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This is the very first detailed publication devoted wholly to the English law in connection with the yacht ownership and their operation. Note that it was not the intention of the authors to concentrate on the leisure yacht. The idea was to provide the builders of the yachts as well as the researchers in the field and all other parties involved, with the important legal matters relating to the sailing and motor yacht building and operation.

In the past the subject facilities could only be owned by the rich people; however, the past years showed quite a rapid growth in the subject market and serious investments made in the design of the yachts and associated technical researches. This all has eventually resulted in a very complicated legal framework which is quite difficult to understand.

However, it is quite clear that the appropriate understanding shall be possessed by anyone engaged in the field and this is what the present book will help you with. The numerous standard contract forms have been covered and explained in detail. The book opens with the information about the yacht building contracts and their registration, VAT applicability, legislation, accidents at sea, and many other important areas.

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As we all know, the distribution of the oil resources of our planet is quite uneven and that is the reason why the most of the subject hydrocarbon has to be transported by the ships. In fact, the maritime transportation of oil across the oceans is mainly a sort of one-way trade involving the supply and consuming states. Among the major established routes for the oil carriage there are Middle East/Southern Asia to America, China and Japan, and Western Europe.

And, actually, these are the routes on which the incidents involving the marine pollution by oil occur. The oil has been treated as the main energy source for the mankind starting from the times of the World War Two. The number of oil movements has drastically increased and nowadays the huge number of oil tankers is delivered on the regular basis in order to satisfy the demand for the oil transportation.

It is of no surprise that the problem of oil pollution has also increased and is considered one of the most serious problems in the field of marine pollution today, because the oil is one of the worst pollutants. It results in the very negative consequences – not only environmental but also economic and social. A single oil spill can eventually result in so many problems not limited to the ecology.

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The main content of the present volume is prepared on the basis of the documents presented during the Eleventh International Colloquium of the Institute of International Shipping & Trade Law. The book was written by the team of recognized specialists contributing their knowledge and experience with the ultimate intention to give readers a perfect and professional insight into the most important issues in the field of the internationally made contracts for sale and transportation.

There are three parts in this volume with the first one offering readers a detailed and thorough discussion on the most critical issues and unanswered questions related to the international trade and associated contracts. The second part is devoted to the legal aspects normally arising in relation with the security of the cargoes, letters of credit and other papers involved. Finally, the third part provides an up to date analysis of the matters relating to the cargo insurance.

The volume features a truly remarkable and impressively broad coverage of the topics and shall be a vital reading and reference source for both students and industry professionals, who will find the information contained herein, beneficial for their study and work.

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Written by the team of the world class maritime lawyers, this fourth edition of the title takes into account all latest developments in the field of the maritime law. The opening chapter of the publication is dealing with the conflict of laws including the arbitration, court arbitration, and governing law.

The shipbuilding and ship sale contracts and the associated obligations, registration of the ships, and essentials of the ship finance are covered in the second chapter while the third one deals with the international maritime trade and the relevant shipping paperwork; here, the basic terms, contract performance and other important aspects are covered.

Both time and voyage charterparties are discussed in the fourth chapter, while the fifth one is dealing with the bills of lading and cargo clams, covering such items as the carrier’s identity, proving the loss, potential liability of the claimant’s and others.

The topics covered in the rest of the volume include but are not limited to the carriage of passengers, liabilities of the ship, wreck removal, pilotage, salvage, limitation of liability etc. The tables of legislation and all relevant conventions and rules are provided at the end of the book.

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The modern transportation of cargo by sea is one of the most important aspects of the international trade. The maritime transportation is very cost-efficient and is deservedly treated as a preferred choice when compared to the land and/or air transportation. In fact, it only adds a few percent to the overall cost of the products.

However, it normally takes much longer and there are also certain issued with the efficient integration of this transportation option with the others. In addition to that, due attention shall be paid to the safety of the transportation as well as the environment protection. The latest technological achievements and advances in the field of maritime transportation are posing the serious demands on the science requiring proper synergy of the maritime and IT fields.

It affects such important areas as the risk assessment, computational intelligence, knowledge representation and so many others, considered critical for the safe and efficient transportation. The present volume is focusing on the most interesting researches on the IT methodologies as applied to the marine transportation. There are seven chapters covering the necessary areas and giving readers a clear picture.

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In this volume, the team of recognized maritime law professionals tries to answer the most important questions related to the security challenges as applied to the United States. They analyze the modern legal challenges for America together with the naval operations confronting them. In fact, this is the first volume on the operational law addressing such the important aspects never been dealt with in detail before.

The idea of the authors was to provide industry with the proper platform so that the practitioners can benefit from the expertise in the contemporary maritime law. The ongoing trends have been addressed and analyzed in detail. There are four main parts in the book, staring with the introduction and the maritime challenges of today, followed by the information on the international straits and associated rights and obligations.

The third part of the book is entirely devoted to the maritime security and safety, while the closing part addresses the law of the armed conflict, including the historical background, contraband and prize, public international law etc. The volume will definitely be interesting to the maritime lawyers and as such is recommended to them all.

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The author of the present volume focused mainly on the features specific to the Baltic Sea, paying due attention to its uniqueness in the legal terms. There are up to six regulation levels acting in parallel, including the national laws and general international law, European Union law, different municipal and local regulations, as well as the many other arrangements.

It shall be noted, however, that having so many laws, rules, and regulations does not guarantee the effectiveness. The content of this document covers several topics considered internationally important; however, it was found that in these particular areas there are certain gaps in the regulatory framework. Apart from the legal analysis of the serious aspects specific to the region, the volume also addresses the regulatory anatomy, providing the detailed explanations.

You will get to know how exactly the gaps in the regulatory set are normally formed, and how they shall be filled. The author explains the interaction of the different regulatory layers. The book will be of practical use for the people engaged in the ship operation in the Baltic Sea area, providing all necessary information hard to find in any other sources.

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Have a look into this compact but very useful and informative booklet providing the essentials of the shipbuilding contracts. Developed and released by the entity with the huge experience in making the shipbuilding contracts, and reviewing the associated paperwork, it will be an excellent training tool for those entering the industry.

It will be of particular benefit to the clients since they will be given a good idea of the most important aspects that have to be taken into consideration during the negotiations between the shipbuilding facility and the client. It also provides an insight to the commonly used and agreed terms. The booklet opens with the information on the forms and specifications, followed by the sections on the contract pricing and payment terms, and sub-contracting.

The liquidated damage provisions are addressed separately. Then, there are two chapters on the risks and security. The ship classification has been dealt with; also, the due attention has been paid by the author to the documentation and ship delivery, sea trials, warranty period, dispute resolution, and defaults by the buyer and the builder. This is a great tool prepared by the great professionals.

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