There are so many books available the ship model making available today that the readers are offered a great choice. Subject books cover a very wide range of different types of vessels and historical periods. Some of the publications treat the subject in more general terms while others deal with the specific vessel or construction method. The present manual was developed to provide ship model makers with some guidance and assistance.

The great practical experience of the author has found its reflection in the pages of this volume. A big part of the book is devoted to the established shipyard practices, particularly some important aspects of the ship hull construction and fitting. Even though the book is mainly dealing with the so-called steamers, the author has also covered numerous fittings for the sailing vessels.

Model hull construction methods have been covered as they are normally impacted by the remarks on the shipyard practices; that is the reason why attention was paid to the proven structures and fittings on board ships. There are many illustrations included to supplement the text making it more readable. The publication will be appreciated by the professional ship modelers as well as those making their first steps in the field of ship model making.

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Even there are quite a lot of publications available about the model steamers, apparently none of them gives clear information that is normally needed by the average newcomers to the world of ship model making. The main object of this book was to fill subject gap and provide ship modelers with the information they requires as well as give them some valuable advice.

All of the information, instructions and plans have been provided in a remarkably concise form, but they are very informative and easy to understand and follow. The modelers designing their own vessels and engines make everything themselves and would hardly need any instructions, but there are so many beginners who are willing to do the thing but hesitate to start the process because of their doubt as of their own ability.

In fact building a good steamship model is not an impossible task for anyone who is handy and patient enough to spend some time and take some pains. Do not think of this construction as of some laborious and difficult task – treat it as a pleasure instead. Follow the tips and instruction provided in the pages of this excellent volume and you will inevitably succeed in constructing a good model. Note there are four large scale designs included in the pack for the ready use.

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This content of the present book was prepared for the ship model builders and furthermore for any person who are willing to form a general idea of some of the types of ships, which our ancestors used to navigate the seas. It is a fortuitous spin-off from a commission by a group of Dutchmen emigrated to New Zealand, to build two historic ship models.

On the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the discovery of the island by Abel Tasman, they made a decision to offer these two model ships of the daring seafarer to the newly opened Hobson's Wharf Maritime Museum located in Auckland. Reconstructions of past vessel do help people to form a visual image of Dutch nautical history.

The book is remarkably comprehensive and will be greatly appreciated by the ship model makers and naval historians who will discover a true wealth of useful historical and technical information in a single volume. The text of the volume is a result of the cooperation of ship model maker and draughtsman who followed the process and recorded each step. Have a look and you be impressed.

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This nice book prepared by Arthur Montgomery was written to guide the readers through the entire process of building a perfect plank-on-frame model of the famous Jefferson Davis, one of the world prominent vessels of the past times.

The volume takes readers through literally all phases of modeling, providing them with all required historical information, basics of the hull construction, including framing, planking, sparring, rigging and decking techniques, and gives very clear and easy to follow instructions.

The process of the construction is illustrated with the step-to-step photographs making the modeling not easy but also enjoyable. There are several valuable notes relating to the armament of the vessel. In addition, note that there is a ship modeler's glossary to help reader with the terminology.

All required plans, line drawings and data tables have also been included by the author - it means that the publication contains absolutely everything the modeler may need to build a perfect ship model. We do recommend all ship model builders not to miss this book noting the information, illustrations and photo, as well as the professional advice and instructions it provides.

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Well, this is another ship modeling Bible. The volume is absolutely indispensable for all serious model makers. The content offers all hobbyists an excellent understanding of the important aspects of modeling of the American packet ships and clippers, covering their rigging and masting together with the fittings. We would say that the book will represent a true treasury of relevant valuable information for the naval historians, students and sailing enthusiasts.

The volume features nearly three hundred perfectly detailed and clear drawings of various components of the vessels providing the modelers with required understanding of the sailing ships. The readers will find useful and practical tips on making jigs, tools and will get an idea of how to become a successful ship model maker. Great volume to be in the collection of any professional or amateur modeler, interesting in both information provided and the drawings.

The experienced ship modelers may use this volume to refresh some of the points while the newcomers to the world of model making will find it as invaluable textbook providing them with all required instructions and visual aid that gained this book worldwide popularity in ship modeling society.

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According to the reviews of this book done by the ship model makers from different parts of the world, it is really a fantastic one. The publication will provide all interested readers with the detailed information about the ship models that are making the world famous collection of the Greenwich Museum. It is maybe the most complete book for the ship modelers of all that are available today and a must-have for all model builders.

The photographs contained in the volume are perfectly clear and sharp; the models are providing a full picture of the frigates with particular attention paid to the details. The photographs are mainly focusing on the ship hull construction. Looking at these images the reader will get an idea of how the model ships shall be built. They say that the model makers who do not have this book are really missing out on view excellent and truly glorious photos of sailing vessels.

Note that the book will provide you with some data difficult to find anywhere else. Most of the images are supplemented with brief yet very informative explanations and some historical background. As you will see, the volume is telling the story of the cruising vessels under sail covering the whole process of their evolution.

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The content of the book was worked out by R. C. Andersen and aimed at the ship model builders. There are not too many publications available today that would provide the ship modeling enthusiasts with same amount of the practical and useful information. The materials selected by the author for inclusion in this book is supplemented by the numerous clear and informative diagrams for better understanding.

This volume is primarily intended to provide the detailed description of how exactly the XVII century English, Dutch, French and many other European navy and trading vessels were rigged, from the running rigging of the topsails and topgallants to the bowsprit and lower masts. It contains for than three hundred and fifty line drawings illustrating the rigging of all presented ships in detail.

The title will for sure be of great use for people who like ships and modeling, and who are interested in naval history and warships of the past. Even if you are not ship modeler, have a look in the book and you will find a true wealth of the historical information inside. Who knows, you may get taken away with the romance of sea and come to the world of ship modeling - why not to start with this one...

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The content of this book was prepared by the recognized expert Shelley Wachsmann providing readers with a remarkably rich and deep study of the vessels of the historical period starting from the closing years of the Bronze Age and up to the beginning of the Iron Age, together with the detailed analysis of their cultural and ethnic context.

The volume has been illustrated with more than two hundred photographs and supplemented with the informative annexes and appendixes. There is a glossary of terms included in the book for easy reference. An excellent volume for all ship model makers from newcomers to the professionals as well as to the naval history enthusiasts. The volume provides so much useful information that is quite difficult to find in the other publications.

In short, we would say that the present volume will offer the readers a broad range of the insights and a good evidence for the linkages that used to be there between the people and traditions of the Mediterranean. It has already been well accepted worldwide being treated as a very valuable asset for the people dealing with the different aspects of the cultural changes in the subject area and in the above stated period of time.

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