According to the numerous reviews from the readers, the present title is a truly impressive one. The text is perfectly written, very readable and representing the huge efforts of the author in the field of research. The breathtaking story of two passenger vessel groundings that occurred in the coastal waters of Alaska, namely “Princess Sophia” and “Star Princess”, has been told and described in detail.

As the author said, they had not resulted from any single misjudgment or other error but were rather cause by the long and complex chain of happenings, mistakes, coincidences and other events that would otherwise be considered quite insignificant – that is why none of the crew members understood that they were in such a serious danger. And, when they did realize the fact, it was obviously far too late to return; in fact, this is the case with most of the unfortunate events at sea.

In both cases, the crew understood where they were and knew that it was not possible to handle the weather anymore. This is a great story of the two remarkable vessels and the skilled crew who were unlucky to misjudge the deepest and most dangerous fjord in North America. Have a look in this book, it does deserve your attention.

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The content of the present volume by Marcus Rediker is intended to provide interested readers with a good insight to the so-called Golden Age of the piracy activities in the Atlantic area. You will know the truth and not what you are usually provided with in the pages of the most popular books and from the screens, where the piracy is actually romanticized.

The author tries to introduce readers to the Jolly Roger – the famous flag of the pirates of all times, as well as the famous figures of the past times. The story told by the author will show you how the old-time seafarers became pirates, what led them to change the occupation, what the reasons were and what the consequences were. In short, the book contains an excellent historical analysis of the above mentioned period, presenting a perfectly researched text.

The readers will benefit from the valuable information about the conditions that took place in the Atlantic of the eighteenth century and that eventually resulted in the splash of piracy activities there. The narrative is brilliant and it makes readers understand that the real piracy was, and still is, something different from what is told in the fiction books and shown in the movies.

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As most of the readers declared, this volume is a sort of “miscellany” book, meaning that its content reflects the results of the thorough historical review. The author has covered different categories of vessels, including military vessels and working seamen, passenger ships and so many others.

The readers will find interesting stories about the world famous ships of the past including, but not limited to the “Moby Dick” and the “Beagle”, the “Pinta” and other prominent ones. The stories are written in a very reader friendly manner, making the process of reading even more fascinating.

The present publication can therefore be treated as a genuine treasure and a must-have title for all people who are fond of the sailing and cruising. This is a pretty much easy reading, and the text is free of technical jargon and terminology in order to make sure that the contents will be easily understandable to all readers including those with little to no experience and even the absolute novices.

Note that we have another interesting title – The Knot Bible – by the same author. Make sure you have downloaded both volumes and have a pleasant and fruitful reading – welcome to the magic world of sailing.

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In their book, the authors are telling the fascinating story of the human trying to find the solution to one of the most serious problems of the day, namely the so-called “longitude problem”. You will read about the world famous invention by Harrison – the best timekeeper – the chronometer. The text can also be considered a history of the navigation and astronomy. The story is told in a very simple and clear way.

The historical background has been laid up in a perfect way making the readers fully appreciate all challenges that were faced by both Harrison, i.e. the inventor, and his son. The content is full of interesting stories and will be useful for those in need for inspiration or some additional motivation. It is great to know how the greatest achievements were done and what led to them. Needless to say that the invention of the chronometer is definitely one of the greatest inventions of all times.

Note that the subject person was always behaving opposite to the whole scientific community of his times and even dared to propose a mechanical solution, i.e. the clock capable of keeping the precise time, and do that at sea, while not all clocks on land could boast such a capability. An easy and recommended reading.

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This book by Tom Bowling is definitely an absolute treasure for all overs of seafaring history. The author, who is a prominent expert in the field, has provided the impressive coverage of the naval history with the focus on the pirates and privateers. The book will tell you about the famous pirates of the past, starting from those mentioned in the “Treasure Island” by Stevenson and “Captain Blood” by Sabatini to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” we watch today.

We can say that the pirates’ romantic image has been with people for long time. It shall be understood, however, that the real life pirates differ from the ones in the above mentioned books and movies, and for sure not all of them are that charming so do not think of Captain Jack Sparrow as of the representative pirate. In fact the pirates are normally quickly moving outlaws applying their power by means of the mobile forces.

The volume deals with the history of piracy, told in a very lively way and covering the whole historical period from the ancient times to the pirates of today patrolling the shipping lanes that are not very well regulated. Recommended for reading by all people, no background required, only love to the sea and history.

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After a long working day, have a look into this collection of the world’s most beautiful tall ships. There are nine parts in this book. The first part tells readers about the tall ships, giving some general background before you proceed further. The second part is devoted to the biggest tall ships, such as the world famous “Royal Clipper” and “Nippon Maru II”.

The topic of the third part is the national ships, while the fourth part is dealing with the military barques, for example the USCGC Eagle and Gorch Fock. The big national ships and civilian tall ships are addressed within the next two parts. The last three parts are covering the relatively small ships, i.e. the ones having their lengths less than sixty, fifty and forty meters. The publication will be of great use for the people with the interest in the sailing ships.

Each of the vessels covered in the manual has been provided with the brief information, making the reading even more fascinating. In short, this is an absolutely must-have book for all lovers of tall ships, taking into account the number of the vessels included in it as well as the quality of the supporting information – this is one of the best volumes available today so do not miss a chance.

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Treasure ship! The words exert a powerful mythic pull on the imagination but elude easy definition. For most of us they suggest Spanish galleons or Portuguese East Indiamen with billowing sails, wooden hulls and holds crammed with silver dollars or gold escudos. None of this has much to do with the giant passenger liners that plied between New York and Liverpool in the early years of this century, with their compound engines, steel rivets and electric lighting.

And yet, surprisingly, it was the first fifty years of the twentieth century that witnessed the greatest and final flowering of the entire treasure ship era. The main content of the volume is nicely accompanied with numerous photographs including photos taken under water. The author has managed to profile all most significant shipwrecks of the twentieth century, starting from the famous Titanic and Lusitania wrecks and to the John Barry.

He has provided the detailed information about each of the cases. As a result, the readers have found this book a very easy to read and it become really popular. The articles in the book are perfectly illustrated. Take a look inside this book and you will be taken away with the interesting facts and images...

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This book by John Cassidy has already been top-rated by the readers. It has become extremely popular not only among mariners but also among people with the interest in making knots. There are many informative and colorful illustrations supplementing the text instructions and making the process of learning much easier and much more enjoyable.

The knots that have been deal with in the pages of this instruction book are commonly used and wide-spread so you will definitely be able to use the knowledge obtained from reading this book and training, in your everyday life, at sea or when doing some other work. An excellent one for complete beginners - the explanations provided by the author are easily understandable and do not require any pre-requisite training or specific skills.

Start reading this book with your kids, create many wonderful things using the ropes and enjoy! There are twenty-four different types of knots covered in the book so you will have quite a wide choice. Start from the easiest knot and then proceed to the more and more complex ones. This book, together with the The Ashley Book of Knots, are deservedly considered to be among the most popular instructional books for people willing to learn this subject.

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