects that are relating to the air pollution - it will also be very interesting for people willing to know a bit more about the subject topic in general.



Written by the recognized industry experts, this textbook is a truly outstanding place to start learning about pollution topics and their relations to the other problems. The material has been presented in a very easy to read manner making the book very handy and helpful for everyone, not only to specialists.



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The main declared objective of the present volume was to introduce the engineering and mathematical approximation schemes to the readers and describe both kinetics and thermodynamics of the electro-chemical systems considered the fundamentals of the corrosion science. The material in each of the chapters has been given in a very easy-to-follow manner.

The readers will be provided with the clear explanations and definitions of all theoretical concepts involved. Every effort was made by the author to keep the mathematics as simple as possible to make sure that the students do not experience too much of difficulty when trying to understand the basics of the electrochemical processes relating to the corrosion. The readers are offered an opportunity to learn and understand the corrosion using the theory clearly explained with the aid of numerous images and figures, schemes and graphs.

Several example problems have been included in the book to better illustrate the application of the math and electrochemical concepts to solve the corrosion problems. The corrosion is one of the most serious problems to be paid attention in shipbuilding and exploitation and we would therefore recommend this book to every person involved in construction, handling and repair of ships.

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People have always been seriously fascinated by the marine life, starting from the smallest diatoms and up to the huge marine mammals inhabiting our planet, such as blue whales. It should be noted, however, that the process of studying of marine life is quite a difficult task taking into account the fact that the ocean environment is vast and also opaque to most of the instruments and it can also be considered a hostile environment in which the experiments and researches may be conducted.

The use of the acoustics is a good practical way of the effective study of marine animal life. The advantage is that the acoustic energy propagates through the water much more efficiently than most of the other forms of energy and that is why it can easily be utilized by marine animals for various purposes and also by the scientists dealing with the study of their natural history and behavior.

Understanding the behavior of marine animals has always involved zoologists and psychologists and the science of marine bioacoustics continues to be considered a diverse discipline which involves investigators from different backgrounds and with different skills and knowledge. The interdisciplinary nature of this science presents a serious challenge in preparing a single volume meaningful enough to the students and professionals with the interest in this field.

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One of the best volumes available today on coastal hydraulics. This is the second, significantly updated and revised, edition of the book. The content of the publication opens with the basic information on the subject including motion equations applicable to the ideal fluids, sediment transport and viscous flow. This chapter is followed by the one on tides and currents - here the readers will get the information about the equilibrium tide, tidal streams and bores, numerical analysis methods etc.

The next chapter deals with the waves and covers the linear theory, diffraction and reflection of waves, longshore currents and their generation, ship waves, wind waves and other important aspects. The chapter devoted to the coastal sediment transport will tell readers about the suspended and bed load, littoral drift and roughness length, longshore drift, beach nourishment etc.

The rest of the chapters of the volume address such areas as coast and bed morphology, coastal protection and its planning, waves and structures including wave characteristics and associated forces, application of the spectral analysis method to wave loadings, and data acquisition through current and wave measurements, measurement of the sediment movement and littoral drift, and hydrographic surveys.

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This is the third edition of the title, updated and fully revised, and completely rewritten with the aim to make numerous corrections and additions to the material and also to improve the already existing information. The book is mainly intended to serve as an introduction to the wave mechanics plus different coastal processes together with the basics underlining the currently establishes coastal engineering practices.

The content of the document will be of great practical use for students and in fact everyone having some basic engineering background. The readers are not expected to have any fluid mechanics or math background. This classic publication is offering readers a well-rounded intro to coastal engineering. Note that it will present particular practical interest to the practicing engineers and scientists who did not have any formal study in this field but who are willing to get familiar with coastal engineering.

The material included into the book is covering literally all coastal processes and this list includes mechanisms that are commonly causing changes to the beach profiles, beach equilibrium profiles, design and characteristics of the coastal entrances and wealth of other relevant information. A reference source for people wishing to understand the fundamental concepts in coastal engineering without going too deep in math.

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It goes without saying that people never enjoy corrosion. The corrosion is commonly perceived as a very nasty phenomena with which people have to cope. The present comprehensive volume by Alec Groysman is aimed to clearly explained the corrosion to everybody and the author has made his best to present the explanation in a maximum lucid and interesting way.

The content of the volume will be easily understandable even for the beginners and young engineers. However, the problem of corrosion has been addressed quite deeply and it means that the book will be of great professional interest even for the practicing engineers and scientists in this field. The author has used a fresh style of writing and explanation and covered such the important topics as oxygen solubility in water, reversible/irreversible potential, practical monitoring and control of pollution, iron and steel oxidation, humanitarian aspects and many others.

The text part of the volume has been supplemented with numerous practical real-life examples of different corrosion phenomena. The corrosion has been explained in six big chapters starting from the corrosion mechanisms and its parameters, through the corrosion phenomena and types of corrosion. The publication would be recommended to all people willing to get a deeper insight in the corrosion types, associated mechanisms and preventative measures.

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