This is a very interesting and a truly breathtaking story telling readers about the sinking of one of the most well known American container vessels - El Faro. The tragedy of the crew consisting of thirty-five people is told in the pages of this book. This happened on 1st of October, 2015 when the Hurricane Joaquin reached Bermuda Triangle - it just swallowed El Faro and this eventually resulted in the worst disaster of the American shipping in the past 35 years.

It is still a mystery how a modern ship duly equipped with all necessary satellite communication systems, electronic navigation means and absolutely latest weather forecasting aids could just vanish. There were hundreds of interviews with the recognized maritime experts and with the family members of the people working on board El Faro, and there were even some conversations of the crew members recorded by the shipboard data recorder.

Rachel Slade, the professional journalist, did every effort to try and unravel the mystery of sinking of this ship. Her work has resulted in this perfectly reported account, taking readers straight into the heart of the American shipping industry. The book will be interesting not only to the professional mariners but is actually aimed at much broader readership.

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This is one of the most successful and popular books on the history of seamanship. We all understand that it would be next to impossible to try and write a complete and truly comprehensive history of the seamanship in a single volume. However, the author of this publication has managed to provide readers with an excellent and very interesting work. The seamanship itself began so many centuries ago - no one knows when exactly but people believe that happened in the Stone Age.

The content of this book will lead the readers through the whole history of seamanship starting from the old-time boats and up to the modern nuclear powered ships navigated by electronics. What the author did is that he arranged the material presented to the readers in six separate chapters, each of them covering one particular period of the history. The opening chapter is dealing with the earliest days of seamanship while in the second chapter we move to the antiquity.

The last chapter covers the times of the mechanical revolution. The main body of the volume is supplemented with the compact glossary of seamanship terminology which will be definitely appreciated by the people relatively new to the maritime world. Numerous brilliant photographs and images are there to provide additional information making it even more interesting to read.

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For so many centuries people used seaways for transporting their cargoes, ideas and cultures, but the seaways have never been as busy as they are today. Even though the mankind's normality is highly dependent on maritime shipping, it is still a world passing mainly unconsidered, unrecorded and in many cases even unseen. Day and night in every part of the sea and in all weather conditions seafarers handle gigantic vessels keeping the landed life in order and afloat.

These people in fact live truly extraordinary and interesting lives noting the pressures they are under and the dangers that are quite hard for others to imagine, including but of course not limited to the pirate attacks, hurricanes and harsh weather. The author joins two container vessels, traveling with their captains and crew members; in the excellent prose contemporary shipping industry battles with the implacable forces while the vessels cross the seas of history and the seafarers unfold their stories.

The author draws a beautiful but sometimes terrifying picture of the oceans and people, presenting a study of the world-scale business done afloat. The book will be interesting to all people fond of maritime shipping, seas, oceans and ships...

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One of the most popular publications for the broad audience with the interest in ships, their history and development. According to the readers, the content features truly great prose supplemented with the excellent pictures. The author of the book is bringing to life the remarkable voyage of the famous Captain Cook - it was an exploration voyage aboard the Endeavour ship leading to the South Pacific.

Nearly twenty years back a crew made of volunteers sailed aboard an exact replica of that bark to retrace the stretch of one of the most original sea voyages in the history, from the Great Barrier Reef to Indonesia. The volume will tell readers the glorious story of Captain's Cook journey using the experience of the volunteers crew. Numerous maps and drawings together with the artworks and photos add even more value.

The efforts of the author have resulted in this inspiring study of the past and present of maritime life telling a truly compelling story of maritime adventure which is combined with detail. It will be appreciated by all people who like sea and ships, not only to the people directly engaged in the maritime industry but also to the future mariners and those willing to know a bit more about the wonderful world of sea adventures.

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To explore and to travel, to trade and to fish, to fight and even for fun - people commonly take to the water for the above mentioned reasons. Throughout the history, people have been trying to find the ways to make sailing safer, quicker and easier. The earliest marine vessels were very simply constructed floats and rafts; however, later the hollow shell sat on the surface of the water, and this was the first boat, an invention considered to be as important as the wheel. It is still used all over the world, and the wooden boat is the ancestor of the great sailing ships and the huge ferries and container ships of today.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of different types of boat and ship, made from every material imaginable, from reeds or animal skins to plastic, fibreglass, iron, and steel. This publication features many full-color photographs that will make the process of education go very smooth and interesting. The readers will have a great chance to fully discover not only the history but also the workings of boats and vessels - they will see what life was like aboard the XVIII century schooners, how various types of vessels are constructed, how they work, how the huge trawlers locate the fish in the ocean and will actually gain the access to a wealth of other interesting information by just opening this great encyclopedia which has already been well accepted and recognized.

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This interesting volume will tell readers how to make nearly eighty different knots and also explain their uses from relatively simple hitches and up to quite complex knots and rope tricks. Each of the knots is explained in detail and provided with informative step-by-step illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions. According to the reader reviews, the book present a remarkable collection of knots. It will teach you a lot about forming different types of knots.

Taking into account that the author has made all explanations very user-friendly, we may recommend the book even to the absolute beginners. The content of the volume is covering a variety of tricks and knots and each of the subjects covered in the pages of this book is accompanied by perfectly looking hand-drawn images and clear explanations.

It shall serve as a perfect reference source for anyone interested in working with ropes since it contains dozens of different knots explained that will be useful for so many purposes. Each of the chapters opens with an explanation of one particular use of knots. All of the diagrams are nicely drawn and very informative. Any beginner willing to know how to make knots will definitely find this publication very useful.

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A bestseller title devoted to the round-the-world ocean trip by the authors. The content of the book presents a contrast to so many other publications about the bluewater voyages. The volume will tell readers a nice story of the cruise - according to the numerous reviews submitted by the readers, the book will present particular interest to the people willing to get some practical advice in connection with the long-distance sailing.

The adventure started the very moment when Yanghan left Stockholm port. Both of the authors have left their jobs intending to undertake the completely different sort of challenge - just imagine, they wanted to circumnavigate the planet. The book contains all information about this remarkable travel, and this not the most valuable part of it. In fact, there is something much more important - the personal impressions of the sailors.

The authors have shared their personal experience, they have provided some practical tips on how sailors should equip their yachts to be able to cope with the circumnavigation in various conditions, they have given some practical criteria to be applied to the route and weather analysis. This is not a navigation or seamanship textbook - the volume is rather aimed to show people what can be done by someone who has made a decision to change his lifestyle and move to a new kid of life...

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Well, it is true that maybe no vessel in history has ever managed to engender such remarkably continued fascination as the world famous Titanic of the White Star Line. The Titanic used to be literally the largest of the man-made objects ever to move at the time of the delivery in 1911. The ship was built at Harland & Wolff's ship construction yard in Belfast. Everything about Titanic was truly impressive.

And, though the design of the ship and all workmanship applied at the time of design and construction made her branded as "unsinkable ship", we all know what did happen. The content of the present publication provides the information about this liner, which may be quite difficult to be found in any other publication, and this approach has gained popularity to this volume.

We would recommend this publication not only to the marine enthusiasts and lovers of the nautical history and story of Titanic but to the general reader and also to the ship designers and naval architects who may wish to check different opinions on the design and construction features of the ship. Such experience has resulted in many lessons learned which should all be reviewed by the specialists. The readers from different parts of the world have already appreciated the book and found it very interesting and deserving attention.

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