Some fifty years ago, nine mariners set off on the absolutely most daring sailing race of those ever held. The idea was to perform a unique single-handed round-the-world voyage, and it was intended to be non-stop one, adding even more difficulty. It should be noted that no one had ever dared to accomplish such a trip before and they were the ones to change the very face of sailing.

However, the sad truth was that only one of them managed to complete the voyage successfully and have glory and fame, while the other eight people had no reward but the failure and even death. The author of the book, Peter Nichols, made a good attempt to tell the story of the subject voyage. The readers have already named this volume extraordinary since it chronicles the historic contest of the human against the ocean, the human without any contemporary electronic means of navigation, mobile communication, satellite service, positioning systems and other things like that.

The publication will be appreciated by the people with the interest in the maritime history and prominent people of the past times – needless to say that the story of those nine men deserves our attention, so read this book and you will be impressed. The book is presented in both pdf and epub formats.

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This is one of the best volumes available today on the knots, and that is why it gained such popularity among the readers all around the planet. The content provides the absolutely completed coverage of the knots, justifying the Knot Bible title given to this volume. The author has covered the knots and splices, whipping, bends and even decorative knots commonly found on board yachts and boats.

The publication will therefore be appreciated by all people willing to be able to master any knot – the detailed step by step instructions provided here will be very helpful. There are more than two hundred knots covered here; prior to explaining the making process, the author analyzes the strength of each know and its reliability together with the usefulness and ease of making for each particular know.

Numerous photographs supplement each of the instructions showing the process and making it even easier to follow, so be sure you will make your first knots nearly immediately upon reading the appropriate chapter. In addition to that, the author uses the instructive diagrams providing extra information, and newly introduced know-how sections making reading the book even more interesting.

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More than a century ago the best and largest ocean liner in the world, got wrecked by a huge iceberg; this disaster resulted in the tragic loss of a nearly 1500 human lives. The story of Titanic was always very interesting to the people, and there are so many movies, books and songs dedicated to the subject tragedy. People still dream of raising the sunken ship from the seabed; however, no one has ever dared to do that.

Needless to say that Titanic is maybe the most famous ship ever, with the name known literally to anyone in the world. From the keel laying day on 31 March 1909, the popularity of the future liner grew so fast due to the numerous advertisement all around the planet. Even so many years after the tragic loss, Titanic is still in the heart of everyone with passion to the sea. There are new facts discovered every year and new photographs, of higher quality, do appear on a regular basis.

This book is covering a huge number of interesting facts and as such shall be on the bookshelf of any Titanic fan. It will keep the readers flicking through all its pages, giving them perfectly selected facts, including serious historical facts and those quite funny ones; check the book and you will not be disappointed.

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As we all know from the school, water occupies the majority of our planet, covering more than seventy percent of its surface. The oceans, seas, lakes and rivers provide the enormous number of different and interesting venues for sailing activities, literally everywhere in the world. It also provides a sort of highways to be used by the offshore sailors when traveling from one place to another, the playing field for the racing sailors, and peaceful setting for pleasure, much appreciated by the cruising sailors.

And, of course, it provides all above people with the great break from living ashore. The author of this volume has spent many years in the sailing industry working in the different parts of the world and is now sharing his experience with the people having same passion for sailing. The exhaustive and colorful information on the best selected sailing destination has been provided.

You will definitely be pleased with the number of destinations and the descriptions provided by the author – most probably, they will make you head out immediately. We recommend the publication to all people in love with sailing, with the hope that it will lead them to the new and fascinating places.

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Here is one of the most old and rare titles available on the website, it was first released in 1891 and written by the professional Captain Howard Patterson. The main idea of the author is to give clear and understandable explanations of the essential maritime terminology to the people having little to no experience and knowledge. There are five main sections in the dictionary.

The first section is dealing with the various parts of the ship, including the rigging, sails, spars etc.; note that the nautical expressions are also covered. The second section is dealing with the shipbuilding, covering both metal ship construction and wooden one, used to be mostly used at those times. The third section is in fact a good digest on the nautical astronomy and ship navigation.

Steam engineering terminology has been covered in the fourth section of the book, addressing the various parts of the marine boilers. Finally, the closing section of the dictionary has been devoted to the naval terms including, but not limited to the main particulars of the naval ships, ordnance, uniforms and other important aspects. There are many modern electronic dictionaries available today, but this one is a real treasure for the collectors.

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According to the author, Des Pawson, a professional ropeworker with more than a quarter-century experience, the objective of the publication is to make readers confident enough to enter the magic world of knot making. Des Pawson wrote several books on the subject of knot making and has included the best of those books into this one.

Since the explanations and descriptions provided in the pages of the book are very detailed and easy to understand, it can be used as a first guidance manual for the newcomers, before they proceed with learning further. The volume shall be treated as a sort of recipe book to making knots designed by the author. In fact, the content presents an excellent and carefully selected collection of the most interesting knots, providing the readers with the basics of their design, and detailed and informative illustrations giving step by step instructions.

As a result, the reader can start making knots by themselves, without having to go through numerous instruction books. Even though there are so many publications available today on the subject, this one is among the most popular books, greatly appreciated by all enthusiasts of knot making and we recommend it to you.

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This book was first released in 1912, the year when the R.M.S. Titanic disaster took place, and has been re-printed several times since then. The book depicts a truly thrilling story of one of the passengers who managed to survive in that catastrophe. The memoirs are supplemented with numerous photographs and artefacts in possession of the family of the person.

We all know that the subject vessel is one of the most famous and her history is deservedly considered one of the most tragic ones. Though the R.M.S. Titanic was considered unsinkable by everyone, the collision with the iceberg resulted in sinking of the ship. The author of the book survived in one of the lifeboats and wanted to refute the numerous stories that used to be reported by the journalists.

According to the reviews provided by the readers, the volume is perfectly written and the content is fascinating, so it will definitely be interesting to everyone, including people far from the maritime industry. The book provides valuable insight in the ship and her first and last trip, the passengers and crew members. In fact the story presented by the author puts the reader on the vessel just at the time when the actions were unfolding…

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We recommend this publication to everyone interested with knot making. This is an absolutely comprehensive reference source with the contents developed and re-designed to include all popular knots, hitches, bends, and turns. Moreover, there are so many decorative plaits and knots covered. The step by step instructions to making these knots will make it much easier and understandable to the beginners who are just entering the magic world of knot making.

The simple terminology used by the author will be easy to remember. The volume is excellent when used for the general information and knowledge. Numerous diagrams supplement the text and all of them are very informative with the notes very clear. According to the hundreds and thousands of reader reviews, the publication is one of the best available today.

Even the people with no previous experience and skills in knot making will be able to produce good and nice looking splices, knots, ties and all other types when following the detailed instructions provided by the author. In fact, making knots is not that difficult, but the problem is that not too many books today give such detailed information; however, this one does and we encourage you to check.

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