The oceans of the world are still very mysterious places. The life within the oceans is still a sort of mystery. However, the world is paying due attention to the serious and continually increasing environmental problems beneath their waves - this shall be treated seriously by every single human. For so many years people believed that nothing could affect the life of the sea creatures since they are well beneath the waves.

Now we all come to understand that this is not a case, and the main reason for that is the human activity, not only increase in the human population but also such activities and maritime shipping, offshore exploration and production of oil and gas, and so many other activities directly or indirectly affecting the oceans. Have a look into this Atlas telling you about the oceans and seas of our planet.

It opens with some brief introduction which is followed by the chapters on the ocean geology and ocean life zones, endangered marine species, coastal and temperate waters, tropical, polar and open waters, etc. each of the oceans has been addressed separately. The glossary with the basic terms has been included. Note that we have some other publications like this one, namely Atlas A-Z - A Pocket Guide to the World Today, Lloyd's Maritime Atlas of World Ports and Shipping Places, and Atlas of Maritime History.

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An absolutely perfect and so popular atlas aimed at all categories of readers. The wealth of information provided inside the book includes interesting facts, maps covering the whole Earth, and statistical data which will be appreciated by the people with the real interest in geography.

This new edition of the publication provides the updated information and maps duly reflecting all changes that occurred to the borders of the countries and names - the atlas will be particularly interesting for the students but it can be used by anyone. The readers say that this is a great reference source.

The atlas opens with the political and physical world maps followed with the demonstration of the standard time zones. Then, each of the world's regions is addressed in detail, note that the maps themselves and full of additional information and interesting facts making using the atlas funny.

After that, each of the world’s countries is dealt with – in this section of the book the readers will be given a brief but comprehensive info covering the geography and climate, people and society, the economy and many other facts. We would say that this atlas is a must-have one in every home and not only aimed at seamen.

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Throughout our history, people have always utilized various boats, rafts and vessel for traveling across water, and this started many thousand years ago. In general, a ship can be referred to as any craft capable of traveling on water, however ships have significantly developed and passed all the way from simplest log rafts to the huge oil tankers.

This development has of course affected life on land, in shipbuilding facilities and marine ports where thousands of people work loading and discharging different cargoes transported by sea. It should be noted that the difference between a boat and a ship is not very clear even today.

Generally, ships are larger and travel across the oceans and seas, while boats are relatively small and would commonly travel on coastal waters, lakes and rivers; there can be exceptions though. Nowadays, boats and ships appear in so many sizes and shapes and sizes, and there is a very wide range of the ways they are used by people - from small rowing boats to enormous cruise liners taking people from one continent to another.

The perfect selection of different boats and ships contained in this publication is intended to illustrate the broad range of jobs they can do, as well as their importance for transport industry, commerce and leisure, combat and exploration. Several projects will definitely help readers get better understanding of the technical side of vessels, particularly how the ships float, how they are powered, and how they are controlled.

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An excellent and classic book, one of the best available on the subject - it will provide readers with all information about living on board they would better get aware of prior to embarking. There are so many interesting and practical tips that the content will be interesting not only to the future seafarers but even to the general readers.

It has been already very well met by the readers who have found the content inspirational helping them to change their lives. Upon reading the publication, most of them have experimented with the solar power generation, growing food, sprouting using the information included by the author. Some practicing boaters use this volume as a sort of backup for their freshwater demands.

The book covers living on the sea and shipboard finances, making correct decisions when choosing a vessel, making money, such practical matters as purifying the water, galley aids, shipboard security, growing vegetables and sprouts, food preservation, selection and storage, popular and widely used seafarer's recipes. there are two appendices with the books suggested for further reading and resource guide. An excellent practical guidebook for every seafarer.

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A very popular book written by the professional mechanical engineers trying to provide all interested readers with a nice and comprehensive historical overview of the mechanisms and machines invented by humans. The content of this interesting volume is covering virtually all areas of the mechanical engineering.

In fact, this is a a sort of historic survey with the engineering approach applied by the authors; the main body of the book has been arranged in eight major chapters that are presented in clear chronological order for easier reading and understanding. The publication is very useful and instructive and will provide people with an excellent introduction into the development of the various machines and mechanisms. The authors have illustrated their development mainly from the technical point of view; that is why the readers who spend some time with this book will get proper understanding of the major technological developments in the history.

Mechanical manufacturing processes have been addressed and examined in connection with the machines and mechanisms associated with them. We would say that this book is a real must-have one not only for the mechanical engineers but also for the general readers with the interest in machines, mechanisms and technology.

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This is a very interesting and a truly breathtaking story telling readers about the sinking of one of the most well known American container vessels - El Faro. The tragedy of the crew consisting of thirty-five people is told in the pages of this book. This happened on 1st of October, 2015 when the Hurricane Joaquin reached Bermuda Triangle - it just swallowed El Faro and this eventually resulted in the worst disaster of the American shipping in the past 35 years.

It is still a mystery how a modern ship duly equipped with all necessary satellite communication systems, electronic navigation means and absolutely latest weather forecasting aids could just vanish. There were hundreds of interviews with the recognized maritime experts and with the family members of the people working on board El Faro, and there were even some conversations of the crew members recorded by the shipboard data recorder.

Rachel Slade, the professional journalist, did every effort to try and unravel the mystery of sinking of this ship. Her work has resulted in this perfectly reported account, taking readers straight into the heart of the American shipping industry. The book will be interesting not only to the professional mariners but is actually aimed at much broader readership.

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This is one of the most successful and popular books on the history of seamanship. We all understand that it would be next to impossible to try and write a complete and truly comprehensive history of the seamanship in a single volume. However, the author of this publication has managed to provide readers with an excellent and very interesting work. The seamanship itself began so many centuries ago - no one knows when exactly but people believe that happened in the Stone Age.

The content of this book will lead the readers through the whole history of seamanship starting from the old-time boats and up to the modern nuclear powered ships navigated by electronics. What the author did is that he arranged the material presented to the readers in six separate chapters, each of them covering one particular period of the history. The opening chapter is dealing with the earliest days of seamanship while in the second chapter we move to the antiquity.

The last chapter covers the times of the mechanical revolution. The main body of the volume is supplemented with the compact glossary of seamanship terminology which will be definitely appreciated by the people relatively new to the maritime world. Numerous brilliant photographs and images are there to provide additional information making it even more interesting to read.

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For so many centuries people used seaways for transporting their cargoes, ideas and cultures, but the seaways have never been as busy as they are today. Even though the mankind's normality is highly dependent on maritime shipping, it is still a world passing mainly unconsidered, unrecorded and in many cases even unseen. Day and night in every part of the sea and in all weather conditions seafarers handle gigantic vessels keeping the landed life in order and afloat.

These people in fact live truly extraordinary and interesting lives noting the pressures they are under and the dangers that are quite hard for others to imagine, including but of course not limited to the pirate attacks, hurricanes and harsh weather. The author joins two container vessels, traveling with their captains and crew members; in the excellent prose contemporary shipping industry battles with the implacable forces while the vessels cross the seas of history and the seafarers unfold their stories.

The author draws a beautiful but sometimes terrifying picture of the oceans and people, presenting a study of the world-scale business done afloat. The book will be interesting to all people fond of maritime shipping, seas, oceans and ships...

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