The book focuses on the following areas of marine geology science - the world's oceans overview, marine exploration, submarine volcanoes, the dynamic seafloor, coastal geology, abyssal currents, ridges and trenches, marine biology, sea riches and ocean resources, rare seafloor formation etc.

This is the very latest released which has been significantly expanded and thoroughly revised in order to take into consideration all recent developments in the field - the author has performed a very close examination of the relationship existing there between water together with its life forms and various geologic structures.

He is looking at different ideas for the origin of our Planet, oceans and continents, and also tries to find out how those processes manage to fit into the origin of the whole universe. The publication is actually covering the complete realm of the undersea landscapes taken with the life forms, from ocean volcanoes to the huge submarine canyons.

An excellent learning tool to be used for getting a good understanding of the marine geology. Will be appreciated by all specialists and students due to the information contained and analysis performed by the author.

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This is completely updated and thoroughly revised latest edition of one of the best volumes on sailing rigging. From the moment of initial release of the publication, it has gained worldwide popularity and is now treated as the perfect training reference for both maritime professionals and just weekend sailors. The contents of the book will help both categories of sailors significantly improve their skills of rigging.

The author is the Master, sharing his great practical experience with the intention to expand the traditional ropemaking essentials to ensure that the readers have been given nicely prepared information on the modern instruments and worked techniques. It is a truly comprehensive textbook on the basic gear as well as established procedures and principles. The readers will be able to adapt the techniques contained in the book in their day-to-day operations.

Note there are many practical and money-saving tricks on the latest equipment and its use, good designs and materials in use. Many illustrated tips for knot making and splicing the ropes have been included. The readers will also benefit from the guidelines to inspection and technical maintenance of the rigs. Of course, the safety aspects of rigging, including emergency procedures, have all been duly addressed.

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The book was prepared specifically for the dory enthusiast. The readers will find lots of interesting information about the dory boats inside. The author of the publication made an excellent and successful effort to amplify and gather in a single volume all the scattered information on those boats. Those interested in this type of boats know how difficult it is to find the relevant data and technical info.

That is exactly the reason why this publication gained so much of popularity. In addition to the boat designers, boat builders and sailors, the book will be of practical use for the modelers who will definitely benefit from the detailed descriptions of the features of the dory boats and will be able to use that when preparing their own models. The materials contained in the book are arranged in three big parts.

The first part gives some introductory historical background. The second part depicts the laydown and construction as well as the materials used for construction of the boats. Finally, the third part provides the detailed plans for the boats, covering many different arrangements, types and sizes of the boats, from small to the relatively big boats.

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This fabulous collection of truly magnificent ship paintings made in full color depicts a hundred of carefully selected amazing vessel images. It is a really perfect publication for all those people with the interest in naval history. It is quite likely that the early people initially ventured into the sea with the purpose of catching some fish and they would hardly have any objective for climbing onto the floating logs passing by, other than sport.

We can therefore say that the first use of those logs as the seaborne transport should be considered a sort of the starting point in the ship evolution process. As noted above, the present publication will provide readers with the nice pictures and, in addition to that, with the historical background for each of the vessels included.

The coverage is impressive – among the vessels selected for inclusion in this volume there are such famous ones as the Queen Hatshepsut, Greek bireme and trireme, the Mary Rose, Spanish Galleon and The Golden Hind, and so many others. We would even recommend to get yourself a printed copy of the publication as this shall be on the bookshelf of any person who likes sea, maritime history, and vessels of past times.

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It can be quite boring and uninteresting to consume food from the tins when at sea every day and that is why the main intention of the author of this publication is to provide ship cooks with the book they could use to prepare food on board, including delicious meals that will be appreciated by all crew members. This small reference book is full of valuable advice and instructions for those in need to feed a crew.

Numerous practical tips carefully selected by the author and supplemented with the interesting tricks and guidelines from the professional with huge experience. The contents of the book covers all areas considered important for the cook, including preparing food whilst in harbor and underway, storage of the food, equipment commonly found on the galleys and detailed instructions on their use, planning activities, baking bread and using pressure cookers.

Even speed cooking has been covered as it can be applied in many cases. You will find information about different foods that would normally be available in particular geographical regions and different climates. There are so many pictures to make sure that the readers understand the instructions and can follow them better to ensure excellent result.

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This is the ninth edition of the world popular Reference Atlas. In this one the authors have tried to incorporate numerous revisions as well as the very latest updates that affect every single page and every map in the Atlas. The content of the publication reflects all the changes in the geopolitical situation. The Atlas can be used by everyone starting from the children and up to the maritime industry professionals.

People do appreciate the amount of the information included by the editors of the book as well as the style in which the information is presented. The Atlas is remarkably user-friendly and is recommended to use as an excellent reference source. The information presented on the maps in this Atlas is very accurate and clear; every effort has been made to make the content easily accessible.

The very latest technological advances including digital cartography have been applied when developing this publication. A must-have publication for any person interested in geography, maritime world, different countries of the world, covering every single region of the planet and every country. Numerous colorful and detailed images supplement the text part of the volume to make it more interesting.

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It goes without saying that knotting is a very enjoyable and pleasant pastime for anyone in love of sea and maritime life. For the majority of people it is possible to learn how to make, or tie, knots without any significant difficulties. They say that the process of tying the knots is similar to reading a good book and the result of the process will satisfy them same way as the completed crossword would normally do.

We would say that every single mariner shall have a good understanding at least of the few most commonly used knots. In fact there are several thousands of knots and the number of the available variations is really infinite. In addition to that, there are so many new knots and combinations emerging every year. That is why this manual for the knot tying has been complied and recommended to broad readership not limited to the people working on board.

You will find lots of useful information and step by step instruction for making various knots, hitches, bends, loops and bindings, sling, plaits, mats, rings etc. This book covers everything you may need to train yourself in making good knots. Note that there is also a very good glossary of terminology included in the book for reference.

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This World Atlas is one of the most popular publications that will be interesting to everyone. The materials contained in this book have been arranged by continent, and the author moves eastward starting from the IDL, standing for the International Date Line. The first chapter of the Atlas will provide readers with the detailed and interesting descriptions of the structure of Earth, associated systems and the essential features.

The Atlas can definitely be treated as one of the best guides to the world of today. It is good that the content opens with quite comprehensive and thorough insight for each of the continents, covering their physical characteristics, information about political and economic systems. This data is followed by the professionally made maps of each geopolitical region.

The way the information is presented in the pages of the present volume makes it very useful even to the people not directly associated with the maritime industry but still interested in the structure of the world and willing to have a single volume where they could find all necessary information about every part of the planet. Have a look and save this one for the future reading and reference.

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