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This is the sixth edition of one of the most popular titles on the maritime law. The publication features a truly exhaustive coverage of all topics and will be excellent for both the newcomers to the world of law and the experienced specialists. Note that all latest changes in the legislation are duly reflected in the pages of this publication. There are thirteen main sections in this book and it opens with the one explaining the ship ownership and registration.

It is followed by the sections on the ship mortgage and ship sale, contracts for the new construction of the ships, bills of lading and charter parties, maritime claims and admiralty jurisdiction, sovereign immunity etc. the second half of the volume deals with such important areas as the ship collision and salvage, towage of the vessels, pollution of the marine environment caused by the oil spills, limitation of the liability, pilotage, and passengers.

The tables of cases, international conventions, and legislation are also included. The appendices to the main content provide additional information, including the texts of the several conventions, protocols, acts, agreements and standard forms. This is a must-have for all lawyers involved in the maritime industry.

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This second edition of the popular marine insurance law publication was prepared and released with the aim to introduce and clearly explain all important matters that are normally covered within the courses for masters; the students and people new to the area will be offered a remarkably accessible and comprehensive overview of this part of the maritime law.

The publication opens with the brief but informative introduction to the essential principles of the maritime law as well as formation and structure of the maritime shipping insurance contracts. Then, the author proceeds to the individual considerations, giving their detailed explanation. Among the topics covered there are insurable interest, fraudulent claims, fair presentation of the associated risks, reinsurance, marine perils and many other aspects.

The content of this edition is revised to reflect the significant changes that were presented within the Insurance Act 2015; in addition, there are several newly introduced appendices that contain information about the applicable regulations and give some example clauses that have been taken from the real maritime insurance contract and included for reference.

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In this fourth edition of the publication its authors keep providing people engaged in handling the shipping related disputed in different jurisdictions with a professional overview of the most important issues that are related to each of the jurisdictions. The content of the book has been developed on the basis of the valuable contributions from the major flag state authorities and leading shipping companies.

There are several completely new chapters included in the book; they cover the law of the main centers of shipbuilding. The book opens with the cross-jurisdictional chapters where the authors look into the recent developments in the most critical areas of the maritime industry. Subject areas would typical include shipbuilding and operations, maritime piracy, maritime ports, major environmental issues, logistics, regulations and many others.

The marine insurance has been paid particular attention. Note that there is also a new chapter addressing the offshore industry – here the authors are making an effort to demystify the complicated contractual relationship in the offshore sector. The review of the safety regimes in different countries has been provided, together with the port state control, classification and registration…

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The present publication presents the selected reference materials relating to the problems of rescue at sea. As the title implies, the content of the document also covers such important aspects as marine interception and stowaways. In short, it is the collection of the regulatory documentation addressing the above-mentioned matters.

The first part of the book is dealing with the international law of the sea, and here the readers will find the international instruments including UNCLOS and International Convention on Salvage, SOLAS, SAR and FAL, plus the Convention on the High Seas. Moreover, this part also contains the relevant IMO Guidelines.

The second part will be valuable for those interested in the international refugee law - they will find all important conventions, interventions, guidelines and position papers issued to cover this problem; several key conference and meeting materials released by UNHCR have also been included.

Three remaining parts of the book are dealing with the international criminal law, humanitarian law and human rights. A definitely useful publication for those with the professional interest in the maritime industry and shipping law with the focus made on rescue at sea and associated issues.

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Here is the latest, fourth, edition of the volume providing traditionally detailed and remarkably practical guidelines on the real-life working principles of the LMA, standing for the London Maritime Arbitration. We would like to underline that the present publication is the only one available on the market to offer such practical focus on the modern maritime disputes; it also provides all interested parties with the perfect exposition of the fundamental principles and basics of the English law together with the informative discussions and thorough analysis of the applicable case law and regulatory framework.

The content of this brilliant volume will be highly appreciated by the arbitration practitioners who will definitely be pleased to find all required information in a single volume; they can use this book both in-house and in their private practice. The book was also aimed at the professionals of the maritime shipping industry including ship owners and charterers, ship managers and brokers, P&I workers and so many others. A new section has been included in this release of the book covering the Brexit, salvage arbitration and third-party funding. Comparative references and summaries are provided for easy use.

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This is a very good and useful training resource to be used by the students of maritime law. The content has been presented in the way of powerpoint presentation covering all important aspects and giving detailed introduction to the Admiralty and maritime law regulating the transportation of people and goods by sea. The origins of the Admiralty and maritime law trace back to the ancient times.

The maritime courts were originally established in the marine ports with the intention to resolve serious controversies existing among different nations engaged in the process of transporting passengers and cargoes over water. This training volume starts with the brief history of maritime law followed by the information on the development of American Admiralty Law. Then, the author proceeds to the main terms including vessel, navigable waters and maritime flavor.

Separate slides have been devoted to the jurisdiction over worker injury and jurisdiction over maritime torts. Contracts for the cargo transportation, chapter parties, demise chapter, time charter, voyage charters and bills of lading are covered within next several slides. In short, the document will provide trainees with all necessary information about the Admiralty and maritime law and as such shall be saved by all persons with the interest in this field.

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Here is the sixth edition of the world famous publication released every five years under the "Berlinghieri on Arrest of Ships" title. The content of the volume is prepared by the Professor Beringhieri as s deservedly treated as one of the most important and remarkable publications in the world of the maritime shipping law. This material of this new edition is now presented in two volumes for more convenient use.

The book is a really indispensable source of useful information - the author made an excellent effort and detailed all claims related to the arrested vessels as well as the conditions related to obtaining the order of ship arrest, the demand for security, and also the manner by which the arrested vessel may get released. The jurisdiction of the merits and possibility of the multiple arrest have also been discussed. Professor Berlinghieri is a renowned and one of the most respected experts in the field.

In his work he has presented the results of the analysis of the conventions related to the ship arrests. Subject results have been presented in an article-by-article manner. The book is a treasure for the practitioners as well as post-graduate students. The glossary of terms is also included for ready reference. We may say that the publication covers absolutely everything they need to know about the ship arrests.

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We all understand that today, with the significant and sometimes revolutionary advances in maritime transport and technology, the use of the world oceans by humans extends so far beyond the traditional activities. Note that there are so many of new emerging activities, such as oil exploration and production, bioprospecting, developments of the offshore renewable energy and others, and such activities challenge the applicability of the existing maritime policy and law.

The present Handbook was developed and released by Routledge with the intention to thoroughly examine the current regulatory and enforcement instruments/mechanisms applicable to different sectors of maritime activity. The volume will serve as a comprehensive reference and it will be of great practical interest and use to students of maritime law, practitioners and even non-lawyers willing to deepen the knowledge of the offshore areas regulation.

Needless to say that the widest coverage of the topics offered by the authors of this document and the way in which the material has been presented will make the volume highly appreciated by all practicing shipping industry specialists and students so we can recommend it to both categories of readers.

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